Sunday, May 20, 2012

Saturday Adventure

Habby Weekend teu Yeu All!

Whee did whake up early yesterday morning and quickly ate the breakfast foods and then the Mom did did sing teu me while brushing my furs, and it whas the kind of singing that made me know whee were going teu board the trolley soon!

As the trolley headed norf,
I fought teu myself...

I whas SO habby when we got there,
I did run and run and run and run!
And then came the fun...

Ob course, fun habbs teu start wif a life vest,
and Lisa seuted me up.

When the gate did open,
I charged right in and said teu my the Mom...
Y I P P E E E E!

And then I did drink.

And then I did splash right in...

And then I did swim...

I deu lubbs all ob Rummy's toys...

So as I 'triebed them, I did pile them up at the gate...
teu take home later.

Going back in...

More 'triebing to deu.

It whas noted that I am swimming much more better

wif much more confidence

and I am really using my back legs to kick kick kick!

I did habbs a real good time.
and I did swim the whole pool!

I kept looking at the Mom
teu make sure she was looking at me!

I fink the Orange Wubba might be my fabe oritt.

My the Mom finks I am a berry cute little swimmer...

and perhaps the cutest little swimmer ebber teu be.

And right a bout then,
I decided it might be time to take a business break.

So Lisa did let me run to the big business office
what is a bout free acres or more.
I whish I habbs a fence that grows toys like this one.

But I did naught whant to go a lone,
so I whaited fur the Mom.

And then I tooken off running.

I quickly downloaded all the waters I habs uploaded
And then I whas ready to jump back in!

Come on, Ebbery One!
Please to join me in the wets!

I did a lot more swimming...

The Mom, are Yeu looking at me???
And a lot more toy gabbering.

And I did confer wif Lisa
a bout learning to dive from the dock..
some time when her Basset instrucktor can show me how.

And when it whas time,
I hobbed out of the peul
and tooken a nother run a round.

And then I hobbed in teu the trolley
fur a return trip home...



Fank Yeu fur coming along on
My Saturday Adventure!

It whas berry fun, berry good exercise and
A Berry Good Prelude teu...
A Berry Good Nap!


  1. WHAT FUN!!!! I haven't found a place like that around here, but I know Finn would just love it too. You are such a great swimmer! How could your Momma not keep here eyes on you??!!

  2. Oh I can tell you had a lot of fun!!!! Tired
    and bery, bery HABBY is the best way to be!! :-)

  3. Reufus, we would love to join you, can we wear flippers??? Sophie said she has a real nice fur bathing suit.
    You are a much better swimmer than we are, but Oh it would be such great fun with you and The Mom.

    Hamish , Sophie & Foster Joe

  4. Weu-heu! I am proud of your swimming prowess, Reuf! Soon you will be a swimming champeen and I will read about you in the paper!

    So glad you are as habby as can be.


  5. Oh wow! Kuster needs to take lessons from you! He swims like a cork with his head and front feet out and his butt sinking under. I am SO glad you had so much fun!


  6. Soo cool to get to swim in a POOL! And we also love that fence that grows toys - please ask Lisa to forward us one of those too! What a very pawesome place you get to go, Reuf; we'd love to try that place out ourselfs with you! (And we love your writing/typing; you wear the text so furry well! Mom is heh hehing tons!
    Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie and Avalon

  7. What a marvelous adventure, Reufus! And you are becoming like a California beach dude what with all of those swimming skills and water toys! We love to see you having fun and know it makes The Mom smile...which makes us extra-happy.

  8. Hi its me Tweedles!
    Thank you for visiting me!
    I think you are a marvelous swimmer! Look at you go! I love your life vest. I would like one too, and then maybe I could go swim.
    I cannot believe the wonderous pool that you get to swim in! How fun and happy! I love your toys too.
    You sure are pretty. I love your golden hair!

  9. Hi Reuf, my mom got me a life vest too. I didn't want to wear it, but you look like you are having so much fun, I think I'll give it a try! Licks, Henry