Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Night Wrights: The Free Reufus Edition

Habby Friday
Welcome teu
Friday Night wif the Wrights

It habbs been a week like many odders
what habbs come before it.
I amb still libbing
my the life on a string.
I haff been gibben
brief obborteunties
teu proob my trust worfiness...
my the inner berry hungry imb
habbs failed me.
That's right.
I can train...
and I can blay fetch...
fur only so long
before my inner squirrel
seeks out and etts
Buried Becans.
Stuck on a string iss...
 Troublesum, really.
and Pitiful.
It iss a real, true and genuine reason
fur yeu teu
feel sorry fur me.
If yeu don't, yeu shood.
That is, until...
- - - - -
Yeu see...
I habbs receibed
A Backage
what holds
The Key teu Libbing Life
Off ob The String

[Yeu whill knot beliebe thiss butt...
I nebber ebber EBBER jumb in that, or any, chair.
This backage smelled SO good, it whas irresistable.
I eben tried teu eat the bocks!]

What iss in the Bocks...
What iss in the Bocks...
Let's Oben It

Wheu kneu they made...
Enclosed in the backage
iss a note:
Thiss iss the answer teu
My Brayers.
I lubbs Cousins Hamish and Emma.
I lubbs Surbrises.
And I lubbs Treats.
I lubbs BECANS...
I lubbs
And now,
Teu make ub fur my earlier
Miss Behabiors...
I demonstrate
*drum roll*

A Sweet Botato Treat
on my baw.

*released teu get it*
And nowfur my neckst trick...
My The Assistant
habbs blaced
Teu Becan Flabored Sweet Botato Treats
on my baws.
Count them.
One on each baw.
These ecksersizes...
errrr... tricks
are called
Imbulse Control.
*released teu get it*
Nommy Nommy
Nom Nom.
Yeu know...
I amb
The Luckiest Boy in The World.
Yeu shood knot feel sorry fur me,
in the least...
after all.

- - - - -
Like those wheu celebrate
the ebe ob the weekend
wif a fine cigar...
I settle in each Friday wif
A Once-A-Week Treat.
Teunight's treat iss...
A Sblit Antler.
I whas gibben the choice ob sblit or full.
I chose sblit.
[and whill ebbery single time]
I deu lubbs my
Antler Time,
butt eben better...
Flobbing in The Mom's Lab.
[that's her knee be hind my head]
Cuddle Time
iss eben better.


Weekend Ebbery One.

I send out 

a berry sbeshull fank yeu teu
Cousins Hamish and Emma,
Aunt Sheila and Uncle Bob.
The treats are wonderful.
The laughs are from deep in the belly.
And yeur lubbs is briceless.

Teu All My Friends...
I whish yeu 
Hearty Laughs,
Eudles ob Lubbs (yeu got mine)
Answered Brayers... 
Becan Flabored Treats


  1. Hamish and Emma are so nice to find you such yummy treats. Happy weekend.


  2. Hi Reufus,
    We are so happy that you like our treats that we sent you. We lub you and don't want you to have to eat your becans and get sick. and we want you to be able to run free without your string.

    Cousin Hamish & Emma
    Uncle Bob & Aunt Sheila

  3. Oh Reufus, what great treats you got!! You are one lucky fellow to have so many awesome folks to love you! Enjoy your special treats so you can get off the string!

  4. Weu Heu Reufus!

    Here they come to save the day! Your good pals are on the way! Tie the string up into knotz and enjoy life, once again, with Becan treatz. Excellence itself in goodies to eat.

    Happy Weekend, Reuf!

    Stella, Zkhat and Jo

  5. Wow Reufus what pawsome treats from Hamish and Emma. They really look well yummy and look at your self control. Doubt I'd be able to do that. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Hopefully those pecan treats do the trick!

    Sam (and your long-lost brother, Monty!)

  7. Ha - who needs pecans when you can have sweet potato treats and antlers! Give 'em up, Reufus. Life will be better without the nuts:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. Pecan treats and antlers and The Mom to cuddle with! Life seems so perfect.

  9. All I can say is we ♥ you, kiddo. Thanks for always bringing a smile to our faces.