Monday, October 1, 2012

Agility Monday

Ober the course ob
the lasst 16 weeks,
I habbs tooken only one week off...
[Labor Day]
and teunight iss
Week 3 ob Agility 3
[ob course, ass all ways...
whee join prebious weeks in progress]
I know from the moment
the chee is cut...
in brebarayshun fur our outting...
Teuday iss Monday...
And Teunight iss
And one ob my mose faborite fings a bout
Agility III
Crate Games
 This iss me be fore class.
I lubbs it in here.
Whee call this playce...
My Crate. 
I habbs been rewarded
so berry much in here... 
 that I deu lubbs juss hanging out.

From L teu R:
Reufus in Crate. Cooler wif Cool Waters. Water Bottle fur the Trainer. Chair wif Training Gear.
 The latest game whee haff played
goes like this...
Command: Crate
Command: Release
Command: Crate
Command: Release
Command Crate

It iss a test ob my hearing
and combrehension.
I amb 100%  Success Full...
and I stay in my Crate
until Release.
and the Trainer iss
100% PROUD.
 In odder neus...
 I haff naught bosted in a number ob weeks,
so I wood like teu catch Yeu ub...
I haff now mastered
The Teeter.
Whee are deuing
quite a number ob combinations now...
mose I get right.
sum I get wrong.
The Big Fing
I am habbing FUN.
The berry best bart ob
is sharing It...
The Trainer.
The Mom.
The Trolley Driber.


  1. Reufus..we think that Agility must be a happy making thing. Have a good week

    gus n teka

  2. Reufus,

    You description of everything makes you the "Poster Child" of agility. You are everything some many want their dog to be. You have come such a long way and we are so proud of you and The Mom. All we can say is "Go Get'um Reuf !!!!"

    Hamish & Sophie
    Uncle Bob & Auntie Sheila


  3. Weu Heu Reuf!

    I hope it is always FUN for you to do agility, thats all from me today!


  4. Wow! I am very impressed with your crate games! Nice job!

  5. Little Reufus, you are not so little anymore! You've gotten to be such a big, responsible fellow. How did that happen? I still remember the stories about all the trouble you used to get into!


  6. The very best part of happiness IS sharing it! you are becoming so wise, young one! We are happy that you are our friend.

    We were honored to Walk with The Luke and The Bleu this weekend. Side-by-side, spirit-to-spirit fighting the evil c every step of the Walk. Thanks to you and The Mom for sharing them!

  7. Great crate games Reufus. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. And you are totally right - the most thing is the fun. We are quite impressed with your talent.

  9. You are doing awesome, Reufus! We had to wait with agility until Mom's broken foot heals the rest of the way. ...and while, she isn't gimping around like she was, she isn't up to keeping up with Super Sam!


  10. Darling, darling boy, I cannot imagine you not doing each and every thing asked of you by your the Trainer - maybe not PURRfect at the beginning but always with much l♥ve for your the Trainer.

  11. You and the Mom are sooooooo awesome! We can't believe your magnificent progress and courage (we'd be scart of that teeter thing!). You are jes amazing!!!
    Hugs and hugs xxxxx