Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Night Wrights: A Bone Teu Bick Edition

Habby Friday
Fank Dog Whee Made It
It habbs been a busy week,
chock full ob
the ubs and the downs.
Where O Where
deu I start...
- - - - -
My The Aunt Karen and Her Monkey

Last Saturday my the Aunt Karen
came ober and brought me thiss
The Mom whas getting dressed,
and did eckspeckt me teu entertain...
butt I did habbily acksept this swell
and run off wif it teu 
the big bed
where some how
did almost loose
the tib ob his hat
ass yeu can see below
where his white fuzzy brains
did start teu leak.
I amb so berry knot sure
how that happened.
Many Fanks
teu my the Aunt Karen.

whas fun while I habbed him.
- - - - -
My Outings

Sunday Morning
The Mom and I boarded the trolley
and went out fur the breakfasts.
 It iss our tradition.

The Handler and I boarded the trolley teu
My Skool
 where whee attended
a fun class
what whas all about
I whas a mose ecksellent steudent,
butt the Handler whas...
whell, she whas knot at her best...
deu mosely teu raging feber
and feeling like she whas going teu die.*
[*only minor egg zaggeration]
- - - - -
The Horrific Actibia Allergick Reacktion ob 2013

It all started wif
the Doctor Mark
wheu said I shood haff
ebbery day.
And so the Mom fought maybe
she shood haff them teu.
And on Monday,
she did.
and boy o boy o boy...
whas she ebber
I deu knot whant teu make thiss about the Mom
on a counta
I haff sbent enough ob my time
taking care ob her
thiss week
I whill say this, how ebber...

I haff a bone teu bick with Jamie Lee Curtis.
Ebbery one, blease teu listen...

Research this horrible broduck
before eating it.
And if yeu are
lacktose intolerant... or allergick teu dairy
deu knot eben walk down
this tocksick stuff aisle.

The Mom and I
haff sbent a lot ob time
in the big bed.
I deu lubbs habbing her home
and all teu my self, butt
I haff also been berry worried.
And I haff said my brayers
and crossed my baws
that thiss whill be ober soon.

and one odder fing I did

::: a re-enackment :::

Fursday Afternoon
when the Mom whas home berry sick
and deeb in sleeb...

ass iff my brayers habbed been answered,
the back door obened.
I fought briefly...
wood the Mom abbroob
ob me going out by my self?
My self said
butt what deu I know
out I went.
At furst,
I lissened in tently
finking maybe
the Mom wood hear and join me.
No, I fought...
I seem teu be in the clear.
Off I ran.
I ett ob
the acorn bar.
I sniffed fur
the bar tender.
I stretched out my legs.
I abbetized on the shrubs.
I nibbled on
the grasses.
And I enjoyed a nodder course ob
ground cubbers...
Knot beliebing my good luck,
I needed teu tell some one and quick...
so I ribbed and rombed
and right in teu the big bed...
banting and chombing on
my beuty.
The Mom jumbed ub
out ob a dead sleeb.
I jumbed off the bed and ran teu the study
teu show her the oben door.
Yes Yesss
And out ob my mouf
she did tooken
thiss fing.
[no no... knot the quarter. it iss only brobided fur scale only.]
She deus knot know what it iss...
a nut, a freut bit or seed...
I can only say that
I find them all the time.
They are berry hard.
 And I amb all ways broud ob my find.
The Mom iss... knot.
- - - - -
Making Ub Wif the Mom

Looky here what
the YeuBeeEss Man
left fur the Mom
at our door.
 It iss berry hard teu stay ubset
when gifts are delibbered.
Sbeshully when they come from
a sweet boy.
 Yes Yesss
Her Sbeshull Day
iss right a round the corner.
 And I ordered her ub
some fing esbeshully fur her
from her berry mose faborite store...
Venison Joe's 

Wheu's the Man???
Juss yeu wait.
She iss going teu be seuber stoked.
- - - - -

Our Friday
Thiss berry morning,
the feber habb subsided
and the Mom
whisked her self off teu
the facktory.

All whas whell untill
all hell broke loose.
[Norf Bin iss Me at Home in My Little Reum.
Souf Bin iss the Mom at the Facktory.]
Whee did haff much rain,
dark midnight skies at 9 a m...
some hails and many flashbangs...
and then after it whas all ober...
 the sun did come out.
 The yard whas
ankle deeb in sbots.
 The squirrels and birds were busy
re-working their nests.
 There whas a lot teu lissen teu
 and a lot teu shnoof...
 and then
I did a bose
by the back door.
Teunight's sbeshull
Friday Night Cheu
*drum roll*
a brand neu antler...
butt more about that on Sunday.
The End
ob a nodder busy week.

And ass I close out thiss edition,
I leabes yeu wif thiss fought...
It iss imbortant teu
be kind.
It iss imbortant teu
lubbs and cares fur odders.
It iss also important
teu lubbs and cares fur yeur own self.
Some times the berry hardest fing in the world
 iss teu look out fur yeur own self.


  1. The week from........Sure sounds like you were one very busy Golden. You have more medical experience than most doctors.
    Hope you have a quieter coming week.

    Hamish, Emma
    Auntie Sheila & Uncle Bob

  2. No matter how bleu is the day, you always bring out the sun.

  3. As always you make me smile! Thank you for that, and I am glad your mum is getting better. You did a good job taking care of her!

  4. Excellent adventure week and we are still proud of your private back yard romp. Oh - and we like your special decorating skills on the back yard door covers. For some reason, we don't have blinds. Something about no point in putting them up.

  5. I think storms are scary. I glad u got through it okay. :)

  6. Oh yikes! I hope your Mom is a-okay! Allergy reactions are scary!


  7. ...And at those times it is especially wonderful when there is someone special to remind you that you are worth being taken care of.

    What a week, dear friend! Glad The Mom's allergy reaction finally subsided. My dad is allergic to eggs and you would not believe the surprising products they are found in.