Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Night Wrights: The Story Teller Edition

Happy Friday
Ebbery One
It iss berry good teu see Yeu All.
Welcome teu
The Story Teller Edition
Friday Night Wrights.
I hobes yeu enjoy thiss new feature...
- - - - -
Story One:
The Media Secretary's sbecktackles.

Yeu see...
Whee were out in the back yard
lass Saturday night,
and I whas juss a bout teu deu
some big business
when a berry bully kind ob doggy
 lurched at the fence
and BARKED abrubtly.
It scared me so bad that I bolted,
clibbing my the Media Secretary at the knees...
and her sbecktackles fleu off ob her head.
Whee searched by flash light
wif the sour buss doggy barking and lurching
and being berry unbleasant teuward uss...
butt whee cood knot find the sbecks, so...
whee sbent the rest ob Saturday ebening
blind teu the brinted word...
and all so there fore
Media Sequestered.

In my brayers,
I did ask that
all effelants and steamb rollers
teu blease aboid the east side ob our back yard.
They did.
And whee did find the sbecktackles
furst find Sunday morning.

It whas an
ahhhhhhhhhh moment.
A Social Giant such ass My Self
shood nebber ebber habbs teu be wifout his
- - - - -
Story Teu:
My Little Reum & Little White Lies
Thiss iss

My Little Reum
I nab here. I but my stuff here.
Yess Yess... I deu lubbs
My Little Reum 
on a counta she keebs me out ob
a world ob trouble.
Ob course...
ass eager ass I amb teu run in
when the Mom iss leabing,
I amb eckstatick when she gets home.
ebbery now and then I call her on the phone
and some times I send her emails,
butt when I want teu get her home quickly...
I ubdate my status on facebook
teu indicate that it might behoobe her
teu come home EARLY.
I wait for my 'release' word to bolt out of My Little Reum.
 Ob course, there iss berry little troubles
I cood actually get inteu in
My Little Reum,
butt then...
 that one time when the Mom furgot
teu latch the door
keebs my little white lies...
Here I amb a Blur ob Celebration
The Mom iss Home
The Mom iss Home
The Mom iss Home
Let's Go
Let's Go
Let's Go
Out Side

- - - - -
 Story Free:
Wind, Wheffer and
The Status ob My Great Out ob Doors
Whee haff habbed some
crazy wheffer
thiss week.
 Monday night,
whee did haff sustained winds what were
in the ridiculous range.
The Mom and all so The Trainer
what haff been so horrifically sick
decided it wood be best teu miss
one more Agility Class.
 I whas knot barticulary habby
a bout missing
butt I amb fond ob habbing
The Mom and all so The Trainer
so whee frew
February's Benjamin
combletely away.
 Then Teusday morning
whee did wake ub teu find out
how hard the wind bleu...
 It libted ub the heaby cubber.
It folded ub the light weight stuffs. 
It tumbed ober the heaby bots.
It bleu ober seberal barts ob the fence.
  And it all so bleu a bunch ob nuts
and sticks and odder ettibles
inteu the grasses.
I amb habby teu clean ub the ettibles,
butt now
whee are at the mercy ob those
from which whee need brices and work done.
*collectiff sigh from me and the Mom*
- - - - -
Story Four:
I Need a Baff

Look at me.
I nebber look thiss
Rag Tag.
- - - - -
Story Fife:
My Friday Afternoon Pre-Embted by The Facktory
My the Mom goes teu bed really early
so she can get ub really early
so she can get her 40 hours in at The Facktory
so she can habbs some Friday
after noon teu sbend wif
The Me.
Occasionally howebber,
she habbs meetings what keeb her from
her briority... what iss
The Me.

she did come berry late fur a Friday
on a counta she did habbs a meeting downtown.
Mid day, how ebber, she did run frew the grocery
and bick ub foods fur us
what required the use ob 
My Agility Water Bowl / Cooler.
 I did lubbs the ice cubes,
and here iss me
wif my dinner foodables on the counter.
 1 cub Innova
[no green beans or micksed begetables teunight]
2 squirts Salmon Oil
[the Dasuquin iss bart ob my breakfast]
 Here I amb waiting on my dinners.
Fur the record,
I deu knot likes thiss bicksher...
on a counta my the Mom says
it AGAIN proobs I need a baff...
butt I digress
*release. gobble.

It's hard when
yeur Friday reuteen
iss off,
butt the berry mose imbortant fing iss teu maintain
 my ettible intake schedule.
And whee did.
- - - - -
 Story Six:
What I Whant

Whee go frew thiss ebbery Friday.
I whant some fing.
It could be one fing.
Or a nodder.
 Yess Yess.
It could be a...
 Bully Stick.
I deu lubbs teu be able teu settle in
fur some serious dictation teu my
The Media Secretary...
Sbunky on the stick
- - - - -
I amb mellow when
the Mom takes it away|
*squeak squeak*
 Lubbs my bink heart.
Lubbs my smoochings.
Wishing Yeu Many Fun Stories teu tell
and a berry
Habby Weekend 


  1. Look at all those pots toppled over and the fence. Gosh that must have been some wind. Stay warm and safe Reufus. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I am so glad that your Momma found her spectacles! I like your little room too. I have a similar one here! Have a good weekend buddy!

  3. Thanks for the update on your very excitin' life, Reufus. I like the endin' the best where you gets to have a bully stick. I, my ownself had one yesterday as I supervised Dad on his indoor project. I would not have told Mom that I had one while she was werkin', but Dad spilt the beans. Therefore, I will prolly not be receivin' a bully stick from her any time soon.

    Let's hope that March's Benjamins are not wasted by your trainer's lack of bein' able to stay upright.

    Woofs and windy slobbers,
    Chester ;-)

  4. Weu furgot the story about your trip to PAWSylvania ;-)


  5. We lubs you too Reufus!

    gussie n teka

  6. Reufus, you and your have too much going on--I hope it's quiet and boring at your house this weekend--And take care of your Mom, okay?

  7. Weu Heu, Reuf!

    Its Stella here to tell you that I loved your stories. They were all short and good. My Mom wear spectacles just to see with so I felt sad that you lost a pair, but happy! because you found them. My Mom loses stuff ALL the time, I could write a whole post about things she loses, but she says no, no one would care about that! har har har! In other words she would be embarrassed about losing stuff!

    I have lots of toys and I keep them in a laundry basket (a big one) so I never lose even one!

    Happy weekend to you and Mom, Reufus!

    Stella and her Mom

  8. Little Man, you certainly have full days and nights and a whole lot of commotion going on in your backyard. The Dasuqin looks familiar to us 'cause Scout and Miss Freyja have theirs with their morning kibble and a little vitamin on the side ☺.

  9. We hope you and The Mom have a wonderful weekend of fun together. And lots more bullysticks.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  10. Wow, glad ur hoomin has the glasses again. Mine has glasses too.

  11. You sure do keep your Mom busy! ...and Reufus? Our boys need a baff too!