Saturday, July 14, 2012

Reuf's Refleckshuns on Saturday the 14f: A Home Repair Edition (Mosely)

Hello, Friends.
Ass I sit... ok, lay here
thiss Saturday Ebening...
I am reflecking on
The S'mores [and] Gas Board
ob Life's Adbentures.
I haff so berry many fings
teu be fank full for...
incleuding Yeu!!!
I am fank full fur a ray ob sun shine
abter a week ob floods.
I am fank full fur the bird
I ett fur my mid morning meal.
I am fank full fur my The Mom...
and the fack that she iss teu slow
teu catch me...
like I catch the birds.
Yes Yes... I gibbs fanks fur so much!

It habbs, how ebber and all so, been
A Week ob Adbersity.

It all started last Saturday
wif the breaking ob our 60 year old
trolley reum door.
It whas a free ebening rebair job
what in tailed the fabricayshun
ob custom parts teu get it
working a gain.
It may appear that I am a feared
ob the trolley reum.
I am naught.
I lubbs the trolley reum and all ob its junk.
I juss feel a bit like I haff committed a crime,
and thiss iss my mug shot.
All so, I amb a intsy bit miffed
at the trolley reum door on a counta
I did miss going teu My Skool
on the night it was finally ficksed.
Harummmmphhhhhhh, but I digress....

It habbs been a week ob hebby rains
and flooding here on the norf side ob Houston,
butt whee are berry lucky.
Our neighborhood and our home
habbs been safe and our roads passable.

Then came Friday the Firteenf.

And lass night suddenly...
The mirror in the hall baff reum
did fall off the wall
and crack inteu pieces.

Ah Oh, whee sayed.
Cwap, whee sayed.
Ha ha, whee sayed.
Surely a coincidence, whee sayed.

And then whee went teu bed
and furgot a bout it.

Then whee woke up to
a racket whee cood naught ignore...
The Cool Airs Bocks
whas clanking
like junk truck on a bumby road.
And that's when I took paws teu remember
juss ecksackly how much
that bocks means teu me.
It iss the source ob a great deal ob habbiness
what flow from its cool airs...
A berry nice man did come and ficks it
on a counta the motor whas burned out
and it all so needed sum free yawn,
what as it turns out,
iss naught free at all.

Yeu gotta roll in the the good
a long wif the bad
in Life
and now I wood like teu share
a little fun wif Yeu...

Here iss me swimming strong,
wif Cousin Rizzi (right side ob bideo on the retriebe)

And here iss me wif Cousin Zeke
sticking me in traffick.

Yes Yes
I all so deu haff berry many odder good times
teu catch Yeu ub on...
butt I whill close wif these fur teuday.
Count Yeur Blessings Ebbery Day.
This iss what I all ways say.


  1. What an appropriate khlosing ceremony fur Khamp Khyra!

    Now that the other weu is gone, I have reum fur weu!

    Just sayin'

    PeeEssWoo: The Doggy Nanny's magikh wheels and steelyard broke recently - nice men khame teu fix it this week! What are the odds of that? We didn't khrakhk any mirrors though

  2. Count your blessings is right! Hope the AC box got fixed, we need that right now! Looks like you can cool off swimming though - looks like a lot of fun!! Have a good night buddy!

  3. Yay for vidyos and swimming and the air bocks! :)

  4. What an eventful week Reufus. Have an event free good Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. is indeed troublesome when the air box breaks! And the door to the garage room too! Well, we know it is not Kharma, cause you are really good folks there. Give the mom slurpy kisses so she feels better.

    Gussie n teka

  6. Don't even think about the cracked mirror,Reufus. Just keep being thankful. We have had our share of bird catching too, but the rabbits have a bit more bite to them - oops, maybe we shouldn't admit to that.

    Hope the air cooling box stayed fix - not a good time of the year to be without the coolness.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. Little Man, you are becoming such a strong swimmer! Gee, makes me wonder...has your the Mom every tried a little 'dock diving' with you? That would be so cool!

  8. Weu-heu, Reufus!

    You have had some exciting week, I will say that for you and The Mom. Our cold air bocks went on the fritz a while back and cannot be fixed except for huge amounts of green paper,so we choose to count the days until coolness comes once again to Minniesnowda. Maybe it w ill not be too long. Stella is writing a blog post about what she likes to do to get cool.

    Kisses, you handsome pup!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  9. I have to agree with you, you have to be thankful for what you have -- especially cold air boxes! We'd sure love to have some of your rain here. Could you send some over?

    Hopefully, now that things are settled, you'll be able to get back to class!


  10. What a week, you need a two week vacation to recover from that. Garage door fixed, check, a/c fixed check. Fun in the pool , check, having tons and tons of friend who love you, the Mom and your blog, check.
    Hope next week is clear sailing.

    Hamish & Sophie

  11. Awww - sorry the fur cooling machine broke down; so good some buddy could fix it quik!!! On the other hand, broken mirrors and trolley doors - whew! You did good dealing worth all that and we loved seeing you swim so strongly and enthusiastically!!! You go boy!!!!
    Hugs xxxx
    Sam and Ava

  12. Wow, quite the eventful week for you and the Mom! I know you are forever grateful to have the cool airs bocks back working properly! And even better you ended the week on a good note with your cousins Rizzi and Zeke and your Aunt Karen!!!

  13. What a cute dog! And the fact that it looks like she's actually posing in front of the camera is really amazing.

  14. You have such a fun and adventurous life! I love all the pictures of you... and Milly and Hush are jealous they didn't get to eat a bird for lunch!!!