Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Night Wrights: Friday Only Edition

Habby Friday
Teuday, My Friends....
It iss all about the Friday.
- - - - -
The Mom tooken a day ob
and so whee were
beobles ob leisure
thiss entire glorious day.
 Whee did get the barty started by
sleebing in until six firty
when whee did get ub
and take care ob the essentialswhat are
my tummy
and odder bressing desires
and then whee did go back teu
the big bed
fur our guilty bleasures like....

Leabe It teu Beaber

Andy Griffiff. 
 Whee also did whatch
Fat Girl
what iss a odd title
on a counta Marlo Thomas
iss SO knot fat
butt I digress...
I don't whant teu gibbs yeu the imbreshun
that whee sbent the entire morning
in the big bed...
The Mom did get ub
teu try on some clobes...
 and then fur a moment
I did fink
whee were training.

Here I amb bracktissing
I deu knot brofess teu understand
what juss habbened butt
I whas reliebed when
the Mom did but on her
the Reufus clobes
and whee went out fur a
- - - - -
W.A.L.K.Y.   1.0
The wheffer whas 83 degrees and sunny
feels like 89 degrees
and off whee went...
 Whee tooken a stob
down by Mrs. M's house
 teu enjoy her flowering shrubs.
 Mrs. M. habbs a berry green fumb
and her yard iss always in bleumb.
The sun whas shining
and there whas also a bit ob a breeze
what felt good teu uss.
Ass whee sat here,
I did habbs a secret.
Can any one guess?
 I tried berry hard teu aboid eye contack
wif the Photographer.
I did habbs
some fing berry big
on my mind...
some fing I whish I habbed done
before I left home...
butt I digress.
Holy Trunk, Batman.
Take a look at those reuts.
I haff teu admit teu....
It whas a fun walk
on a counta mose ebbery house did habbs
An American Flag
Texas Flag
out front.
Habby Memorial Day
I amb knot sure why the Photographer
fought thiss whas
bicksher worfy. 
and then what habben whas...
whee saw
a squirrel wif a dye job
guarding a tree what whas habitated by
a gorilla stuffy.
[center ob bicksher iss gorilla stuffy]
Yes Yesss...
Yeu read that right.
A. Squirrel.
Wif. A. Dye. Job. 
 One ob the berry best ob fings about
libbing in Oak Forest
iss all ob the old trees...
Check out thiss ole trunk.
 Yeu know...
lass weekend when I whas tole
I need teu loobs more weight,
I did take a bit ob offense...
butt I deu lubbs more
Back teu the house,
whee did fill our collectiff humbs
wif the
Ozarka Sbring Waters
and then whee boarded
The Trolley.
Whee went teu
The Green Baber Drive Freu.
It whas kinda funny.
The berry moment The Trolley Driber
tooken the bicksher abubb
the Teller bobbed onteu the screen.
Green babers sheuting frew a tube
iss great cause fur
And I did need teu helb
the Trolley Driber
wif the transackshun.
I whas hobing whee were going
shobbing fur foods and treats and toys and such
butt whee juss went back
Whee also did
bile ub and whatch
a bit more teebee.
Yes Yesss
and ob course
yeu know what biling ub leads teu...
and then I guess...
Nabbing leads teu
and on a counta I amb knot the only one
wheu iss
.... I caught the Mom on
the dread mill.
how long can yeu walk no where?
[guilt . inboking look]... acktibated*
and whee are out fur
W.A.L.K.Y.   2.0
I habbs teu admit...
It whas refreshing
knot teu habbs
such big fings
on my mind.
Here lies the foot brint ob
an ash tree
what whas lost a week before whee lost
Our Ashley.
Carry On.
Yeah Yeah.
Insert clebber fought here.
Now here iss
a nodder tree
whee habbs always lubbed
and and and...
whee are back
Time teu but
the belly
 teu the cool floors.
I deu lubbs my Baycayshun Day
almose ass much ass
I deu lubbs my the Friday.
And yeu know what Friday means...
The Cheu ob The Week
And teunight's cheu isss...
*drum roll blease*
A Benison Joe Antler
It iss hard teu conceal
my ecksitement.
cheu cheu cheu
Our weekend iss off teu a wonderful start
what wif
the fun, the frolick, the car rides,
the nabs and the treats...
all ob the berks and freedoms
whee berry often take fur granted.
Many a soldier habbs but ebbery fing on the line
teu broteck our freedoms.
And in the course ob deuing so...
 many ob them
habbs lost theirs.
Habby Memorial Day
gibbing many multi-teud ob fanks teu
Our Soldiers,


  1. You are so Wright about that Reufus! Love yours and the Mom's leisurely day - it looks like a true winner! Hope you have a few more this holiday weekend just like it! BTW, we also love those beautiful ginormous oaks!
    Hugs Xxxxxxxxx
    Sammie and Ava

  2. Lots of neat trees around your house Reuf..I hope you are doing your part to keep them well watered


  3. L♥ve your the Mom's choice of teevee shows. They sure remind me of my childhood - a long time ago...sigh. It was so fun to see the pretty tree trunks that look like someone sculpted them with great care. Isn't Mother Nature grand? Hoping that you and the Mom have a wonderful Memorial Day. I will be spending my time with family and will be thinking of my father, a veteran of WWII.

  4. Reuf,
    Your blog just keeps getting better and better. Reading it, trying to figure out your pronunciation and looking at all the pictures, really gets all the paws clapping.
    Hope you have a Wonderful Memorial Day, and thank you for remembering those in the Military.

    Cousins Hamish & Emma & Angel Sophie
    Uncle Bob and Auntie Sheila

  5. It looks like you had the best Friday ever!


  6. A vacation day and walkies! What a great start to a long weekend of celebrating those who have made our freedom possible.