Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My [Finking] Skool Night

Skool Night
iss one ob my berry mose fabe oritt
nights ob the week.
I dream ob the day
when I can star in
my berry own reality teebee show...
The Real Finking Boy Steudents ob Houston
or sum such name like that...
butt I deu naught yet haff a film creu.

Whee haff been berry busy
and when naught busy...
the Tybist habbs been berry tired.
So I need teu catch Yeu ub on
The Lass Teu Weeks ob Finking
It whill naught take long,
I promise.

July 17f, 2012
What habbs be come yeusual...
are our abternoon storms.
The Mom tooken these pickshers
on her whay home from the facktory.
These pickshers are looking norf.
And whee libbs teu the norf west ob here...
or slightly teu the lebt and be yond.
And now she habbs turned west
on teu a nodder freeway...
and whee libbs teu the right,
furst ecksit.
Now those pickshers were tooken
juss be fore 5pm.
Whee did haff funder.
Whee did haff lightning.
And whee did haff rains.
It did clear, though...
And here iss me in
The Business Yard
Whee did breeze bast
The Chair Lady
wheu whas training her dog
in the barking lot
so I cood check my messages.
Faxes and Copies.
Check this "Post It".
Hee Hee...
And here iss me
looking like I am leabing my
feetsy brints in the concrete...
butt I amb naught really.
These are juss feetsy brints from the wets...
and are naught eben mine.
Thiss iss me getting ready.
The flash iss naught in tended teu be on.
Here I amb in
A Sit Stay.
My Obedience Instructor iss not here teunight
so my Agility Instructor iss filling in fur her.
Whee did lots ob ecksersizes
and many games.
And the mainest fing I did whas...
I learned teu deu
The Broad Jumb.
The Trainer did say
teu the Substiteute Instructor...
"I don't know if he can deu this"
And the Substiteute Instructor
what iss My Agility Instructor said...
"Reufus iss an Agility Dog. He can deu this."
And guess what...
I did deu it.
I did clear all ob the broad jumb widfs
laid out be fore me.

And here iss what whee saw on our whay home.
And then one week later,
what whas lass week...
July 24f, 2012
A gain wif the abter noon storms
moobing a cross the skies
and teu the west.
Whee haff be come sky watchers
ass the skies haff be come
And there iss the Sun
as she sets.
Now ubon our arribal,
whee did encounter
The Chair Lady
in the barking lot,
training her dog
and she did call out to greet us.

And now here I amb in a slightly dryer
The Business Yard.
Can Yeu tail
that My tail
whas blow dried???
Yes Yes
I whill say Chee
Haffing caught my self ub on
all the current reborts...
I paws fur a picksher obborteunity.
Now what habbens neckst
iss naught teu be beliebed...
Be fore class,
 The Chair Lady came in
and said teu the Trainer...
"You have a very nice golden there." 
[funny, be cause the Trainer looked at me 
teu make sure I whas still the one on the leash]
The Chair Lady
then asked the Trainer her name...
then asked the Trainer... MY name.
And then abter double ober laughing said...
"A perfect name for him. I love it."
There whas a lot ob chatter be fore class
a bout The Reliant Park World Series ob Dog Shows...
Lots ob steudents scored legs and achiebed titles
and ass conbersations continyeued...
whee heard all manner ob dog show brags,
dams, sires, litter mates and odder such heritages...
And then at one point,
ebbery one looked at me eckspecktantly...
and the Trainer quickly said...
"Reufus is a Rescue."
[Huge sigh ob relief from me on a counta I fought she whas going
teu share wif them sum random indescretion I haff done]
Whell... I amb proud ob wheu I amb.
Now less get this party started.
My Instructor iss back from Montana.
And Class whas BIG fun.
Whee did play games.
And I deu lubbs teu play them.
I all so did really really good...
wif all butt one.
It whas a game where I whas teu...
Chase a treat lebt. Chase a treat right.
Come and drob/freeze...
and stay until release.

The Instructor said I whas a sborting breed
a mongst herders.
Switching gears whas naught my fortay.
Boy O Boy whas she right.
Whee haff been working on it.
butt I amb still naught a great switcher...
And ass wif all lessons,
I whill keeb trying real hard.

Fank Yeu fur Finking wif me.


  1. Reufus, Accomplishments, accomplishments, you are doing so well as you move up the classroom ladder.
    We will have to see if we can get you "All Paw Drive" to help when you need to switch gears.
    You have even won over the "chair lady" with your good looks and wonderful personality. We look forward to future adventures.


    Hamish & Sophie
    Auntie Sheila & Uncle Bob

  2. O hai! U is very good at learnin things. :)

  3. Uhm, just a quick question, with the Trainer/the Mom taking all those photos of clouds and the Reufus when she is driving - who is looking at the road? Just askin'...

    Don't worry about being a 'triever, kiddo, you are great at what you do, perfect, in fact. As for all of the talk about pedigrees and such, when your the Mom/the Trainer said, "The Reufus is a rescue", if I had been there I would have had tears in my eyes, I would have stood up and I would have been clapping wildly. Rescues are THE BEST BREED of dog in the whole, wide world.