Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Night Wrights: The Take a Break Edition

Habby Habby Habby
The Take a Break Edition
Friday Night Wrights
I wood like teu begin
our time teugeffer
by telling yeu about
how whee decided teu
Take a Break
and also
A The Big Road Trib
Saturday Afternoon
Whee did board
The Trolley
and I did settle inteu my seat.
According teu the mab,
whee did trabel
Norf teu
Sbring, Texas

Yess Yessssss Yessssssssss
Norf teu
Sbring, Texas
Home ob
The Rummy's Beach Club
When yeu arribe teu Rummy's
what habbens iss
yeu wait
wif much anticibayshun
yeur turn teu enter
The Secure Beach Combound
and from
the trolley
I can see the boys and girls
wheu habbs finished their session
running teu and fro
and then... and then... and then...
when it iss
My Turn
the berry furst fing I get teu deu
iss run a round
and shneuf
and conduck
The Businesses
boaf big and small
and then... and then... and then...
It iss time teu hit
The Bool
I amb SO habby
teu retriebe
My Berry Second Mose Faborite Ball
and also juss teu
butt back teu
the bess bart what iss
the ball
the retriebe
I cood deu thiss
all day.
"Come on, Lisa!
Frow my ball!"
Sbeaking of
My Berry Second Mose Faborite Ball...
Here iss me wif
My Berry Berry Mose Faborite Ball.
and an otter fing I lubbs...
The Shake Off
and juss running round wif
My Ball
and basking in
the bool waters

and here
I amb
so fun.
so fun.
My Berry Berry Mose Faborite Ball
so fun.
Hee Hee.
I amb berry meffodickal
wif my swim
and retriebal.
I always bring the ball
back teu the bool deck.
I get out and
shake off
and then
get right back in
and swim out teu
and then one ob
my mose faborite fings iss
how whee
Take A Break
dry off
teu run a round
teu take
a sweet roll
and an otter.
And then when
I habbs
rocked and rolled and
conduckted businesses...
back in
the bool
I go.
And I lubbs blaying wif
She habbs
many games
fur me teu blay.
She also did take many
ob our games.
Whee did blay
Underwater Fetch.
And I whill bost her bickshers
berry soon.
Time teu Go
I amb bretty tired
when it iss time teu go
and after a bit ob running round
whee board
The Trolley.
Thiss iss
the face
Fank Yeu, The Mom
Fank Yeu, The Chauffeur

In the trolley
whee dribe teu the end ob the dribe
and then
cubber me wif
My Birate Monkey Towel
fur the trib home.
The Mom
whas starbing
so the trolley bulled frew
The What-a-Burger
dribe frew
on the way home
and thiss iss
how I greeted
the dribe frew girl.
She laughed and laughed and laughed.
She asked questions.
The Mom answered.
And I fink she finks
the Mom iss crazy.
All whas fun and hilarity
until whee got home
 and then...
I hobbed out ob the trolley...
and bulled my left front baw teu my chest.
Yes. Yess.
Whee started off the neu week wif
a limb, a stumble, an injury.
Doctor Mark told uss
"Take a Break"
"Seben teu Ten Days"
he said.
"O My"
I said.

Thiss news deus knot bode whell
butt let's return teu
Our Regular Segment
what iss called
Otter Fings I Did Thiss Week
and here iss me deuing
Knot Much
I did deu
Knot Much
ass whell ass I cood
butt it sometimes did take
a hand on my back.
Here iss my saleute teu
Shark Week.
I habbs teu say that
iss highly ober reated.
[wheu knew the floors
were that UNclean]

Bart ob the week
I did knot feel
barktickulary whell...
butt then
Skool Day Fursday
I juss knew.
I begged teu go
Some Where.
I begged teu go
I did miss
My Agility Class.
Whee did try teu train,
juss like otter days thiss week,
butt juss like otter days thiss week,
I did get
whay teu ober ambed.
and then
teu make it all ub teu me
the Mom
did serbe me
Aunt Karen Ice Cream
and then also
I did
Dead My The Monkey
the Mom's helb
ob course
I did
Dead My The Monkey.
And that brings me teu
my regular feature
what I call
My Friday
The Mom whas late coming home
thiss after neun.
She whas berry hot.
She whas berry tired.
She whas berry cubbered wif the dirt.
She did lay down fur a hot minute.
Under the fan.
And I did
Welcome Her Home
Standing Ober Her.
[she lubbed that!!!!!!!!!!]
Ding Dong
Yess Yessssss
count em
Teu Backages
whas delibbered teu...
and they whurr filled wif
Tasty Training Treats
Grizzly Salmon Oils
and sbeaking ob...
that brings uss teu
the regular feature what I call
The Friday Night
Entree de Jour
what iss
Salmon & Legumes
wif a
Grizzly Salmon Oil

I amb knot allowed teu dine
wifout eye contack
butt I whill knot make eye contack
wif the camera.
fast forward
Nom Nom Nom Nom
The Fibe O Clock News 
tole uss it whas much cooler
in fack
the feels like temberateure iss
It iss stifling.
And then...
Deu yeu see what I see?
Yess Yesssss.
Thiss Little Squirrel
habbs decided
he needs teu
Take a Break.
Bless hiss heart.
The Mom and I go about
our reuteen.
I shneuf.
I deu business.
I bull a little
teu eat some no-nos
and then
whee but out
a bowl ob cool waters.
Whee debated where teu but it,
butt decided teu but it
where it iss the ceulist...
in the shade.
I fink whee shood go back out
and check on
the squirrels
butt I amb told
that brings uss teu
Our Regular Feature
what iss called
The Friday Night Cheu
I see it.
I know what it isss.
Blease teu gibbs it teu me.
Yesss. Yesssssssss.
Bully. Stick.
Toss and Catch.
Rassle and Chomb.
I deu lubbs a good cheu.
Yeu know,
thiss week, I did
Take a Break,
Making the most ob the week
while also trying teu
And now that brings me teu
a small rekwest...
I habbs an abbointment wif
My The Doctor Mark
teu take a look at
a bumb ubon my head.
Iff yeu shood find
a small or large bit ob reum
in yeur foughts, whishes and brayers...
I fank yeu fur
a mention

on a counta...

My the Mom iss worried.


  1. Sweet friend, you need not ask...just KNOWING you are visiting the vet is enough for us to send White Dog Army positive thoughts and healing energies. Not just for the bump but that your leg is well enough for you to stop resting and start doing your normal stuffs again! We love watching you swim.

  2. Reufus, for a week that you did not do much, you sure did do a lot.
    Hope you footsie gets better real soon.

    Auntie Sheila, Uncle Bob
    Cousins Hamish & Emma

  3. Sending super pawsitive thoughts fur your vet visit. Oh how we love to read all about your swim times at Rummy's!!! You look so happy! We'd love to be with you but oh so sorries you hurt yourself after. We send you lots of hugs and loves xxxxxxx
    Sammie and Ava

  4. We hope your bump is like most of Gussie's bumps and turns out to be beeeee nine.

    And we are adding you to our prayers

    Teka Toy

  5. Little Reufus, you know we will. We think you're the cat's meow. Um. the dog's patoot? We think you're great!

  6. I love this redhead!! He is such a mighty swimmer, hunter, and love-bug!

  7. Our Harlow just had to rest for 14 days. You can come over here and put puzzles together with her.


  8. Don't be whirry, I sure u okay. :) Hugs make u better!! {{{hugs}}}