Sunday, May 27, 2012

PAL, More Sides teu My Self & All So Some Training

Habby Sunday!
I deu so hobes Yeu are all enjoying yeur weekend!

Whee haff a few goals...
a few fings what whee are trying to a ccomplish this weekend.

First, whee are trying to complete my AKC PAL application.

Fur all wheu deu naught know what this is... Purebred Alternative Listing iss a program offered by AKC to allow unregistered dogs of registrable breeds to compete in AKC Performance and Companion Events.

Yeu see, I am berry most likely a registered golden retrieber... butt ass a rescue and all so unclaimed stray, my information iss lost. I am grateful that the AKC hass this program so that... IF I am appreufed... I can compete in rally and obedience and haff my scores compared teu odder golden retriebers.

And that iss why the Mom hass been taking so berry many pitchers all up in my shizzle. She hass been evalyeuating what whee need teu deu fur our final photo sheut, butt fur now, I share...

More Sides Teu My Self
My Back Side
Yeu are checking out my back side, aren't Yeu?
Feathers. Check.
Fluffy Tail. Check.


Back Side
Side Side

Back Side... Again
Can Yeu imagine running yeur fingers frew it???

Top Side
Partial Reuf Plan... Ha!
Most ob Yeu know that me and the Mom habbs been in the training classes fur all most a year. Deu naught confyeuse that wif any sorf ob idea that whee are good at obedience. It iss juss a indy cayshun that whee haff been whorking at it a berry long time.

Whee really don't habbs any one teu bideo any ob our deuings,
so the Mom decided teuday teu film me in

A Berry Unannounced Sit Stay

I did naught break my sit stay, but I did turn it in teu a down stay... what is naught right, but iss all so naught as wrong ass I haff been before and cood haff been teuday.
Yeu muss know that the Mom iss learning ebbery much ass and prolly more than I am! Learning how to correct me when I break my command iss some fing she iss studying. She did naught deu whell here, butt it whas good fur her teu evalyeuate her own self. Juss saying.

And now back teu spoiling the Reufus...
[ass iff it is naught all a bout than any ways]
Here is me...

 Sitting fur a tasty NomNom


  1. We l♥ve to watch your little videos! Our momma's eyes got all misty when she saw you sit for your treat 'cause you wriggle the very tip of your tail just like Mr. Scout does when he is sitting for his goodies. We just are furry PAWsitive that you will be accepted into the PAL program and that you will win many and many ribbons and prizes, yes, you certainly will☺.

  2. Weu-heu, Reuf! You look like a perfect Golden Retriver to me, but I am only a mixed breed (lab and border collie) so who am I to say. I can do a sit/jump which is not so good for me, but loads of fun, and I see you add something like that onto your sit/stay which takes a whole lot of brain work on your part. Keeping up all the good work will have you eventually winning tons of medals and prizes and finding me proud of you.(Which I am rite now.!)


  3. Thank you for coming by our blog Little Reufus. Still no sign of Arty and we all miss her a lot. Thank you for saying my figure looks svelte. I only allow Mommy to use pictures where I do not look fat, but for health reasons I have to shed some pounds. I have to admit I feel better on the diet food and have been more playful. We all think you did well with you stay even if you laid down on the job. Good luck with your AKC PAL application. ~Scylla

  4. There is so much to learn, but I just know that you will get it all right, provided there are enough treats! :-)

    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ ENJOY YOUR DAY!!*´¨)

  5. Reufus, you and The Mom are doing wonderful, We know how hard it is for the sit/stay, especially when The Mom is walking around you.
    That cookie looked delish and I know we would not have been able to wait as good as you did for that cookie.
    We just know you are going to be accepted into the program and that you will be the star of the class. You have one of the biggest Golden hearts that we know of and their is no doubt to us that you are Golden through and through.

    Cousin Hamish, Cousin Sophie
    & Foster friend Joe.

  6. We love all your fronts, sides, and backs, Reu. You are a handsome boy from all angles.

    Super job on the sit stay with a little down through in for good measure:0

    Happy Memorial Day.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. We are trying to have Monty added to the AKC Pals program, but as of what we don't know why. He hasn't been too keen on anything we have tried with him yet!


  8. Hello Reuf! Me, Sammie have a Pal number - and it is a very good program! You are doing so well in your obedience - what a good team you and your the mom are!
    Sammie and Avalon