Sunday, October 14, 2012

How I Spent My Sunday

tecknickally this is
How I Sbent My Last Sunday...

Abter sbending last Saturday in
My Little Reum...
The berry neckst day,
on Sunday, I did board
The Trolley
Yeu can see the little scratch on my sweet face what habbs my the  Mom be side herself wif the concern.
Destination Unknown
The Mom did naught
bring any ob our bags...
No training equibment.
No beach bag.
Not bignic basket...

When whee deboarded,
I did fink I might haff shnoofed here be fore.
yes yes...
I amb naught the only boy
wheu habbs shnoofed right here...
Whee then took a walk a long a sidewalk
and stobbed right here in front ob this door...
and I fought teu my self...
o no.
no no no no no...
Ass baffs go,
and if yeu deu haff teu haff one...
Dirty Hairy's iss in
The Tob Teu Spas.
I did get my ears cleaned.
I did habbs a bleuberry facial...
I did get a big sudsing wif
The Yeucallicktus Peppermint Shambeu.
I did bet my picksher tooken.
And abterwards...
the terror, the horror...
I did get
The Blow Dry.
And then the easiest bart ob the whole ordeal...
whas getting
The Pedicure.
I amb seriously a berry good boy
when it comes teu
the nail clibbing.
Ob course...
I all ways worn out from the blow dry.
And then I heard
The Best Words ob My Life...
Good Boy, Reufus.
Yeu are free teu go.
It whas naught ecksackly "free"
butt the Mom says
"berry much worf the conbenience".

In the grand scheme of fings,
a baff is ob berry little imp portance.
What really matters iss...
and TeuGefferness.

And so I ask...

Please teu join
Team Sophie.
Please teu inboke
The Power ob The Paw.
Please teu pray fur Healing.
Please teu pray fur Time.

Let's please teu wrap
Cousin Sophie and her Fambily,
Sheila, Bob and Hamish
Our Abundant Lubbs.


  1. We our sending our GOLDEN love to Sophie, Bob, Sheila and Hamish.


  2. Reufus,
    Thank you for giving us all a smile, we sure did need that. You and The Mom are such special folks and to us , we love you as family.

    Auntie Sheila, Uncle Bob,
    Hamish and our Rescue Girl Sophie, who is having her second day of Grace

  3. Oh, my Little Man, I was smiling so big reading your post and then I got to the end and saw Sophie's sweet face and then - well, the tears began, again. We are on Team Sophie big time, big time.

  4. It was fun to read about your bathtime at Dirty Harry's. You are looking very pretty all slicked up (you are also looking much more grown up too, like a big dog).
    I am very much on Team Sophie and I hope she is doing better but her Mom just said it was her 2nd day of grace, and that is a good thing. But I am not sure it is the best that could be. Prays for Sophie.

    Love from Stella, Mom and Zkhat

  5. If you didn't see yesterdays post re missing furry friend can you pop by and see if you can help. Anything we can do will be greatly appreciated. Have a happy Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Oh poor Sophie. We have our paws crossed. Hope you are nice and fluffy today!

  7. Blueberry facial?!?! BOL! Too cute!

    Yes, sending pawsitive vibes to Sophie, Bob, Sheila and Hamish.


  8. After all day in the little room, you had to go and get a bath?! The HORROR! I hope next weekend is much better!

    All our good thoughts go out to Sophie!