Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Night Wrights: Lubbs iss a Bully Stick Edition

Happy Friday Night
The Wrights
I amb Reufus
and I whill be
Yeur Host fur The Ebening. 
I deu lubbs teu take thiss time
teu share wif yeu
the berry high lights ob my week.
And look...
No String
Yess Yess
I did gets teu take a run frew
The Back Yard Buffet. 
 It iss so berry good teu
juss let loose
stretch my legs and
Ob course, all that running deus make me
Fore chewnuttly, I deu habbs this
Fabulous Acorn Bar...
butt berry sadly,
The Bouncer 
enforces a one acorn limit.
- - - - -
In odder neus,
I habbs my the Mom back.
Wif the ecksepshun ob some medicinal unbleasantries,
she iss all most combletely back teu normal.
And that iss a berry good fing
 on a counta
whee habbs so berry much teu deu.
Out there iss...
Agility Equibment calling my name.
Abter all...
Those boles are knot going teu
weabe themselbes.
Juss saying. 
Yess Yess
Now iss the time
fur all golden boys teu
get busy...
get back teu
The Acorn Bar...
 or deus
the chiggin legs.
And then when the night time deus fall,
it iss time teu make
knot so subtull demands.
- - - - 
"Mom I whant some fing."
 "Mom I whant some fing."
"Mom I whant some fing." 
"Mom I whant some fing." 
 "Mom I whant some fing."
"Mom I whant some fing." 
Yess Yess Yess Yess Yess
what I whant.
Bully Bully Bully
 And may I take thiss moment teu say...

Lubbs is bayshunt. Lubbs iss kind.
 Lubbs iss nebber habbing teu say
"Gimme the bully stick or
I'll steal it off the counter my own self."

is a 
the Mom 

[1] knows the precise moment the stick is teu short,
and she makes a sweet game ob taking it a way.
[2] knows a sweet boy
wants teu chase a bully stick wif
a fresh bowl ob
Ozarka Sbring Waters.
 And now
ass the time fur

Friday Nighty Night
draws near,
I can knot helb butt fink...

Life is Good.
Fridays are Great.
Saturdays are Seuberb.


  1. Little Man, you never, ever fail to give me a smile when I need it the most. You come right over here and let me give you a great BIG smoochie☺.

  2. Weu Heu, Reufus!

    You are looking swell this evening and that you are feeling so fine just delights us. When your Mom zeros in on the special thing you want, now that is a very nice moment, isn't it? My Mom always says, do you want THIS or do you want THIS? So I get to choose and I like that too. MAybe I am in the mood for a bone, or maybe a nice biscuit and its my choice. Life is good, isn't it, Reuf?

    Happy weekend,

    Stella, Zkhat and Mom

  3. Reufus we are not sure about the acorn bar as we do not do vegetables or fruits. However we are glad you enjoy it. Have a super treat filled Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Normal?

    Weu have a normal one?

    Weu are furry lukhky!

    PeeEssWoo: Saturday night is my bullystikhk night - I khan't wait!

  5. We don't get bully sticks because we fight over them so thank you for sharing yours with us.

    gus n teka

  6. Hey there buddy! You are right, those poles aren't gonna weave themselves! BOL! I love those bully sticks also. Have a good weekend!

  7. Reufus, you have done it again, brought a big smile to all our faces over your delightful blog writing.
    Get ready to jump back on the agility saddle and dazzle them with your fabulous footwork.
    You and The Mom have a wonderful thing going and now that she is feeling better, you life will once again go into overdrive.

    Hamish & Emma and Angel Sophie at the Bridge.

  8. Glad The Mom is feeling finally once again herself. We love Friday Night with the Wrights, it makes us wiggy-waggy happy to see your family as blessed as we are.

  9. I am so glad your mom is feeling better- and it makes you feels better too..
    When you feel good- then you feel like running fast-and of course eating lots.

  10. O hai! U wins an award, the Liebster, from me. If u want. Thanks.

  11. Little Weufus
    It's a pleasoowe to meets yoo. I do think youw fwiday was soopew doopew fun and I'm so happy yoo haves yoow luvly Mom back and getting all that lubbs
    Smoochie kisses