Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Neu Old Camera

Hi, Friends.
Guess what...
I haff a neu camera.
Ackchewally, I haff
A Neu Old Camera
what habbs been diss continyeud...
and here iss the furst picksher
taken ob me.
[naught so good, I know]
It iss the berry same camera
ass the one that I broke
by biting the lens in a fit ob friskiness
naught so long a go, and...
the Mom bought this neu old one on

In berry fack,
here iss where my camera yeused teu stay.
I fink someone whas inspired teu...
Here's a look at the store.
It habbs high ceilings.
And ober there, that guy...
He's gonna look ober here at my neu camera.
Yes Yes...
It whas kinda fun
teu find that my neu old camera
came wif pickshers on her
so whee cood see where she been.

Now, Yeu may be finking...
Why amb I replaycing the camera I juss bought
teu replayce my old camera
wif a nodder old camera
like my old camera...
Whee haff naught been teu berry habby
wif the old neu camera...
fur a few reasons.
It iss prolly a case ob...
a iffy photo graffer
wheu deus naught
know how teu oberate the old neu camera...
and whee deu miss
the ackshun shots on the sbort setting.
The old camera did take
many shots fassst in a row...
And the neu old camera deus teu.
I amb a berry zeumy boy
and I amb berry ecksited teu once again
share wif Yeu
my zeums...
and all so
a brief stob fur a snack...
and then
reberse direckshun and...
I whill bring it teu a stob.
Abter all,
it iss all mose...
Training Time

Eben though I did juss gradyeuate from
Beginning Agility...
I deu still habbs home work,
on a counta I deu start
Agility II
on Monday.

And so here iss me showing Yeu
The Weave Poles...
the berry start ob
the reward line...
Whee weren't able teu film
the weave pole eckserize
on a counta whee are still
working it berry hard.

The Jumbs
Whee inter mittenly work on jumbs.
And a good fing a bout haffing
a neu camera what is our old camera iss...
I can reliably show yeu...

Sit Stay
Sit Stay
Sit Stay
And here I amb...
backlit by the natchewrall light
and acksenting my best
Art Tistick Works in Metal...
I amb berry ecksited a bout my neu old camera, butt my old neu camera iss berry nice, teu. Boaf whill find their playce in full filling the needs ob the photo graffy fleet team. Juss saying.

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  1. Smile your on Candid Camera. We are sure that the photos will be of excellent quality and that it will show your wonderful ability in agility.......(how do you like that ability in agility ) bol

    Hamish & Sophie

  2. Great pix. Have a lovely Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. We think the new old camera takes very nice pictures! Have a great weekend.

    gussie and teka

  4. You do such great jumping there!!! Now you have a ton more pictures taken o you with a new camera~

  5. Great pictures! and we loved seeing the links for the GR rescue group in your sidebar ;)

    gypsy & poppet

  6. Hey it's Jet here.

    Nice to meet you on the Sat hop.

    Wow, those are pawesome pics, new old camera!

    Mom asked me to share that you are quite beautiful... (she has a thingie for goldens...)

  7. O hai! U is very athletic. :)

  8. Furry khool neuws!

    Mom had been looking fur weu -

    I understand that teaching old moms new trikhks khan be a challenge!


  9. I am sure your photographer will get the hang of the new camera if she practices with it some! I think you look great!


  10. Gee, I have an old, old camera and an old new camera - maybe I need a new, new camera, too? Gosh, it's so hard 'keeping up with the Wrights'☺. We do love the action shots. You are so, so smart, Little Man. The next thing I know we will be reading that you are taking driving lessons so you can operate the trolley to get yourself to skool with your the Mom riding in the back seat!