Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Skool Night

Teunight is Skool Night.
I am berrily busy on TeusDays and that means that I deu naught haff much time to check in wif Yeu, All My Best Friends!!!

And so I haff this idea last week that I wood take some pitchers and post them thiss week so Yeu can be in the Spirit ob Skool Night. And though it iss one week old Spirit...
It iss still Spirit.
Ob Skool Night.

I arribed last week teu see the yard
highlighted in the sky.

Thiss iss me in "the business yard".

I am naught deuing any business,
butt I am checking the work of otters.

check check check check check

Then I did notice that there whas a Golden
on the otter side ob the fence.

Here is me sit staying be fore class.
[Sorry fur the blurries.
The Mom did naught whant teu yeuse the flashy.]

Here I am down staying.



Still, and a...

I deu lubbs Skool Night. Last week we worked on pivots, turns and finishes.
And ass all ways, whee played some berry fun games!
Whee haff worked berry hard this week,
and I can naught wait teu go back teunight!

I need teu work on a life feed so
Yeu can go wif me next week!
Wood that naught be the funnest fing???


  1. We wish weu khould be here fur Date Night!

    Just Sayin'

    Khyra and Khousin Merdie

  2. Reufus,
    We really wish we were closes because we would come out, sit right behind the dugout (oops that's baseball) right on a chair in the corner and cheer you on.
    You are making everyone so proud with all your accomplishments. Boy if whoever let you go could see you now !!!!!!!

    Hamish & Sophie & Joe
    Auntie Sheila & Uncle Bob

  3. Have lots of fun at school, Reu. A live feed would be pawesome. Who knows, we could all learn a few things too:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. That would be so much fun if we could watch you in class! Looks like FUN!

  5. You are sooooo good in skul! Love the smile face.

  6. Weu-Heu! Oh, Reufus I would very much like to come to skule with you. That would be so much fun and a big pleasure! I never got to go to skule myself, so there is lots I could learn about like, whats the Pivit?

    Hope you are having lots of fun right now!


  7. Reufus..you did berry good at skool last week and we hope last night went well also. We are so Dis Rup Tive that the trainer comes to our house. She brings her (extremely well behaved) dogs with her and we are gradually being sociallized.

    Muzzer says she understands that this is our way of supporting the local economy, but she is looking forward to group lessons.

    Since you say it is so much fun at skool, maybe we will give her a chance to try it.

    Teka Toy

  8. We got the Spirit, Reufus! School is VERY fun, isn't it? Pretty soon you will be good enough to TEACH!

  9. It would be so furry wonderfuls if we could see you at skool. We bet that you are the teacher's pet. Do you bring her an apple?