Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Night Wrights: Knot Berry Ecksiting Edition

Welcome Back
teu a
Berry Habby Friday
It habbs been a berry busy week
butt when the Secretary and I
sat down teu discuss
the content ob
This Berry Ecksiting Edition...
whee realized it whas a berry busy week
ob knot much ecksitement,

Last Sunday,
whee did celebrate a
Habby The Mom's Day
Behind me yeu whill see
our treasured banners...
The Wright Brothers.
The Bleu and The Luke.
Yeu whill habbs teu bardon me...
The neighbors were habbing a barty.
The Mom and I did habbs a quiet day
The Concierge whas on deuty,
butt whee did gibben
the Maid and the Odder Staff
the day off.
- - - - -
A Nodder Fing What Habbened
Juss after the last edition whas bublished,
there were many flash bangs and strong winds
the bottom
did fall out ob
The Night Sky
and my back borch did flood.
- - - - -
One Saturday Fing
One odder fing what habbened whas
my the Mom went teu
The Houston Art Car Parade
and all she brung me whas
a bag ob goldfish
(the cheesy kind what yeu eat)
a bag ob cotton candy
(what she whill knot let me eat)
and a bunch ob strange bickshers.
Here iss a few ob my faborites.

Tell me the last time yeu saw
A Zebra Bole Dancer.

And hats off teu
The Awesome Barrio Dogs
Barrio Dogs iss a non-profit organization
here in Houston
what probides education and raises awareness on
prober animal care
in our low income communities...
and yeu can knot get more awesome than that.

Big Dole Banana
Look Look Look
My Snow Dog Friends
I deu want teu habbs a barty
 greeting the crowds
from the bassenger side window
whas a robotick golden doggy.

No barade iss comblete wifout
a Texas size cockroach...
butt I left the Mom's faborite fur last...

The Fish and Crab Car
All ob the fishes
and all ob the crabs
were automated.
The fishes did swim in a skool.
And the crabs did stand ub off their bellies
and when they did...
their eyes lid ub!
- - - - -
My Skool
I did habbs a berry good berformance in
My Agility Class.
Working on Long Distant Sit Stay.
Whee did boaf courses berry freakishly whell:

*blease teu note that I did better than the Handler.
Must remain absolutely still.
 I also bracktissed my faborite...
The Teeter.
And then I did thiss course:
And then I worked on
my the dreaded weabes.
Must respond quickly to recall.
 Then in
Focus Class
I berformed many ecksersizes ob
imbulse control.
I earned lots ob chees
and worked ub quite a furst.
Working on "Collection".
When I got home,
I quickly downed a bowl ob sbring water
and while the Handler whas downloading my equibment,
"Front" iss rewarded.
Reward iss... Delishus. 
I helbed myself teu a container ob
Trader Joe's Gourmet Cookies.
*wibes crumbs off chin wif back ob baw*
- - - - -
The Mom ran out ob town
berry early thiss morning
butt the good neus iss that
she came back home thiss after noon
and here are

Friday Fings Whee Did

Whee took
a nab.
 I gibben the Mom many
And thiss is kinda what it looks like.
May whee go
out ob doors...
 Mister Squirrel ran frew the chain link fence.
I amb on a mission. 
 Trunk ob The Acorn Bar
I smell
The Bar Tender. 
He might be ub there some where
a long wif the dubbs
what nest ub there...
and there iss loads ob stuff
they leabes down here.
- - - - -
I deu lubbs the Out ob Doors
 and I deu lubbs 
the Photographer
so much going on...
the squirrels,
the birds...
the skeeters...
and the bats.
[stay tuned for a bat rebort soon]
And fanks teu the berry heaby rains and
under water yard fur seberal days,
whee also habbs
the fungus...
along wif the gorgeous sage flowers...
the lush green saint augustine grasses
and the smile on my face.
- - - - -
Sniffing the winds. 
 Lots ob ground teu cubber.
Teuday whas a great day teu
take enjoy the out ob doors..
 the weekend looks teu be
more ob the same.
- - - - -
Yeu know...
when the Secretary and I 
sat down teu discuss
This Berry Ecksiting Edition,
I suggested
A FlashBack:

May 17, 2012
Here yeu see
 me sharing gifts wif the Mom.

May 17, 2011
Here yeu see
the hole I cheuwed inteu the floors.
 And here iss
my little reum
where I continyeu teu serbe my sentence. 
- - - - -
Friday Night For Real
Yeu all know
how I deu looks forward teu
My Friday Night Cheu
And teunight's treat whas...
 A The Mom's Day
Bully Stick
It whas nommy-nommy-lishus.
Many fanks teu
The Thundering Herd
fur their guidance and recommendations.
*bentilayshun actibayted*
- - - - -
And now ass I lay me down teu sleeb...
I bray.
- - - - -
I bray for Justice.
I bray for all that iss Good and Right.
I bray for My Berry Sbeshull Pal, The Sam.
I bray for his the Mom, Christine.
Whee are here for them all ways.
All ways whill be.


  1. The highlight of our week "Friday Night Wrights".
    Don't ever stop.

    Cousins Hamish & Emma,
    Uncle Bob & Auntie Sheila

  2. Love, love, love the blog and the writer/s! So entertaining.
    Much love from Australia.
    Lily, Paul, and woofers Jessie and Shadow Goldens.

  3. Dear Reufus, yeu and The Mom did habbs a berry full week! Could you blease habbs The Mom gibs yeu a big HUG from me, cos yeu are berry SBESHULL!
    Your admiring fan,

  4. Reufus..your week sounds wonderful..and quite full. We also look forward to your Friday postes, but we usually read them on Sattiday morning. Hope that is OK

    gussie n teka

  5. Your not very exciting week turned out to be a very exciting week. We, too, pray for Sam and his momma. When folks we care about are so far away it hurts our hearts when we cannot stop by to help and to hug. Have a wonderful weekend sweetie pie, you and your the Mom deserve it☺.