Monday, October 15, 2012

Agility, Obedience, Rules, Mischief and Me

My Berry Mose Faborite Hobby
Here I amb near The Agility Field.
There are berry few fings
I lubbs more than
Agility and Obedience...
butt one ob them iss
The Preparayshun ob My Foods...
And here I amb sitting berry nicely
in front ob the food containers.
I amb being serbed from the one
what is oben behind me.
And ass is customary...
I haff run out ob the kitchen and back in
and habbs been gibben the command...
Yes Yes...
The Trainer adds a bit ob
in wif
The Dining Ecksberience.
This iss when I hear
many praises
and many words
what sound berry similar teu
my release word
what iss...
The Mom habbs
some hard and fasst rules in our home.
One iss...
No suckombing teu the taunts ob neighbor dogs.
I deu habbs fun wif my neighbor
Sammy teu my east.
He and I deu run the fence teugeffer
and enjoy each odder's combany...
butt I deu habbs a broblem wif
The Pack ob Dogs teu Our Soufeast.
They bark at me incessantly.
And teu keeb me from resbonding...
The Mom habbs kebt me on a leash
when I amb in the back yard.
Being on a string
makes it hard teu sneak in
Tasty Acorn Snacks...
butt I try.
Now behind me,
Yeu whill see...
My Weave Poles.
I amb proud teu say...
I amb running them
In Line, Perfeckly Spaced.
I can naught yet
run them in sequence
wif odder obstacles...
butt I amb working on it.
I whill all so be adding
more poles soon.
There iss all ways a challenge a head.
And I amb ub fur it...
Juss like I amb up fur
Here I haff been stobbed
while running frew the house wif
My Bounty.
Thiss iss a big cardboard tab
from a carton ob yogurt.
Here I amb shown...
"drobbing it".
When I amb training in the back yard,
I amb off leash.
I can hear The Pack barking
butt I stay focused.
yes yes
Training iss My Lubbs.
Some times I deu stob and fink
a bout how my life habbs changed.
I whas once a stray,
running the streets.
And now...
I amb minded abter. I amb trained.
I amb challenged...
I amb a partner.
I amb lubbed.
Teu sbend yeur days
showered in unconditional lubbs,
secure a ttention, catered whims
and tender and total care
iss teu realize
The Berry Best ob Our Dreams.

Now please teu join
Team Sophie.
Whee whish Cousin Sophie
Many More Dreams,
Many More Blessings,
Many More Days.
Please teu join us...
sending prayers, healing foughts and well wishes teu
Miss Sophie and Her Fambily...


  1. You are very loved indeed, dear Reufus!

    Sam (...and your long lost brother, Monty!)

  2. I am so impressed with your weaving poles! Have a great evening!

  3. Weu heu, Reufus!

    I love to see the rhythm of your days and hear about what you like to do. I also love to hear that you are loved, because I am loved too.

    Prayers and warm wishes on the agenda for Team Sophie. Power of the Paws when they all work together. When will we hear about Sophie's condition? We should know, you know.


  4. Awww Reuff..that was a bootiful post. You are a most lucky dog, and we are keeping Stella close to our hearts because she is close to yours.

    gussie n teka

  5. Oh Reufus, we are just so proud of you we are busting our buttons. Yes, you have come a long, long way. The Mom must be so proud, and we know The Luke and The Bleu are looking down and are clapping their paws that their Little Brother has made good.
    Keep it up Big Guy, we love you.

    P.S. Hamish & Sophie said to tell you a secret, when they are sitting and waiting for their food the magic word is "RELEASE" must be a lot of that going around lately.
    P.P.S. Our Sophie is just grinnin from ear to ear when you mention "Team Sophie"

    Love Ya,
    Auntie Sheila , Uncle Bob,
    Hamish and Sophie

  6. It goes without saying that we are on Team Sophie - BIG time!

    Yes, Little Man, it is a furry wonderful thing to be l♥ved and cared for by someone who is good and kind. There are no words to give to you to let you know how thankful we are that you are no longer living on your own - on the street. You and your the Mom were truly meant for each other - just like Scout and I were destined to meet.

  7. Deude, you are one busy dawg! Our paws are crossed for Sophie.

    Sam and Pippen

  8. You are becoming so focused and wise, Reufus!

    We surround Sophie with our most powerful White Dog positive energies and healing strength. We ask the Universe to keep the c monster at bay and to grant Sophie the dignity and honor such a brave warrior deserves.