Saturday, December 15, 2012

About Those Humbugs

Whee haff been berry busy wif
the busyness...
and I haff been on a bersonal mission
teu chase off
the Humbugs
what haff afflickted
the Mom.

I suggested whee sbend
last Saturday morning at
Then in the abternoon...
I sayed let's please teu go fur a bisit
[and photo ob]
the Santa.
At first,
Santa insisted that I sit on his lab...
He bicked me ub,
butt I made my self
stretching my arms and legs like
I whas flying...
so he decided to
choke me
in stead.
The Mom brought a suit case ob
wardrobe changes.
Dear Santa, Please teu bring that NutCracker
a bair ob bants.
Fank Dog
she realized it whas naught going so well...
and whee stobbed at
The berry best bart whas...
It whas a benefit fur
a kitty cat rescue subborted by
some of the Mom's berry good friends.

Whee whished whee cood stay longer,
butt whee did haff teu run teu
Here iss me helbing the Mom
at the sign in and buy tickets table.
I whas a little tired
from the baff and Santa bisit,
butt it whas all so that time ob night
when I like teu be come
wif her.
There whas berry good food...
and all so berry good friends.
Thiss iss Parker.

He told me a berry funny joke.
Old Town Spring
iss so berry festiff at
The Tasting Room
is cozy, relacksed and all ways fun.
The Goldens really turned out
fur the ebent.
And whee were all really well behabed, eben...
Here iss me at the end ob the ebening...
bidding the guests
good night.
A good time whas habbed by all,
and whee raised a good bit ob money,
all dedicated teu beterinary eckspenses.
- - - - -
Butt back teu
Those Humbugs.
It whas a nodder hard week
fur the Mom...
butt whee got
a surbrise in the mail.
I liked reading my name on it.
And in side,
whas an awesome
As Good As Gold 
and berry sbeshull card from
Cousins Hamish and Emma.
the legacy ob Cousin Sophie,
Cousin Emma
iss all so an
AGAG Alum.
This calendar is full ob sweet stories...
that made my the Mom habby...
and her eyes leak.
- - - - -
one more fing a bout
The Humbugs.
Wif some encouragement
[and all so guilt]
from my friends,
the Mom finally a greed... 
teu butt me ub
My Christmas Tree.  
 I whas berry helby...

I did ober see
Miss Dyson
and all so the blugging in ob
the lights.
I amb berry grateful fur
the Mom's
change ob heart.
 So much teu deu...
so much teu seuberbise...
so many ways teu
libt the Mom's sbirits...
A boy some times hass teu sneak off and
 rest hiss smeucher.
Crossing My Baws...
the humbugs
are gone fur good.
 My tree is naught yet decorated,
butt it iss time fur bed.
I deu lubbs that I curl ub wif
My The Mom
enjoy the lights from
my billow.
- - - - -
Our Word
fur the Season iss...
- - - - -
Here's whishing Yeu
the berry best ob Life's Simble Bleasures...


  1. I may have to try some of that wine to treat the humbugs here

    PeeEssWoo: Did woo enjoy playing Frisbee last Sunday? I saw the video of woo and Khousin Merdie - just sayin'

  2. I like the way you think, Reuf! We've been trying to chase the humbugs out of here, too, and it sure isn't easy! I'm glad you won the battle with some Christmas cheer!


  3. Reufus, Glad you the Mom put up your tree. This can be a tough time of year for many people. Glad you had your picture taken with Santa, even if it did look like he was choking you.
    Hope you have all your shopping done. WE really cut back this year.....Now go trim your tree and tell The Mom to put some
    Christmas music and you both sing along .

    Love and Golden Hugs,

    Cousins Hamish and Emma

  4. Little Reuf! Good to hear from you..and so glad you got your tree put up!!! We are not having a tree because we are going to St.Loulis, but even muzzer, the oldest humbug of all, has deccyrated the house wif santas and stuff. Also angels and reindeeeeer and 4 (count 'em) nativity sets! It took us a lot of pushing and nose nudging so we are pawticularly proud of you! You did this all by your self! Way to go Reufffff

    gus n teka

  5. The Humbugs seem to be going around, dear friend. Our momma, too, has decided the word is Simplify, but we keep reminding her of other important words like Love. Magic. Togetherness. Memories.

    You are doing a great job keeping the Spirit alive.

  6. Oh, sweetie, my ♥ is all warm and fuzzy knowing that you helped out little kitties who are waiting for their fur-ever homes. You are PURRecious.

  7. Me loves so much! Glad u made ur Mom feel betterer. :)

  8. Love that you managed to chase away the "BAHs" of humbugginess - your tree looks very awesome! Happy Christmas Reuf and the Mom!
    Sammie and Ava


  9. Weu Heu, Reufus!

    I was going to try to keep this positive so that Mom's Humbugs wouldn't reveal themselves again. but WHY WOULD SANTA TRY AND CHOKE YOU. So rhude! He even messed up your pretty face fuhrs a little. I am not going to see him no matter what. I won a contest, Reuf, for three angry bird balls. What do you say to that. Who needs Santa?