Saturday, October 6, 2012

How I Spent My Saturday

wif subtitle:
Why I Hate CommyCast Cable
Whee haff naught habbed
our mose watched teebee channels
fur the last monf.
It whas sposed teu be ficksed
this past Fursday
be tween 2 and 4.

At 4:10pm,
whee did receibe a call
that the technician whas in route,
and at 10pm
they did say they wood
mose definitely be here
Saturday (teuday) be tween 8 and 10am.
It whas a lie, and...
This iss how I sbent my day.
Teu different creus dis ebentually come.
Teu guys came at 1130am
and stayed quite a while.
They did say they cood naught ficks the broblem.

Free more people did finally come
at 4pm
and they did stay all mose
Doors were oben.
Gate whas oben.
So I did get teu to go out
butt on a string.
I did habbs teu eben
"go" on a string.
Ebbery single fing I did,
I did on a string.
Here whee are heading back
in ob doors...
and I amb asking...
Must I go back teu my reum???
The answer whas
Yes Yes
Back Teu My Reum
There are worse fings
than the string,
No Animal Blanet
fur a monf.
And though I sbent mose ob my day in my reum,
and the Mom did miss
the GRRH Meet & Greet...

All is right wif the world now.
TeeBee iss back on air, and
I amb cuddled ub wif my Mom.
The Mom iss a combassionate and gibbing soul,
and I lubbs her so berry much.
I'll bet she makes teumorrow
a day full ob fun
and deus naught take me fur a baff
or nail clibbing or no fing like that.

Wishing Yeu a Sunday full ob Fun...


  1. Our pups have had that same kind of day and like you, they don't enjoy it much, but get great rewards for being so good in their rooms--Just like I know you did!!

    Enjoy your Sunday and run around a little faster to make up for the lost day, okay? :-)

  2. Living the Siberian life I see ;-)

    PeeEssWoo: Good lukhk - we know how frustrating it khan be

  3. so frustrating waiting on those guys to fix the problem. If it had been women technicians they would probably have been there on time and fixed it right away. Just sayin......

  4. Hope you have a fun day tomorrow Reuf to make up for your yeuky Saturday!

  5. Guess this is a "NO" too writing a complimentary letter for their outstanding service. Bol

    Hamish & Sophie

  6. Kiddo, if you like snoozing and cuddling with your the Mom, you might want to reconsider the bath and nail clipping☺.

  7. Have a super Sunday and hope it is better than yesterday Reufus.
    Best wishes Molly.

  8. Boo to those ComCusst people and yea to the Reuf for being such a good boy!

    We surely do hope you have a wonderful Sunday

    gussie n teka

  9. Bummer on having to stay in your room all day like that, Reufus. But we are sure Mom was just trying to keep you safe. And we bet she will more than make it up to you today:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  10. Yay for the return of the teevee! I luv teh teevee macheen.

  11. We think your cable company needs to give you a great big present on account of them keeping you in your room all day!


  12. Glad you made it out of the room and all is back right with the world!

  13. I'm glad that after all that sacrifice you made that the TV was fixed and you can now watch your shows again! I hope that today was a day of fun for you, too!


  14. What a long journey to tv-ness! Glad you and The Mom are once again visited by the flickering images of all your favorite go make some popcorn and enjoy the evening!

  15. Oh dear - day in da room and doing bizness on a string - glad you finally got to cuddle up with your wonderful the Mom!!!