Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Mom Did Haff A Day

Ass it shood be...
Most ebbery single day is a bout Me...

Rarely butt ebbery so off ten how ebber
I deu need stop and declare...

The Mom Haff a Day
And teu celebrate and all so make her feel speshull,
I did gibbs her some pressies.

Habby the Mom's Day!

I deu so hobes she whill a ppreciate
the lubbs and care
what I deu feel fur her.

No fing but the best fur the Mom...
Zuke's Filets, Tater Gators and...
A Fun Treat Puzzle
what she whill lubbs to push a round the floors
fur a tasty treat reward.

I know what Yeu are finking...
And ob course
that iss naught all I gibben the Mom! 

I all so gibben her a bocks ob cookies.

Whell, tecknickally
these are part of Rizzi and Zeke's
Big 5f Birfday Blow-Out & all so Swim Party...
[what was reschedyeuled on a counta storms]

We gibben The Boys their bocks of nom noms
and since this iss
The Day the Mom Did Haff...

It did seem a ppropriate fur her
teu open this little bocks.

Juss saying.

Now on a senty mental note...
I got teu gebber wif my Angel Brothers,
The Luke and The Bleu
Wheu Art boaf in Hebben.

And we did gibbs her
some art teu remind her of me

And from The Luke
aka Golden Boy Luke...

And just fur fun
Wif a hint of The Bleu...

And fur our final big surprise,
Whee needed the help of
Our the Uncle Tom and Aunt Madison!

Frankly, I fought there whas only the green bocks
in the pressie bag...

butt my Angel Brothers [and all so Uncle Tom]
added sum Newman's Own tasty treats!

The Mom is naught fond of those,
so I whill help her eat them.

Fur The Mom,
From all ob her most speshull boys...
Belgian Chocolates.

Yeu may fink I lay claims on all the pressies...
Butt I really whill share wif my the Mom.

Those chocolates must be pretty good.
What I hear from her sound like this:

"nommy nom nom nom nom nommy nom"
Treuf be tole,
The Mom make most ebbery day Sweet Boy Day
and I hobes she finks
I make ebbery day The Mom Day!
[Pee Ess... She does!]


  1. You are so thoughtful, Reufus! Mom likes the pictures!


  2. WeuHeu! Reuf you have done a most special job of picking things out for your Mom's special day.
    When I get something for my Mom, I get her a whole bag of doughnut holes, with different kinds of Frosteen on them. She always offers me some too, she is so good. Its just so much fun to give presents, isn't it, Reuf?

    Cheers and hugs,
    Stella, Jo and Zkhat

  3. Reufus,
    It sure does look like it is a special Mom's day. You are such a thoughtful son and such a GOOD BOY.
    Tell your The Mom we are starting to get Houston weather today, into the 90's and tomorrow also.
    Hope you have a great weekend.

    Hamish, Sophie foster Joe
    Auntie Sheila & Uncle Bob

  4. That was most lovely Reuf. We know your the Mom appreshiates the thought behind it.

    gussie n teka

  5. You are an excellent gift-giver. All Mommas need some gifties like these sometimes!

  6. I love these gifts!! I don't know how you came up with such great ideas, but could you talk to my husband for me? My birthday is coming up very soon! :-))!!!

  7. My darling, darling boy, I know without a shadow of a doubt that your the Mom thinks that each and every day is Mother's Day. With you and the Bleu and the Luke as 'her boys' how could it be otherwise?