Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday NIght Wrights: Brought teu Yeu by the Letter Z

The Letter F:
Habby Friday Night
The Letter B:
Habby End ob a Busy Week
 Here in the Wright Home,
it habbs been a mosely
berry good week.
The Letter P:
I did come down wif
the sickliness
what did make my the Mom
berry ankshus.
 I beliebe the technical name ob
my sicklies
"sloopy poop"
butt after a cubble ob days ob
rice and bumbkin,
I did conduckt some
big businesses
what did make my the Mom habby
and also broud.
And that morning,
after serenading her wif
Songs ob The Skweeky Heart,
I did helb her bick out some clobes.  
 The Letters GRRH:
And in odder big neus,
The Mom and I
did seal and label
about firteen hundred enbelobes
fur a GRRH mailing.
The Letter E:
I inspeckted each enbelobe...
working mosely in
the sealing debartment.
 Some might haff
slight kibble and becan stains
 on a counta
my chin did serbe ass a
baber weight.

The Letter L:
Whee are only on the Letter L.
Yes Yes
What started out fun
did knot go ass quickly ass I antissibated.
"Are whee there yet?"
 The Letter S...
and then R:
I did eben go teu
my little reum
teu rest
My the Mom
and snabbed this bicksher.
I amb that fast out ob the kennel.
hee hee.
And then...
I did find the energy teu
reseum by seuberbisory deuties.
Whee did finish our tasks,
and it feels good teu helb
and while whee were working,
My the Mom
did tell me
A Bed Time Story
a berry heart warming tale
ob a irresistibly cute bubby
wheu wandered the streets ob
a nice neighborhood
fur free weeks.
did haff eudles ob energy and misschief
and not a single manner.
It seems thiss boy
needed bayshuns.
needed training.
needed commitment.
needed work.
Hiss name whas...
- - - 
and now,
the rest ob our day
brought teu Yeu by
The Letter Z:
- - -
When whee go outside,
my the Esckort
[knot THAT kind ob Esckort, Silly]
"get dressed"
And I stick my head frew my collar.
Here I amb
grazing sniffing at
The Acorn Bar.
Our yard iss in terrible shabe.
Whee haff been entertaining
loads ob beeble
trying teu get fings done round here...
butt it seems that ebbery one
iss teu busy teu get teu our work.
And now I bresent yeu wif
Sum ob
The Many Sides ob Reuf:

Teu Be Good
Wondering How Long I Haff
Teu Be Good
Ober It
And sbeaking ob
Ober It...
- - - - -
My faborite bart ob the day iss
Reuf Run Free Time
Thiss time iss usually also
Training Time
butt teuday...
my agility equibment
whas taking the day off.
So I did juss
I did snag some
and my the Mom did say...
[Story behind this Rug:
The Mom got this when she and her sweet Comet shared our home.
Now, ebbery one wheu knew Sweet Girl says that I am Comet reincarnated.
I shood ask the Mom teu regale uss all wif
tales ob me and Miss C.
She muss haff been quite The SweetHeart
if she whas any fing like The Me.]
Ob course, I did blay
The Wheu Me Card
when I did come inside.
- - - - -
Settling In / Hunkering Down
One ob the berry best barts ob
Friday Night Wrights
the cheu ob the night.
I habbed bisions ob a bully stick,
butt I did haff teu settle fur
a antler.
It whas a good antler,
It habbs been a good day...
the end ob a long, busy week...
the beginning ob
a wonder full weekend.
My weekend whill be wonder full
on a counta
I whill sbend it whif
the one I lubbs the mose.

I whish yeu the same.
- - - - -
And now I whill leabe Yeu wif
A Bed Time Story...

There once whas a boy named Zim
and guess what...
I whas Him.


  1. Well Big guy you did it again. Chuckles , giggles and out right belly laughs by Mom & Dad. Your adventures never fail to Wow us. You are such a big help to The Mom.
    We knew you when you were Zim and your The Mom opened her heart to you and with a lot of patience and hard work ( on both your parts) you have become the wonder Golden you are.
    Lub you,

    Cousins Hamish & Emma
    Auntie Sheila and Uncle Bob

  2. Oh Reuf,
    It is such fun reading your blog - we all love you so much and look forward to hearing from you anytime you post!

    Woofs and Wags
    The Conifer Crew
    (Valerie and Greg)
    Charm, Romeo, Astro

  3. look at that sweet sweet boy that you are now? :0) Zim was a cute name though but i think since you got to star a new chapter in your life you needed to have a new name right? .. anyways good to read you
    hugs and kisses

  4. Weu Heu, Reufus

    I loves me a good story and you on the streets as Zim, then hooking up with your Mom is just the best one yet. I bet now if y ou would leave the becans alone you would never get sickish.

    We lubbs you too,

    Stella, Zkhat and Jo brought to you by the letters S, Z and Jay.

  5. Reufus we hope your tummy is OK now but we must say rice and pumpkin sounds yummy. What a busy week you have had and look at you run. Loving your Goofy look. You look very dignified in a goofy kind of way.
    Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Such an awesome post - and we all love stories like the Zim turned Reuf because all our stories are sort of like that too.

  7. Always love reading your blog! What a sense of humor yOu have - and we are always so impressed by how much help you are to the Mom! You may once have been Zim but you sure have grown into your The Reuf moniker!

    Bug Hugs xxxxxx
    Sammie and Ava

  8. That was a lot of hard work you and Mom did - you are such a good boy to help her out. And now we hope that Zim/Reuf found some time for some zzzzzzzzzzzz's.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  9. We are glad you are now Reufus - we love reading your stories!


  10. Oh I have an acorn bar not too far from where I live too!!! Oh Reufus, I am glad your sickies went away. Hope you have a good week!

  11. Hi Reufus,

    I'm Oskar & I see that you entered the pet portrait contest on my blog Pet Blogs United.

    I love your blog. I was wondering if you'd like to officially become a part of Pet Blogs United and be featured in a New Blogger Alert post?

    If you're interested you can drop me an e-mail at PBU at comcast dot net.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  12. Oh wow, your yard looks like a fun place. :)

    Hugs to u and your Mom. (((Hugs)))

  13. I am very glad that sweet and wily boy finally came in from the cold and found the place where he was meant to be! I've never heard any stories about Comet, but I bet she was a girl I would like if she was anything like you! :) I hope your weekend is full of fun and Springtime is coming your way!


  14. We so look forward to Friday Night with the Wrights! The bedtime story made us all wiggy waggy happy that the precious boy found the perfect place to call home. You and The Mom have such a beautiful relationship; it is exactly what we wish every pup in the world had. If the WDA could not be here...we would want to be with you and The Mom!

  15. Sounds like a very great week Reuf, except for the sickliness part I mean.

  16. Oh I just loved yoour story. You tell it so good.
    I am sorry you were sick and hope you are much betters.

  17. I just love your "ober it" face!

    Your pal, Pip