Sunday, October 28, 2012

What Habbened Teu The Weekend

Habby Sunday
I did a lot ob
 I all so did deu
a lot ob posing.
 It whas berry tiring work...
butt I did deu it. 
 Thiss iss my
 And teu my lebt...
what iss teu yeur right...
 My Self Bortrait
 Deu Yeu see
the resemblance?
 A Close Ub
wif flash
 A Close Ub
wif out flash
 Berry Scary...
And sbeaking ob
the Mom and I took the trolley teu
Howl-O-Ween Fest
Whee did habbs big blans,
comblemenatry costumes...
It was going teu be

... butt I got berry sick in the trolley.
I mean, berry sick...
juss ass whee were bulling in teu
the barking lot.
So the Mom,
not wanting me teu endure a big costume
 called an audible,
and I dressed as
A Horse.
 Whee made it teu
The GRRH Boof.
I did try teu feel good. 


I tried.

butt treuf fully
I whanted teu
Go Home.
 And whee did.
I did get eben
on the whay home.
I did nab all abternoon.
And I did hunker down
fur the night.
I whas feeling berry boorly.
I whas gleued teu my the Mom.

I did whish she whas
a kangareu
so I cood crawl in her pouch.
I did sweeb berry soundly.
And I did wake ub feeling better. 
 I did habbs a cub ob rice fur breakfast
and chiggin and rice fur dinner and...
so far so good.
Yeu might wonder
why I worked so hard teuday
abter feeling so boorly...
The Facktory
[arkiteck-churrull firm]
where my the Mom works
iss habbing a
Bumbkin Carbing Contest.
Coming Soon:
Pickshers ob
Our Bumbkin Disblay
Please teu whish us
Prizes are
MINE will go teu RESCUE.


  1. Glad you are feeling better, Reuf. Cool pumpkin, your the Mom did a great job.

    Tucker and Daisy

  2. Oh my! I am glad u are on the mend. I hopes u feel even more better soon. Hugs to u and ur Mom. (((Luv)))

  3. Weu Heu, Reuf!

    Did you eat something that made you sick, Reufus? I am so sorry this spoiled your plans for Sunday, but I am hoping everyday finds you feeling better and better. We will be thinking kind thoughts of you, every day until we hear you are back to normbal.


  4. Oh no! I hope you are feeling better! I understand about wanting to crawl into her pouch, I get jealous of those kangaroos too! Sleep tight!

  5. Oh, Little Man, your bumpkin' looks adorable, just like you. I am so very sorry that your tummy did not feel good over the weekend. It is not fun when our tummies make trouble for us and even more not fun with folks like the Mom don't know how to help. Because, when the Little Man doesn't feel on top of the world the one thing the Mom wants to do is help♥.

  6. Reuf! We are distressed that you are still feeling poorly, but most IMpressed with the punkin carving..

    good luck in the contest.

    gus n teka

  7. We are hoping you are feeling better today, dear Reufus.

    Your Mom did an awesome job with the carving!


  8. Reuf,
    So glad you are feeling better, we know that you must have really felt poorly to miss the Halloween party.
    The pumpkin is great it looks just like you and we wish you luck to win the contest. The Mom is obviously a very talented pumpkin carver.
    Hope you have a safe Halloween.

    Auntie Sheila & Uncle Bob & Hamish

  9. Glad to know the tummy ickies passed and that you are better again. Missing a party means you were SERIOUSLY not feeling well...glad that is over.

    Your pumpkin portrait (except for the color) looks just like you! We wish you huge luck and send lots of White Dog positive energy that you win the contest.