Thursday, May 23, 2013

Finking Fursday: Home Edition

Hello, Friends
Welcome teu My Home
Along wif Yeu,
I amb frilled teu
welcome in
A Eckstended Holly Day Week End
And since it iss Fursday,
I whas finking...
I might juss share
a little tiny teur ob
my humble home

wif yeu.
- - - - -
Here iss me in
The Guest Bed Reum.
 Thiss iss where yeu wood sweeb
if yeu come teu bisit
iff whee deu knot stay ub all night
blaying games and telling ghost stories.
Thiss iss also
my faborite blace teu hang
when the Mom iss in the shower.
I deu knot know why.
It juss iss.
 One ob
the berry berry bestest barts ob thiss reum iss
The Treasure Toy Bascket
in the corner.
 Beliebes it or knot...
I habbs been taught
I can only get a toy when inbited.
*wabes smelling sauce under yeur nose*
- - - - -
Here iss me in
The Dressing Reum
It iss really
a nodder bed reum
butt the Mom keebs
books and memory billy-yas
in here.
These stuffies shood be mine
butt I amb tole they are knot.
They are flobbed about the tob ob
my the Mom's child hood toy bocks.
 I deu lubbs teu browse
the colleckshun.
 Also in thiss reum iss
The Dread Mill.
Deu knot quote me,
butt that contrabshun makes
a great clobes rack.

Fank Yeu Folks
I amb here all week!
- - - - -
Now that leads uss teu
The Big Bed Reum.
the reum iss knot barkticulary big,
butt the bed iss...
 Yeu all know thiss reum whell
 on a counta
I deu some ob my best work here.
- - - - -
Ob course,
I also deu some berry good work in
The Kitching.
And juss out side
the foodables storage reum
The Bar
and in this bicksher
yeu whill see
Me and Saint Francis...
 the back ob
a berry hamsum golden
behind me
and a glimbse ob the chest ob one
teu my left.
Here I amb whisbering teu
Saint Francis.
 And here I amb whisbering teu
the hamsum golden teu my left.
And now come around the corner teu
- - - - -
The Fambily Reum
In here,
whee habbs chairs what
I amb knot allowed teu sit in
unless inbited...
and also the sofa...
what I amb knot teu
leab ub on, sit on,
or eben roll about on...
wif out inbitation.
There iss stuff in here
what whas remoobed
and now habbs been added back
on a counta
my training.
The Metal Sculbsher
fur ecksamble
[what whee finks ob ass a dog
butt the artist finks ob ass a horse]
comes and goes.
On a ebbery day basis,
he stays and all iss safe...
butt if there iss going teu be
a berry ecksitable ebent,
he goes away
on a counta he cood crack
the table tob
or some equally hard
butt MUCH MORE imbortant fing. 
Now ass a wee bub
I whas berry infatchewated wif
the wooden bocks ob stuff
and it whas quickly tooken away.
After a bout ob one year ob training
it came back.
Yes Yess.
I haff been a good boy in thiss way
fur a bout
one year. 
Why are the framed bickshers flat on the table?
In a ddition teu good,
I amb also quizzickal.
One ob the berry best barts ob this reum iss
My Little Reum
I deu really lubbs it there.
I go in there all the time
juss teu hang out.
This reum iss also one ob
my berry mose faborite blaces teu
waller and wibe my face...
 what I amb tole iss
a big no-no....
butt I digress.
Now follow me 
There are many fings teu see here
butt none are ass imbortant ass
The Study.
And now
let's study.
 One tobick whee cood study iss...
whee some times refer teu this ass
The Back Reum
on a counta it iss
the reum what leads teu
The Back Yard.
Yeu know this area whell
on a counta it iss
where I stretch my legs...
bracktiss my obedience skills
ass whell ass my agilities...
blay big time tug games
wif a berry crazed and goofy
The Handler...
and it iss the back drob ob
many a bicksher sheut!
It habbs been my bleasure
teu share some high lights ob
my home and
fanks so much fur drobbing by!
Ya'all come back Now!
Ya Hear?


  1. Reufus, What a great tour and such a nice neat house. Now that you (for the most part) are not like a bull in a china shop, the Mom can keep nice things out in the open. We did enjoy your tour and maybe some time we can come and visit. Since neither of us drives we are at the mercy of our Mom & Dad.

    All our Lub,
    Cousins Hamish & Emma

  2. Well what a lovely home you have there! I am particularly impressed by the clothes horse aka dread mill. I used to have one of those too, make a great place to hang shirts and other stuff.
    I also noted the picture frames laying flat on the table, we have the same thing here due to one clumsy Golden boy called Shadow, and a kitty cat who has his wild moments.

    You have a lovely home!

  3. Thank you for the tour, Reufus! Monty says it is awfully unfair to have all those toys within reach and not be able to play with them. Dad has been wanting to buy a dread mill too, but Mom keeps telling him we have enough storage... :D


  4. Thank you for the tour..we particularly enjoyed the kitchen. It is our most favorite room in our house, and we feel we would be comfy in your kitchen as well.

    We have never had a dread mill, but we used to have a BIG BLUE BALL the muzzer would use to bounce and stretch and Teka used to flop on top of....One day muzzer was stretching and Teka decided to flop. When we got back from the 'mergency room we deflated it and when we left mayemphis we left the blue ball for the new owners.

    gus n teka

  5. What a lovely home you have, Little Man. In particular, we enjoyed looking at the titles of some of the books your the Mom likes to read. We found many titles that line the walls of our library, isn't that fun☺? We hope that you have a wonderful, extended weekend with your very special the Mom and know that it will be filled with happiness and adventures.