Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Night Wrights: Annibersary Edition

Berry Habby Friday
My Friends.
And welcome teu
thiss week's edition ob
Friday Night Wrights
I whish I cood tell yeu these tails in real time
butt what wif my studies
and my berry lean staff...
It seems my stories muss all come forf
on my day
what iss
- - - - -
Whee did haff bad wheffer on Monday
My Agility Class
whas cancelled.
It whas ok though, on a counta...
whee did make the most ob
our the ebening.
- - - - -
Teusday, Abril 30f
The Second Annibersary ob
The Signing ob My Adobtion Babers
Whee did wake ub on this sbeshull morning
and after some eckstra smeuching and
swabbing ob memories,
whee did go about
our usual weekday reuteen
and then...
instead ob the facktory clobes,
the Mom but on the baycayshun clobes,
and then...

Whee boaf boarded the trolley fur
The Annibersary Adbenture.
I whas hobing teu be whisked off teu
a lubbly bed and breakfast...
or maybe a swim...
butt ass it turns out...
I did habbs
a dentist abbointment.
Whee did get there early,
butt I whas second in lin
 The Waiting Reum
whas berry berry busy,
butt all my training ecksberience really baid off...
I whas whell behabed.
And I whas chill...
 butt my tail nebber stobbed.
 Thiss iss me asking the Mom
why iss that Boston Terror
bulling so hard on her leash
and lunging at sweet little me...
 O and
what iss in that me owwing bocks...
yeu know...
the one ober there.
And then...
the berry sweet dentist
did come a calling fur
Reufus Wright...
and I did swish my tail ass she led me away.
There whas some scrabing.
There whas some boking.
There whas some bolishing.
And it whas all ober in about twenty minutes.
The Rebort:
Teufies are bearly white.
Mouf iss healfy.
Reufy iss a berry sweet and cooberatiff boy
but he deus knot like the bibrating cleany fing
so bolishing whas done by hand.
Fanks and see yeu in sicks monfs.
It whas knot a bad ecksberience
butt I whas knot unhabby teu
board the trolley.
Whee sang songs ob celebration
Habby Annibersary teu Uss
ob our Adobtion Baber Signing...
teu Uss
Habby Annibersary of our Adobtion Baber Signing....
Habby Annibersary teu Uss.
and many...

Follow that Truck.
That might be one ob my good friends!
 [in alfabetickal order]
I whant teu romb wif my friend!
And also...
I amb bretty sure any one ob them
whill comb me on a ice cream bar.
*licks libs*
Whell, sadly...
in sbite ob my whishes,
the trolley did ecksit the freeway leabing
The Snow Dog
in traffick.
 Out ob the trolley,
Inteu the house
And then.
The Mom whanted teu see
my bearly whites.
And I gibbs her a glimmer. 
 I gibbs her a sit.
I gibbs her a brofile. 
I send her off teu the facktory.
And I amb berry berry habby
teu be in
My Little Reum.
 Later that Night:
My Bearly Whites
The Photographer
did whant teu take bickshers ob all my teufies.
 I did combly ass whell ass I cood.
 And then...
In celebration ob
The Second Annibersary ob My Adobtion Baber Signing
and also on a counta the Mom's guilt
fur taking me teu the dentist thiss morning...
I did indulge in
A Berry Tiny butt Delishus Bowl ob Ice Cream
knot juss any ice cream...
Amy's Ice Cream 
I lubbs my the Mom.
And after the eatings ob the ice cream,
whee did share some
berry berry sbeshull lubby dubby time.
- - - - -
Wednesday Night
I did go teu
A Berry Sbeshull Heeling Class
 I deu need lots ob heeling work
teu become more attentiff and focused.
I did get an iddle biddle confyeused
wif my fun tricks class,
and four times
I did rotate my self
around inteu the center ob the arena and
I did offer
a berry dramatickal...

And now fur...
- - - - -
Our Traditional Friday Afternoon Nab
 Ubsy Downsy
Downsy Ubsy
 what means
Belly Side Ub
Yes Yes Yessss...
Lubbs it.

Also lubbs
finding the obbortunity
teu steb ober
the Mom. 
Here iss a bicksher
from under
my chin. 
Yes Yess.
Nabs are great...
butt I deu haff juss
thiss one requirement.

I gotta be touching my the Mom.
The wonder full fing about Friday afternoon
iss that there iss
no agenda.
And here iss me juss chilling...
juss sniffing the cool airs 
and now...
Here iss the me set inteu Motion.
- - - - -
The Texas Sage

It iss in beauty full bleum.
And here iss a short bideo ob
Me wif The Texas Sage
I deu lubss my Friday
on a counta it iss...
The Abs.
One ob the fings I lubbs the mose iss
My Friday Night Chew
*chew chew chew*
The Mom likes teu challenge
by taking fings from me
I amb berry combliant.
And thiss is a good test ob
my imbullsiff-ness.
I take my time
teu nom nommy
the gater.
I also deu make a mess...
butt my the Mom oberlooks it.
The Mom.
*pause... sigh*
I deu lubbs that woman.
After all...
she did sign
My Contract.
Fur teu years now... She iss Mine.
Party wif me


  1. KhonGRats Reufley on a furry full week-o-fun!

    Weu surely pawed a winner of a mom!

    PeeEssWoo: We got to tell Clooney's dad the sad news about Angel Merdie last night - we hadn't seen him since she khrossed (three months today - THEN over near the khattledog place (now ready fur khornpuppies) I saw TEU of WEU...and one leuked like WEU - now get ready fur this: THEIR HUMANS SAID THEY AREN'T FURRY FRIENDLY??? Mom said 'unfriendly Goldens? I didn't think that was possible' :-)

  2. Little Man, time sure flies when you're having fun, doesn't it? Hard for me to believe that it's been two, whole years since you were 'dopted by your the Mom. I know that your the Mom loves you very, very much but do you know that there are dozens of other folks 'out here' that love you to pieces, too? Yup, there are and we will love you fur-ever and fur-ever.

  3. OMD what a week youz had..I waz at de Dawgtor'z yesterday'z for my 2 year injection'z, they'z did check'z mez teef, all good fank cod.Youz so bootiful'z and I bet'z your'z Mom iz so pawleazed she'z got you'z. I'm off'z now to see'z if I can get'z sum Ice cream too'z xx00xxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  4. Happy Anniversary and many happy returns.

    Good Dog!

    gussie n teka

  5. Reufus,
    You are one on the go doggie along with your The Mom. Your teef look great, so shiny and white. You are so well behaved in the waiting room. Mom & Dad wish me and Emma would be that way.
    It sure does not seem like two years since your adoption papers were signed. Since that time you have so many people around the world following your exploits and that love you so very much.
    Keep smiling, keep happy, keep healthy we love you bunches.

    Hamish, Emma
    Auntie Sheila & Uncle Bob

  6. Habby Second Annibersary, dear sweet Reufus! I'm glad you got a very good report from the dentist AND that you got to enjoy some ice cream on your sbecial day!

  7. Mom needs to apologize sweet Reufus. For some reason, your posts do not show up in Feedly. They show your last one in the beginning of April.

    Happy Second Anniversary, dear pup!

    Sam and your brother, Monty!

  8. Happy Anniversary to you my friend.
    And I am so happy your pearly whites are all clean and sparkly.

  9. We know that your adoption papers signing anniversary is one of the most stupendous events in the brought together the best team ever (next to the WDA, of course): The Luke, The Bleu, The Reufus, and The Mom...forever and always. What a great day THAT was!