Sunday, July 22, 2012

Our Week Wif The Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows

Ob all the weeks in the year,
thiss is one ob the berry mose funnest,
on a counta it is time for
The Reliant Park World Series ob Dog Shows.
[Please teu pardon the quality ob the pickshers.]
I haff been looking fur ward
teu the Mom taking a few days off from the facktory
teu sbend time wif her Sweet Boy,
butt whas shocked teu find
our berry furst trib teugeffer whas teu...
Why a perfeckly clean boy
needs a whole neu baff...
iss be yond me.
Deu naught get me wrong.
Ass baffs go...
Dirty Hairy's iss the place to go.
I lebt there smelling ob
yeucalliptus and pepper mint,
and whee sbent the rest ob the day
in equal parts training and all so
 sboiling me.

Whee did go teu bed early
on a counta the Trainer whas teu
Steward in the Obedience Ring
on Friday,
and she habbed teu be there at 650am
and whas berry naught teu be late.

So she did get there eckstra early
and here iss her ring.
Ring 20
I haff laughed heartily at the fack
that she refers teu the 20 ass her ring...
on a counta it iss really the ring ob
The Judge Jeff Kern
in the picksher below.
Mister Kern whas a awe sum Judge.
He taught the Trainer a lot,
and he and the odder Stewards
were berry berry fun teu work wif.

Here is Ring 20
juss abter returning from lunch.
And thiss is the hub bub
be hind the scenes
The Trainer did  learn a berry lot.
Many mysteries were solbed,
much light whas shed...
and now she habbs a much better idea
where she needs teu lead her Steudent.

Now fur reasons unbee knownst teu me,
but sum blaffering a bout
sebben hours on her feetsies...
the Trainer came home peuped.
Whee did work on our Agility ecksersizes,
but then whee went teu bed
whay be fore I whas ready.
- - - - - - - - - 
Great noose, howebber...
Whee got ub early and boarded
Aunt Karen's Red Trolley
The Reliant Park World Series ob Dog Shows
When the trolley entered the gate,
whee were greeted wif a berry ecksited attendant.
And she a nnounced my arribal:
"Whell... Here's the Bush's Baked Beans dog."
And she leaned inteu the window and said...
"Gimme that secret recipe, Duke!"
I deu lubbs that woman.

Once in side...
It whas clear teu me that
whee were on a mission,
butt the details whas not clear teu me
right a way.
There whas lotsa smells, and eben more sounds...
lotsa concrete, lotsa peeps and lotsa doggies.
And whee are passing them all by quickly...
And then I looked ub and saw my broffer
wheu I nebber met, butt wheu I lubb.
That's The Luke holding ub the "H".
Yes Yes...Whee were at the boof ob
Golden Retrieber Rescue ob Houston.
Nellie greets a little girl.
I take a position out front teu greet the peeps...
And then, and then, and then...
Wheu did I see, butt...
My Best Pal,
My Wing Man,
The Berry Hamsum,
The Whirled Reknowned...
The Louie.
Louie brought his fambily by
teu bisit and talk a bout
possible additions teu their home,
L teu R: Nellie, Louie, Honey, Elvis
and yeu whill nebber guess what else...
They brought me a Birfday Present.
My photographer took pickshers,
butt they did naught sabe teu the memory card.
Here iss me hardly waiting teu get home
teu get my present back from the Mom.
[stay tuned fur the rebeal... later]
Abter a while ob chit chatting,
lotsa hebby and all so light petting
and ecksplaining how
I all ready found a the Mom...
I took that sweet woman shobbing
fur fun fings...
 fur me, ob course.

Then when whee got hungry fur lunch,
whee went back and got my Aunt Karen.
Here iss me in line fur the chicken stribs.
And here iss me whatching
Aunt Karen eat a strib.
Ob course, thiss iss abter
I cleared the spillt bob corn from
the under neaf ob the big table.
Ob course, I all so did 'settle'
as I whas tole teu deu.
I got a bit ob chick chick
and a bit ob fry
and whee were off teu shob.
Whee did stob furst teu bisit these guys at
Paws Houston
The mom so enjoys seeing these Fluffies each year.
The pickshers are naught great,
butt I fink Yeu can see
the great pheraby work these guys can deu.
They are awe sum.
And now off teu shob.
I'd like one ob these tug toys.
Thiss big stuffy smells nice.
This frog iss really cute...
*says teu self: "deu naught grab and run deu naught grab and run
deau naught grab and run deu naught grab and run deu naught grab and run*
BBQ Bones.
Iss thiss... Cood it bee...?
Iss thiss playce... Hebben???
And it whas like the clouds parted in the sky,
and the big light did shine from a buff...
Venison Joe's.
I wood like a XL Sblit.
What??? The Mom sayed no???
I deu naught needs thiss???
Perhabs iff I settle???
Whell shoot...
Whee moob on wifout a antler.
And wifout sayed antler,
I am growing weary...
so much so that I take a rest on
the Mom's sheu.
[And deu naught feel sorry fur me...
ass it turns out,
Aunt Karen bought me a antler]
And then whee found our friend Stefanie.
Whee deu lubbs her and Chris
and my Cousins Dante and Shelley.
Abter big hugs, kisses and leanings...
I did sprawl out in the aisle.
Whee quickly hobbed ub,
shobbed a nodder fifteen miles
and then it whas back teu the GRRH Boof
fur a bit more ob the pettings.
Here iss me wif
My Best Pal, The Connor,
GRRH's youngest and frankly...
FUNNEST bolunteer.
L teu R: Reufus, Connor, Tail ob Miss Honey
All so in the boof...
the berry abailable, Elvis.
And here iss a blurry close ub ob
Miss Nellie.
And here is me
hanging out wif Connor,
and a little girl bisiting the GRRH boof.
I wood like a job teu deu this full time.
Juss saying.

That said, I whas berry tired,
and whee did make a final run
teu buy berry certain fings what whee had narrowed down.

And on the whay out, whee saw
My Best Pal, Louie
The peeps wanted a photo op...
Here iss us.
My lib is hung on my toofy in this picksher.
Now I gibbs a smile
Now whee boaf gibb em a break
and smile big.
Look out Houston Ladies....
When me and the Louie steb out...
hang on teu yeur hearts.

Now thiss iss me
50 yards from The Red Trolley Stob.
Yeu see... Aunt Karen went out in teu
the 90+ degree heats teu retriebe
the red trolley.
Whee stayed in the airs condishunning
 wif our stuffs.
I whatched out the window fur
teu see the red trolley
but I all so saw this fellow.
He whas a ham sum fellow and all so wearing a "adobtion" bandana.
I bet he whill find a fine home.
The Photographer did a artsy fing
by rotating the camara...
butt thiss iss still me waiting fur the trolley.
And here I am in the trolley...
bondering why the burchases
are in the whay front or the whay back,
butt habby teu habbs my own cool airs blower.
Now fur the best part ob a long trolley ride...
The Nab.
Once home, I did make a run frew the back forty
and then settle in fur a hour nab,
and when I a woke, I whanted,
Yea, I demanded...
My Dragon
a berry mose lubbing Birfday gift
 from my BFF&WM
 Louie and his Pawrents
Habby Birfday teu Me
Mine Mine Mine
Got it
I rassle her teu the ground.
honk honk honk honk honk
O I deu lubbs my dragon
and I deu gibbs him quite the work out.
butt it iss now
Time fur Bed
I amb starting teu under stand
why the Trainer/Mom whas so tired
from her day a lone at the show.
I amb a teentsy bit tired my self.
Fank Yeu fur coming wf me...
Night Night.


  1. Wow !!! what a day you had, and by the looks of the pictures you were on your best behavior. We bet The Mom was very proud.
    We know that with you spreading all your Golden good cheer, anyone that saw you, will consider adopting a Golden.
    Ya, Done Good !!!!!

    Hamish & Sophie &
    Mom & Dad,
    Sheila and Bob

  2. Reufus, you have a very interesting life. We love seeing your adventures, looks like a great day.

    Tucker and Daisy

  3. Weu heu, Reufus!

    Here is a tip from me, Stella. If you start your day with a bath, you will end up tireder at the end of day than if you didn't, You had a most fulfilling day, pure excitement all the way. I did see you doing a lazy sit or two which I thought you gave up, but it must have been tiredness.

    You are one charming pup!


  4. My gosh, Little Man, I got tired just reading about all you did with your the Mom. The two of you make such a great team and are such excellent ambassadors for GRRH. Let's hope that one day GRRH won't be needed because all Goldens all over the world will be in loving and happy homes.

  5. Looks like you had a great time Reufus. Happy Monday to you all.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. What an awesome day. I laughed - you don't like smelling like peppermint and eucalyptus???

  7. Deud! You think you're tired from all of that visiting and stuff? We have to have a nap just from reading about all that you did... good golly you are one busy guy!

    Sam and Pippen

  8. Dat is the most awesome stuff ever!! :)

  9. What an absolute sweetheart you are! But I did catch a mischievous glint in those beautiful , soulful eyes- so I also know there are many, many more adventures that will keep us all laughing loudly. We had such fun hanging out awhile at the GRRH booth with you. I can hardly wait to hear how long it takes before you strip all the appendages off that dragon. It's supposed to be very tough, but that is just a challenge for you dearest Reufus!