Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My [Finking] Skool Night

Welcome teu My Skool Night.
I amb sorry teu say...

I haff naught been able teu
a rrange a life feed
teu film me at my Skool...

so whee continyeu
teu join lass week in progress...
and here whee are now in...
The Business Yard

Whee a rrived teu Skool a bit early.
And whee did go in side
teu watch the odder class what
whas still learning fings
The Mom The Trainer did find a embty chair
and she did sit in it.

And then a nodder Trainer
did come in teu the building wif her doggy
and ask gruffly
"wheu took my chair???"

My the Mom the Trainer hobbed ub.
gibbed the chair back and abologized...
The odder Trainer
said she needed the chair teu putt
in front ob the crate so her doggy
would naught bark...
Since there whas no odder chair,
and since there was a nodder steudent in My Cabin...
Whee went back teu
The Business Yard
The Mom The Trainer whas a little ubset.
Whee try berry hard teu deu the right fings...
Mose ob the trainers haff been
deuing thiss a long time.

Whee want so much teu make a go ob this.
And the Trainer iss trying berry hard
teu figyeur fings out.

I, on the odder paw,
 amb juss a 2 year old Golden Retrieber.
A lubbable hellion.
Ham sum one teu.
And I amb naught here teu imp press any one.
[hee hee]
I haff a good spirit, and I lubbs Skool.
I amb naught the berry mose best Steudent,
but I bet I haff the mose fun.
Yes Yes
I deu lubbs coming here teu My Skool,
butt I deu naught under stand
thiss eckstended time in
The Business Yard.
So, My Friends,
Teu re-cap...
Team Reufus habbs suffered a minor setback.
The Trainer habbs a small complecks all ready,
a bout fitting in,
wif out some else
teu point it out...

Oh whell...
I say...
Chin ub.
Hole it hi ub in the airs!
It iss My Skool, teu...
so whee come in teu prepare fur
The Finking Class.
Reufus in Down Stay.
Whee start the class wif a fun ecksersize,
what I call
Make the Right Decision

I amb teu sit.
A string chee iss teu be playced
a bout 5' be hind me
[ass an a side:
there iss no whay teu playce
a chee be hind me
on a counta I whill make it front ob me.]
or  ok, ok, 5' teu my lebt.

The Trainer moobs teu 15' in front ob me.
She calls me.
I am teu ignore the chee,
and call straight teu her.

The Earf might habbed shifted
slightly on her acksis
on a counta... I did it.
Juss ass I whas sposed teu...
I did it.
And naught juss wunts.
Okayshunally, I whas sent fur the chee...
then recalled teu the Trainer.
And I did that, teu.
I amb good.

Neckst, whee did..
I can naught remember what it whas called...
I whill call it
I whas teu line ub and sit
And when called,
I whas teu pass frew the barriers
ob barying widfs.
And I did,
wifout fail.

Neckst, whee were teu work wif...
The Cone.
Some Steudents are a fraid ob the cone.
I amb naught.
I lubb the cone.
In fack, there iss a cone a mongst our midst...
what is missing a bite or teu at the tob.

Our furst ecksersize wif the cone
whas teu walk a circle round it
tight and precise.

Our seckond eckserzie wif the cone
whas teu haff the Steudent spin round it
tight and precise.

Whee did some odder work,
what whas way ober our heads...
I mean,
Whee tried, butt whee fell berry short.
It's ok. Whee whill try a gain. And a gain.
And a gain...

When Class whas ober,
whee did make our ecksit
teu board the trolley.

It whas berry hard naught teu notice
the berry large and bright and all so
Berry Full Moon.
Photo taken from road whill naught show the moon
butt she iss the pale circle a bove. 
The moon whas so pretty...
She look like a big hunk ob chees.
The Moon is bisible juss ober the freeway.
My the Mom the Trainer and I
lubbs learning the fings so much...
Ok, mosely I lubbs the food,
I am learning on a counta
I am trying berry hard, and ok...
all so on a counta acksident some times.
Fank Yeu fur coming a long wif us!


  1. All this AND being in Pawsylvania!

    Weu are furry talented!

    Khyra and The Golden Khampers

  2. Deud... you make our mentals tired with all the edjucasions you is learning! Pretty soon you'll be going to university!

    Sam and Pippen

  3. Reufus,
    We are so proud, you are learning so much and doing so well.
    Tell The Mom er Trainer not to feel bad about the chair incident. We think that was pretty rude, I don't think they own the chair, and even if they had they could have been polite.

    Got to tell you what happened to Mom when she was taking me through obedience class. We were practicing recall, and their were to be distraction laying around. I was to run direct to Mom.
    Mom put me in a sit stay and then began to walk backwards until she reached a point where she would do the recall. Well.....the distraction were several stuff animals laying on the floor, one of which was "Tweety Bird".
    As Mom was backing up , I was sitting so pretty waiting for the recall signal when suddenly Mom, while walking backwards tripped over "Tweety Bird", thus Mom became the biggest distraction in the room. So the end result was Mom was sitting on the floor with me and I never got the recall signal. I guess I should still be sitting there.....bol

    Your Cousin, twice removed

  4. Little Reuf Man...you are most talented and one lucky dog to get all this eddycation. Your advice to your Mom is wonderful. Since she has such a special and handsome golden boy, she should be most proud.


  5. Weu-heu, Rufe!

    Sounds like another exciting night at school to me. I'm proud you are doing so well with many of the features you do there.

    Tell your Mom to bring her own chair next time and she will not have to feel bad about anything unless she might fall down like Hamish's Mom did!


  6. So enjoy hearing about all your school adventures, Reufus. Soon you will be the smartest guy on the block.

    Tucker and Daisy

  7. It is hard to be thinking and learning new things and trying to fit in and be one of the group... you and The Trainer are doing really really well. Be proud of what you are accomplishing. We hope The Mom's ankle is healing and will be good as new in no time.

  8. Oooooo, my Little Man, it is a furry good thing that I am sitting up here at the tip of the Mitten State and you are down there in the Lone Star State 'cause if I had been to your class with you I would have not been furry obedient - not at all. I would have let that RUDE woman know just what I thought of her and I would have put that chair 'where the sun don't shine'☺☺☺.

    On the other hand, I am furry proud of you that you and the Trainer are learning so very much. There might be more experiences Trainers and poochies in your class but I bet there isn't one - not one - Trainer and Little Man that love each other as much as you and your the Trainer. Nothing at all in the whole, wide world is better than that. Love is the best!

  9. Reufus not only are you a handsome golden one , you are also as bright as a button. With all that edumacation you will be the smartest doglet on the block.
    Best wishes Molly