Saturday, August 3, 2013

Friday Night Wrights: Switching Fings Ub and It's Official, I'm a Golden Retrieber Edition

Habby Friday
Our Switching Fings Ub
It's Offical, I'm a Golden Retrieber Edition.
It iss
Our Creed
teu make the mostest ob ebbery single day
teu lubbs and teu enjoy each one.
Whee embrace adbenture,
aboid trubbles,
and while it iss knot our strong suit
some time whee gotta juss
Switch Fings Ub
and that leads me teu
The Story ob Lass Weekend
Ass many ob yeu know,
whee habbs been habbing many broblems wif our
Eye Ess PEE
knot the least ob which iss that
my the Mom can bumb her head
on the line coming inteu our home.
An original and loyal customer,
the Mom habbs been calling commycast
fur more than teu monfs.
Four rebair beople habe come out
and said "holy crab"
butt habbs knot ficksed the line.
one day on juss the right day
the Mom receibed a call from
 Still conflickted,she booked the install fur one monf later
finking that
commycast wood come frew
they did knot
in a moob what iss brolly
best carroterized ass
cutting our noses off teu sbite our faces
whee made
the switch.
 Whee are told
it iss a great system butt
whee saw an awful lot ob thiss
Teu make the matters worse...
whee also binned our hobes on
the reliability ob
a digital boice phone system
so it habbs been
A Roller Coaster
No TeeBee.
No Internet.
No Phone.
No Security System.
Hour Long Phone Call.
Rinse & Rebeat.
[and now yeu know why
last week's edition
whas more than a day late]
- - - - -
My Ackademia
My Class Schedule
iss a bit comblicated
butt I deu look furward teu
boarding the Trolley
any day ob the week.
My New Skool
what iss
 iss berry berry close
teu my home.
Fibe Minutes Close.
And here I amb in
The Business Yard.
 Keeb in mind
fibe minutes ago
I did deu business
fibe minutes away
butt I need teu deu some
Eye Ess PEE
yess yesss
and whatebber
let's get teu class.
Pre-Novice/Novice Obedience
Normally during class
My The Awesome Instrucktors
demonstrate skills
wif dogs wheu know what they are deuing
butt teunight they
Swtich Fings Ub
Judy demonstrated wif
The Me.
I amb deuing it.
 "Get It"
 and now back wif
the Handler
 and out ob the lime light
I amb trying teu conbey
"I need a drink ob the waters"
A Great Berformer Muss Berform
and here iss when Tracie
Switched Fings Ub
and demonstrated wif me.
 I amb learning many fings
I amb being a bit ob
a goober
butt I amb learning.
 And here yeu can whatch me
[blease teu forgibbs the Photographer's fingers mid whay]
It whas
a berry ecksiting night
fur me
and since whee did habbs
the double header
the Mom and I did go sit down
fur a few minutes
and listen teu
our homework
and catch a breaf before
moobing out ob doors teu
the agility field.
Conditions on the Agility Field
20:30 cst
500 degrees,

85% humidity
knot one molecule ob air moobing.

It whas fun
butt also
 good teu get home

and watch
the Mom
eat her low cal late night snack.
Whee slebt berry beacefully
and awoke ub early
so the Mom cood some work.
- - - - -

No phone.
No internet.
No teebee.
The Mom raced home teu meet
the U-Berse Man
12:00 and 16:00
so I fink teu deu some
light housekeebing.
And here yeu see
I amb sorting the laundry.

And since it whas a short night
whee did sneak in
a little light nab here
and a little there
and wif the internet
on the blink
I juss like teu hang out in
my little reum.
In a nodder string ob
luck on the fritz
*hums tabs*
the Photographer's Faborite Camera
Here iss what I look like
frew the odder camera.
Yeu are wondering butt
The Mom deus knot know
what I habbs been licking...
maybe juss the bed cubbering.
Though whee are a bit on edge
wif the waiting and such,
whee head
Out Back
a romb
teu check on fings
what need checking on,
teu swish my tail
and teu insbeck
the freshly cut lawn
and then
Out Front

the Mom brings in
the mail
look look look
Some Fing Berry Official for Me
what I amb knot teu lick.
It iss from
The American Kennel Club
And here it iss...
My AKC PAL Certificate
Fur once and fur all
It iss Official:
I amb a Golden Retrieber
and now
I can officially claim
My CGC Title
My CGC Batch and Rose Ett Fing
My CGC Couture
so beoble whill know
I amb
A Good Citizen
Here iss me checking
teu see if the batch iss
There iss only one fing
what cood make thiss day better...
the arribal ob
The Wright Media Recubbery Behickle

Ebberybody say Hello
[butt deu knot interrubt]
Sam what iss short fur Samantha
the rebair berson wheu
single handedly sabed
Friday Night Wrights

And now a word about Sam.
She said teu the Mom
teu blease let me out ob
my little reum.
my the Mom
my the Mom,

and wif all my helby-nesses,
[what wif the comings and goings
frew doors and gates]
I whas juss fine teu stay
in my little reum
 on my sicks foot string.
Yeu wonder what I whas deuing.
I whill knot tell.
And now fur
Our Regular Segment
what iss called
Friday Night Dining
my dining reum
iss also the study
The Wright Media Distribution Reum
wif massiff modem and such
I eleck teu dine in
the kitching.
Teunight's Fare
Salmon and Beas
Green Beans
Baby Beas
It. Iss. Yummy.
Still licking my libs,
I slib out back teu check
Miss Sam's brogress
and teu deu
a little apree dinner businesses.
And now a good long while
and a lot ob nashing ob teefies later,
Thiss Wright Media Mogul
iss back in
the interwebs
butt furst fings furst
The Friday Night Cheu
I sby wif my little eye
my teu big eyes...
A. Bully. Stick.
What follows iss
the wreckwissit
rassling shaking and bouncing
and ob course
the big smile.
The End ob a Fun Week
wif berry tedious times
sbent wif
The One I Lubbs the Mose.
Life gets no better than that.

It iss imbortant in life
teu remember
what iss imbortant.


  1. Reuf, hope your cable problems are over and that the Internet will be running smoothly. You are just doing outstanding, with your training agility , and Good Citizen bandanna.
    Hamish and Emma send paw bumps.

    Auntie Sheila and Uncle Bob
    Cousins Hamish & Emma

  2. My gosh, so much information I nearly had to get up and make myself a sandwich to finish reading! Holy cow, you sure to have busy weeks, don't you? At our house we have Charter for our phone and cable and internet. Not bad and VERY FAST if you don't mind the price!

  3. Never heard of such a busy guy! Reuf - we admire you so much and always look forward to your new adventures!

    Sammie and Ava

  4. BOL not cable problems? We hope it is sorted out soon and good luck also with the agility. Have a serene Sunday with some of the big easy today.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Maybe your internet needs to earn its own Good Citizen Award?

  6. Wheu Heu, Reuf! I was good to see you in my comments today. It seems as though you fell off my Blog Reader list (probably all that activity of yours) and I heard you had become a Face Book guy. Now that I know you are still blogging, I will look for you every week.
    You and the Mom are doing sooo well in all you do, you do us proud! Congrats on your CGC award and take good care of yourself AND Mom!

    Stella, and Zkhat

  7. Whew, that was a long post. We're glad you're officially a golden retriever now. You won't ever have an identity crisis.

    So you finally do have tv, internet and phone again?

  8. Congratulations on being formally deemed a Golden Retriever :) Sorry about your internet problems! We switched to Uverse too. It seems we had troubles maybe the first week, but everything has been fine for the most part ever since. Good luck - I understand how frustrating it is!! At least you got out of the house to have fun :)

  9. Oh my house would be so miserables if I had no teebee, or phone or internet-- I think it would make some grumpy faces! But you have a way of looking on the bright side when you go to class and learn so much!
    Do you know what? I love all those vegys you get to eat too. num num!
    I hope the internet stuff gets fixed soon- and the tee bee tooo
    and nitey nite