Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Night Wrights

Habby Friday
Boy O Boy
Yeu gotta lubbs a Friday
and one fing I lubbs a bout it iss...
Whee habbs good day light
teu get serious...
 a bout habbing
And teuday,
Whee did work on our
and our
Agility iss SO much fun,
and I deu whish that
The Photographer cood show Yeu
My Skills...

That iss clearly teu much teu ask,
so I offer Yeu
a picksher in keebing wif
The Photographer's eckspertees...
Here iss me prackticing
Teu chart our brogress,
here iss a look at
the straightitude ob the boles.
The furst teu boles
are juss slightly skewed...
 and there is juss a small
eckstra distance be tween
bole free and four.
 Hobefully, I whill close the gab,
get faster and more ack-yeur-at.
Thiss week, I amb sposed teu
add a jumb be fore weabe...
butt so far,
I amb naught so in clined.

I amb more moobed teu...
 Thiss iss kinda neu fur me...
thiss lubbs fur the tug.
O and all so,
The Trainer wanted me teu tell Yeu...
Her wrist and arm
are naught that ginormous.
*shakes head*
Here iss a nice shot ob
My Toofies. 
Yes Yessss...
Whee habbed work berry hard on my
Toy Dribe. 
 And whee haff come a long way!
- - - - -
The Week

It habbs been a berry busy week...
A Week Full ob Miss Chief.

On Teusday,
My The Mom
did notice a scratch on my sweet face...
and she iss be side her self,
which is sum fing funny teu see.
She deus naugnt know
iff it habbened in agility...
or when I amb ub teu no good in the back yard.

Sbeaking ob no good,
The Mom found
This Hole
 Ass bart ob the inbestigation,
I whas required teu
match my feetsies teu
the trench marks.
If the feetsy deu naught fit
Yeu muss a quit. 
hey look...
The Goodrich Blimp!

those squirrels habbs sum eckstra large feets.
Yes Yes...
The Luke's Pecan Crob
habbs uss all on a hunt.
 And in odder neus...
 And whee are trying teu learn
a new command
what iss...
 And I amb on my way.

Weabes and Tugs and Digs and Runs
makes a boy fursty.
And ass ebening habbs settled in on
The Wrights...
I did sbend sum quality time
wif my
Bleu Hen. 
 She iss quite soft
and tembting,

wif juss the right a mount ob
 And when
the hen
I gabe
The Antler
a workout. 
 Habby Friday.
Habby Weekend...

Wishing Yeu all the fings what gibbs yeu Joy...


  1. It sounds like another week of wonder and mischief at your house! I think, maybe, you're growing up a little. Kuster says he'd like to help you test those toys!


  2. Have a great weekend, cute boy. Looks like your fun started early.

    Tucker and Daisy

  3. Have a super Saturday Reufus.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Wow...a week full of smiles. Thank you for making us smile this morning

    gussie n teka
    (ummm,,,we could kill that hen if you need help?)

  5. Weu heu, Reuf!

    You sound like a very happy pup, Reuf, and you and Mom deserve a great weekend together.
    Reuf, do you eat the pecans you grow? I think it would be nice to have a pecan tree in my yard but no, just lilacs which are no good for eating.


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  7. What a busy, busy day you had yesterday! WOWZA! You know - aliens could have dug that hole. They dig holes in my yard, yes, they certainly do.

  8. Hmmm... Sam is all about cats sneaking in to dig holes. He is sure they are framing you.


  9. You must explain, dear boy, it is not "digging" it is "Terra Forming," artistic earth sculpting that may one day bring you yet another kind of fame in the art scene!

  10. We do so love you Reuf! You have a very busy life that we love following - keep it up Gorgeous!