Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Night Wrights: The Luke Birthday Edition

March 15f
iss a berry imbortant day in
The History ob The Wright Brothers
on a counta
The Mom's
The Cool Hand Luke
whas born March 15, 1999.
The Luke's Birfday Barties
- - - - -
The Bleu
bassed out barty hats.
There whas always
 Festiff Shamrock Bandanas
were required attire. 
 Friends gaffered teugeffer.
Here iss
Our The Uncle Tom
wheu drobe teu Waco teu gibbs
The Luke
his lift teu a new life wif
The Mom.
The Luke and Uncle Tom whill always haff a sbeshull bond.
 And here is
Our The Uncle Tom
Our The Bleu
a rub down...
in the middle ob
The Birfday Barty. 
Sbeaking ob The Bleu...
Here iss Big Boy wif
His Berry Most Seuber Sbeshull
Our The Aunt Madison
I know My Aunt Madison
 iss in charge ob back rubs,
serbing cake and helbing
The Bleu bass out barty hats at
The Bridge Birfday Barty teunight.
So berry knot huge on a ttention,
The Luke
did lubbs his
The Mom's.
The Luke's
furst nine years
were lean on luxury so
The Mom labished him wif the gifts. 
And by all the tails I habbs heard,
he did  furoughly enjoy his the stuffies... 
 and his the nest beds.
Most ob Yeu
know the story of My The Mom
and her Sweet Boy...
and fur those wheu deu knot,
I whill tell it again soon.
Theirs iss
A Treu Story ob
Wheu Rescued Wheu

- - - - -
In Luke's Honor,
Whee haff established a Sbeshull Fund
For The Love of Luke
It iss administered frew
Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston
and all funds are dedicated teu
The Rescue ob
Senior Goldens
The Luke.

- - - - -
is a 501c3 organization, and
all donations are tax deductible.
Yeu may make a donation
by check
P.O. Box 19594
Houston, Texas 77224

or frew PayPal by clicking
Blease note
"For The Love of Luke" 
or "LOL"
in the comments or note section.

On behalf ob The Luke,
My The Mom,
and Senior Goldens Ebbery Where...
Fank Yeu fur Yeur Subbort.

- - - - -
and now...
Odder Stuff What Habbened Thiss Week:

Time did sbring forward.
Whee lost an hour.
Whee were knot habby.
 And then
The Mom
announced that she wood be leabing me
fur the furst time ebber... ebber... in
The History ob Ebber.
No No
I said.
I deu knot hear yeu announce
such fings.
 Butt wash, fold and back clobes
she did deu.
No No
I said.
I deu knot hear yeu announce
such fings.
 Butt away from me she did go,
far far away
and by car. 
teu sbend the night
 finking about nuffing butt her Sweet Boy
The Me.
She eben slebt on
my side ob the bed.
 Yeb. Thiss whas
the only golden
in her reum.

Outside the hotel window
whas the reason fur her trib...
a construction job site.
In sbite ob her guilt and worry about me,
it whas a good trib fur the Mom.
And meanwhile back at home,
there whas no reason fur guilt OR worry...
I whas well tooken care ob,
sboiled by
My The Aunt Susan and Uncle Mike.

I mean...
wif the ecksebshun ob
KNOT letting me eat becans,
they catered teu my ebbery whim.
In berry fack...
- - - - -
When The Mom arribed
I whas unecksited.
 The Mom
worried that I whas angry wif her.
 I fink she eckspeckted
a barty.

I fink she did.
I won't say I whas angry wif her, butt...
I whill say that
I whas more interested in
the fings in her duffle
than in her,
I cood knot bretend any more, and
I crawled ub in her lab,
but my baws on her shoulders
and nuzzled her cheeks and neck.
 Yes Yes
She came home last night.
 And I haff kebt a keen eye on her
 Nibbles and NomNom are good.
 Ice iss nice.
And she iss here teu stay...
Right Right???
- - - - -
Friday Night Wrights

Blogging iss such berry hard work.
I can hardly get my self in the mood...
The words are easy.
The stories tell their own selbes, butt...
the wires are a bit unreuly.
And now, ass I draw my blog teu a close...
whee resume
The Luke's Birfday Barty.
 The Mom says she habbs learned
at least one imbortant lesson
from each ob her
Heart Goldens.

From me, she habbs learned Patience.
From The Luke,
The Mom habbs learned teu
libbs life teu the fullest,
teu find the joy in ebbery single day,
teu be fankfull fur each one...
teu nebber ebber waste or wish a moment away.
 Habby Ides ob March.
Habby The Luke's Birfday.
In The Luke's Memory,
I whish Yeu
The Obborteunity ob Re-Birf,
The Hobes ob Neu Life and
Boundless Joys...


  1. Mom has been thinking of the Luke, the brightest star in the sky, all day.

    P.S. Mom hates when she leaves us too!


  2. That was sommmme post. Mom has a few runny eyes in the remembrances of the Luke and also of the Bleu. Sooooo glad the Mom is home and we are thinking of you all tons and tons xxxxxxx
    Sammie and Ava

  3. Beautiful post, We are sure the Luke had a wonderful Birthday. You also showed that if The Mom needs to take a trip you can hold down the fort.

    Hamish & Emma

  4. The Luke was with us every step of momma's celebration today as well! We know he LOVED the baby lamb rib bone...and chasing ducks at the Park. And since he was walking in spirit with and The Bleu and The Mom were there, too! It made our hearts full of such happiness, dear friends.

  5. Weu heu, Reufus!

    I am so touched by all of the things I have read here tonight, I can barely speak. Thank you for commenting on my blog tonight. I am most grateful for your friendship.

    Your pal,

  6. Great tribute to Luke. We know he had a happy life. We hate being left and we know our peeps hates leaving us too. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Very nice tribute to The Luke - we miss him a lot too. We bet there was another great party for him across the Rainbow Bridge.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. That is a fantastic tribute to The Luke! We remember him fondly! And I am so glad your mom returned to you!


  9. The Luke was a good boy. And so are u!!

  10. Weu are bloody bloody wright!

    PeeEssWoo: The Leuke and The Bleu...'nuff said!

  11. Beautiful post Little Reuff. You are loved and loving

    gussie n teka