Sunday, July 8, 2012

My 2f Birfday Celebration, Part One

July 6f
My Habby Birfday
and I am now this many
*holds up teu paws*
 years old

My Habby Birfday Celebration
ackchewally be gan on July 1f
when I boarded the trolley
fur destination unknowed...

It whas a Sunday morning,
and I remember it whell...
Whee etted a breakfass samwich on the way
and be fore I knew it...

Whee pulled inteu the dribe way ob...

It whas a berry cloudy day,
kinda dreary....
Whee habbed some rain showers at our house
be fore whee lebt home
and it whas hot butt cooler than mose days.

Whee were a little early,
so whee did wait in the trolley.

I whas looking at the green grasses
where I soon wood run,
and I noticed this sign on the fence..

And then I did see this doggy,
wheu look like a woof
butt wheu is naught.
He whas juss the prebious bisitor
teu the beach club.

I whas a good boy while waiting.

In fack, 
I am a berry good boy in the trolley.

I spin a lot ob time here,
and I beliebe the Mom the Driber
wood tell Yeu that I am berry well behabed.

I mosely juss lay down and nab
when the trolley iss moobing.
And I mosely juss berry quietly
look out the window when it is naught.

At one point,
the Driber did turn off the injinn,
and I did shnoofs out the window...

Butt then the trolley did quickly start again.
Whee pulled frew the gates,
and low and be hole,
be hind us whas
My Cousins Rizzi and Zeke!!!
L teu R: Rizzi, Zeke, Reufus

Teu kick off
My Habby Birfday Celebration,
my cousins were treating me 
teu a berry fun swim.

Lteu R: Rizzi, Zeke, Reufus
It whas decided that
whee wood swim wifout our life jackets...
I whas the furst in the pool.
Rizzi swimmed right in...
and Zeke is scoping the pool deck

I am still finking
ob getting all wet.

Still finking...
I am off!!!

And thus I be come
The Retriebing Ma Cheen

Here I amb showing Zeke
my ball.

The brothers go one way.
I go a nodder,
wif my ball.

Now look see...
I habbs the o range tangle toy.
And there is Rizzi wif his the Mom
wheu iss my the Aunt Karen.

And here I come wif the green wubba.

Here is me wif my cousins,
The Bishop Boys.

L teu R: Zeke, Rizzi, Reufus

And here is me juss abter
I a bandon the chicken

on a counta
Lisa habbs frown my ball.

MY ball.

And now here iss me wif the chicken
what I brought teu Lisa.

L teu R: Lisa, Reufus, Zeke, Uncle Craig

Naught teu much
butt some times
I juss swim.

Zeke watching me swim.

I shood prolly tell Yeu...
I amb crazy fur Lisa.

Me and Lisa. She is on the Right.
Juss a swimbing.
Whee then all tooken
A Inter Mission
Yeu know...
teu conduck businesses and what knot.

And when it whas time...
whee did line ub teu go back in.
L teu R: Zeke, Reufus, Rizzi, Lisa.

Rizzi fought he wood be furst frew the gate,
butt juss watch how I bocks him out.

I amb good.
L teu R: Zeke on pool deck, Reufus, Rizzi

I amb naught timbid this time.
I amb in and off.

Boaf Lisa and my the Mom
are berry mose proud ob my swimbing.
I am swimbing berry strong,
yeusing my back legs berry well,

and my butt is high in the waters...
eben wif a chicken in my mouf.

What iss better than a chicken?
My ball. That's what.

And here I amb retriebing the green wubba.
Reufus wif Green Wubba. Rizzi in fore ground.
Here I amb going back fur more.
I amb non-stob.

Looks at all the stuffs Lisa habbs...
She iss preparing fur
The Great Rizzi Toy Dibing
Eckstrava Ganza.

L teu R: Lisa, Rizzi, Uncle Craig, Reufus

Rizzi iss a pro at the under water dibing.
I amb naught.
I juss retriebe.

L teu R: Rizzi (closer), Reufus, Zeke

Fur ecksample,
here I am retriebing 
the white and bleu wubba.

Our time is all mose ub,
and whee be gin teu 
gaffer ub the toys fur Lisa.

L teu R: Zeke, Reufus, Rizzi

And when we get out ob the pool,
Lisa putts stuff in our ears,
fank yeu.

I did habbs such a berry fun day wif
My Cousins, The Bishop Boys...

It whas my furst swim
wifout a life jacket.
And I whas berry imp pressibly strong.
And I whas all so kinda tired...
fur a while.

I did nab in the trolley on the way home.
And wunts home, 
whee did start the laundry chores
and all so curl ub teu geffer fur more nabs.

 I did deu the berry hard sneuzings,
in firty minute interbals...
conducking little business
ebbery half hour on the hour.

That said, I all so did 
berrily hole court ober
My Back Yard King Dom.

I amb naught teu tired to RUN.
This whas a berry fun whay teu kick off my Habby Birfday Celebration, and I amb berry grate full teu my Aunt Karen and Cousins Rizzi and Zeke fur finking ob me and making this day so speshull.

My real Birfday whas a berry fun butt all so busy day, on a counta whee were preparing fur a huge Golden Retriever ob Houston fundraiser the neckst day... I whas hobing teu be able teu work in a nodder swimb, butt it whas naught teu be.

Stay teuned fur Part Teu ob...
My 2f Birfday Celebration.
I whill gibbs Yeu a hint...
I amb wearing a hat.


  1. You had the best birthday ever! Maybe Mom will take the Monty and I to visit you!


  2. Deud! You had the most awesomest barkday EVER!!! We are totally jelly!

    Sam and Pippen

  3. Of khourse, we know weu are really at Khamp Khyra ;-)

    Khyra and The Golden Khamper Khousins

  4. Weu-heu, Reuf!

    Happy Birthday to you! What a terrific swim party you had with your Cousins! You Goldies were born to swim and you do it so perfectly.
    I just can hardly wait for the second installment of your second birthday, Reuf.

    Love and Hugs,
    Stella, Jo, Zkhat

  5. You PURRecious Little Man Reufus. You are such a good swimmer. Oh, how I wish I could come down to the Lone Star State and swim with you☺. Can hardly wait for the next installment telling all of us about your birthday celebrations!

  6. Happy birthday and what a great swim party. Happy Monday to you all.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. What a fun time. Are you going to try and join the Navy Seals?
    Two years old, you are growing up so fast, before you know it you will be thr3ee and getting your drivers license.

    Cousin Hamish & Sophie

  8. Habby Birfday Little Reuf! We are berry impressed wif your swimming. Also your retreibing!

    gussie n teka

  9. What a fabulous way to celebrate! Happy Birthday, Reuf! May every birthday be even better!


  10. What a totally pawsome way to start off the celebrations! Girls wish they could have shared the fun too! Can't wait for part two!!
    Hugs xxxxx
    Sammie and Avalon

  11. We would have loved to share pooltime with you! Great way to celebrate and can't wait fur part two!!!