Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Eve Eve

In keebing wif
the Christmas Ebe Ebe Tradition
whee woke ub wif the russle and rabbing ob
bags and backages.
I whanted teu helb and
Lord knows I tried...
butt I ebentually juss laid down
teu seuberbise.
Abter a short time,
I heard the dingdingding ob the trolley...
The Mom afficksed a festiff kerchief teu my neck,
and whee quickly boarded
fur destinayshun:
*DRUM ROLL... xxxxx...*
[more abbrobriate than I can ecksblain]
where I joined my berry bestest ob bals...
Cousins Louie and Sophie.
The gorgeous Miss Sophie [L] and... me [R].
 Miss Sophie is such a Sweetheart.
She is behabing on a counta she iss a good girl.
The gorgeous Miss Sophie [L] and... me [R[.
 I amb behabing on a counta
my the Mom's foot iss on my leash...
butt here iss me stretching my legs.
Whee lubbed our Barnaby's bone treats,
and our bowl ob waters.
Here is Miss Sophie
showing me how teu
while the pawrents eat.
 Here iss me
finking Aunt Cyndi needs helb wif her burger.
[Fur the record... she did naught.]
Here iss
under the table.
Louie iss the mose hamsum boy I know.
And he iss berry brobber and mannerly.
I lubbs that that these pickshers
renders him wif a bit ob mischiffs.
Hee hee...
Aunt Cyndi... Ober here.
Louie showing me how teu behabe. 
 Sophie deuing the same...
though she iss deuing it side ways,
and blogger whill naught let uss rotate her.
Begging till my head whas cut off.
 I lubbs the Barnaby's Bones.
I lubbs the burger by Aunt Cyndi and Uncle Alan.
Please teu let me behabe well enough
teu be inbited back.
- - - - -
And now,
let's gather ub
Sophie [L] and Louie [R]
 and go a cross the street teu
the dog bark
Sophie [L] and Louie [R] Ready teu go!

Sophie [L] and Louie [R]... SO habby teugeffer.
 Whee did cross the big street
and did enter the dog bark...
And I whas the only one
wheu whas kebt on leash. 
Louie. B&W Dog. Me.
 Here iss Miss Sophie by her the Mom, Aunt Cyndi...
and the Hamsum Louie.
Here iss Uncle Alan, Aunt Cyndi
[sorry their imbortant barts are cut off]
and Miss Sophie and her Licker. 
Here iss me shnoofing.
 Clockwise, 9 teu 7:
MinPin, Me and Sophie
 Greeting a nodder fellow.
 Lining ub teu greet my better half.
Miss Sophie screening the odder greeter. 
Miss Sophie. 
 Me and Miss Sophie
ecksploring teugeffer.
 Tons O Shmells.
She iss gorgeous...
Juss look at that smile. 
What a habby girl.
I deu lubbs her. 
here iss me. 
 I amb only a teeny bit resent full
that I amb naught a llowed off leash,
ass I watch...
the Louie.

and so my the Mom says...
Cousin Louie iss breaf takingly hamsum.
 Here iss me checking out a...
botential friend.
The Mom likes this bicksher on a counta
yeu can see my bandana. 
Yeah. Me. 
 On. Leash.
 Sophie hustling fur attention a cross the way.
 Sophie running back.
teu me.
on. leash.
Sophie [off leash] and Me [on leash]. 
 One good fing a bout being close
iss I did lubbs getting Aunt Cyndi lubbs.
 What a berry fun day.
I deu hobes whee whill
deu it again soon!
- - - - -
 whee went home teu
deu some more wrabbing.
The Mom took a bunch ob pickshers. 
She made me bose in front. 
 She iss naught eben finished wif the wrabbing.
The pass few years haff been
years ob lessons
and whee haff so many lubbed ones
fighting so many big fings...
So thiss year iss the year ob
Celebrating Ebbery Single Fing...
including the
Nighty Night Hide.
Yessss. So?
I haff been berry busy teuday,
wif the lunch dates,
the park shnoofings
and mosely and all so the counter surfing. 
All in all, I amb a berry good boy.
Some times fings habben be yond my control.
Some times a cat might
wreak habbock on the kitchen counter,
bull fings down off the Christmas tree,
drag rugs and towels from odder reums,
set ub a sweet, well mannered dog
teu abbear teu
commit acts ob mischief.
Deer Santa,
Please teu bring me a cat.


  1. Have a marvelous Monday.

    We wish you and the family

    A happy holiday
    & A merry Christmas
    & thank you for your friendship.

    Best wishes Molly

  2. Little careful what you wish for! Khats may come in handy sometimes, but long term you might not want one

    kisses for Khristmas

    Gussie and Teka

  3. Reufus,
    We are so glad to see you and the Mom had a happy day with friends and lotsa love.
    We wish you and The Mom a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.
    You and The Mom are a great friend to us and we love you both.
    Cousin Hamish, Cousin, Angel Sophie
    Auntie Sheila & Uncle Bob

  4. Sweetie Pie, we think that you need a kitty, too. We are hoping that Mr. Claus will bring you one - a rescue one - for you to love.

  5. Dear Reufus... Monty never gets to go off leash either!