Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fursday Fings

It habs been a berry long week,
and so I bid Yeu...
Habby Fursday!

What, Yeu may ask, habs made this a long week?

Whell, it is on a counta I gots my own self in the berry deep troubles, but let's naught diss cuss that right now. In the stead, let's talk a bout...

Fings In My Yard

We habs these really tall perrenials what are common in the arts and crafts style gardens. I deu naught know what is the name, butt be fore the blooms open, they look like this.

And then ass the blooms bloom,
they look like this.

And then when the blooms haff fully bloomed,
they look like this.
They are pretty and all so pink.

And then ober here in this corner,
let me show Yeu this odder blooming fing...

This iss my blooming Texas Sage.
It iss teu huge fur the bed,
butt it iss teu pretty teu cut back.

Ob course as Yeu can see,
Spring... Her Flora and Her creatures...
are libbing it up in My Yard.

Whell, mostly...

And now I spose I shood splain
the berry bad fing
what I did deu...

I... did... commit...
burd murder.

And all most as bad...
I ett it.

My the Mom whas sad and diss appointed wif me.
She whas sickened and diss gussted.

Eben berrily so...
She habs for gibben me...
on a counta she is my the Mom.

She iss still worried a bout my innerds.
And she is gibbin me pumpkin wif my foods.

So much for my diet...


  1. So glad that you and your the Mom worked things out. You were just being a dog, must have forgotten you were just supposed to bring the bird to your the Mom, not squish it. Stuff happens. Loved seeing your pretty plants, we are going to post some of ours soon.

    Tucker and Daisy

  2. Reuf,
    We are sure everyone forgives you, we all make mistakes and sometime very bad decisions, but we know you are sorry.
    The plants in your yard are so pretty and colorful.

    We Love you Bunches, Auntie Sheila , Uncle Bob
    Cousins Hamish & Sophie and foster Joe.

  3. Eau, Reuf! Please don't feel so bad about the bird. It happens now and then. First you chase the little birdie around your yard, then you grab him/her and before you know it, GULP and GONE! It would probably be good if you didn't make a habit of this though.
    I have always wondered, how do those feathers go down? Tickle a little?

    Thanks for your nice comments on my blog, Reuf!


  4. Hey! Tell your Mom that Teka T is a mighty hunter also, even worse, she likes to "share" her kills by making sure that muzzer sees them before they are eaten. Lots of shreeeeeeeks and screams result, and Teka takes her prize off to be consumed. Just tell your the Mom that you are willing to be a good provider. Then she will appreciate your efforts.


  5. Oh no! But the pumpkin - - - yum! I hope you are feeling better. Stay away from those birdies. I personally, just like to roll around in them!

  6. It's only natural to eat the birds. You did nothing wrong.


  7. My Little Man, I am sure that by the time you see this comment your the Mom will have hugged and kissed you many and many times☺. You are young and when someone is young they are allowed to make mistakes, honest.