Monday, December 31, 2012

Habby New Years Ebe

Habby New Years Ebe
I, ob course,
amb some what ob
a social giant
 so I did dress in
my formbal a ttire
 wif all the hobes
 and in tentions 
teu celebrate in
a big way.
 The Mom did suggest that
I whas a little ober dressed fur
our ebening blans.
 What a bout I
change my tie
 and leuse my hat?
. . . . .
still teu formbal??? 
 How a bout
my blaid tie...
It iss
and sborty...
 all so, berry sadly, twisted
in this picksher.
 No, the Mom...
I amb naught rolling my eye balls.
Butt may I suggest fur Yeu...
a glass ob wine.
The name refers teu the grabes, Silly.
 Here I amb
beaking a round the corner.
 Whee haff all so been gibben
a chock-a-lick wine
fur celebrating
Habby New Year.
 The ebening iss growing long,
and I haff come teu the concleushun...
 whee are
fur the
New Years Ebe.
The wheffer out side is fright full
. . . . .
10pm Wheffer Fore Cast
Rain chance 100% frew midnight
eben though
KC and the SUNshine Band
iss at Discubbery Green
in Down Town Houston
teu celebrate
Habby New Year 2013
 butt I digress...
. . . . .
In side, it iss
berry dry and all so....
bretty darn comfurtable
Un fore chewnuttly,
our  back yard iss flooded.
Wif the 2011-2012 Draught and all,
it did slib our minds teu ask Santa fur
galoshes and rain coats.

Wood come in handy right a bout now...
O whell.

Out wif the old, In wif the new...
Habby 2013, My Dear Friends


  1. Woof! Woof! A Very Happy New Year! Love your outfit. Golden Love. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. Happy New Years to you and The Mom. We love your assortment of ties, and the hat is so you.
    The photo with you rolling your eyes is priceless
    Our time right now is 11:32 so I have 28 minutes to do everything I had planned to do this year. Love Ya,

    Cousin Hamish, Cousin Emma, Angel Sophie
    Auntie Sheila and Uncle Bob

  3. You are a social butterfly with all those bowties!

    Have a happy new year's day and hope 2013 is the best ever for you!

    Sam and Pippen

  4. Weu Heu, Reufus! You looked just smashing and stylin' in your bow ties! I went to be about 11 but then remembered something I had to do, and when I got up it was 1:03 which is a fairly painless way to bring in the New Year.
    Happy 2013 to you, Reuf and your Mom, all filled with fun and good health!

    Jo and Stella

  5. Reufus & Family
    Happy New Year.
    May 2013 be a good one for you and your loved ones.
    Best Wishes Molly

  6. Happy 2013 to you too, handsome Reufus.

    gus n teka

  7. Hope you have a happy and healthy New Year, Reuf. You should have called, we could have gone out to show off your bow tie.


  8. Reufus, hope you have a wonderful 2013. :)


  9. You look very dapper in your finery, Reuf! I think you rang in 2013 in grand style. Here's hoping that it brings you and your mom lots of good things!


  10. I hope u has a fun year this year. :)

  11. You have each other, a warm place to snuggle and refreshments...sounds like a perfect way to ring in a new year. Momma and dad celebrated with us early and then snuck off to the 11pm movie of The Hobbit. There were only 8 people in the theater and it was nearly 2 when they got home...but we were waiting and demanded a post midnight snack to celebrate! Happy New Year!

  12. Happy New Year Sweetheart and many, many more.