Monday, July 2, 2012

My Berry Fourf Agility Class

Welcome teu
The Day ob My Agility Class
I deu so berry much lubbs the Obstackles
butt it iss Summer in Houston, Texas
The Trainer and I are beginning teu question our commitment teu the sbort.
Whee did leabe home at 630pm lass Monday.
It whas 101 degrees to the F.
Whee libbs a bout 6 miles from the Dogwood,
what iss my Skool.
Whee all ways leabe eckstra early on Agility night
on a counta freeway traffick be fore 7pm
can sum times be a little hebby.

Ass Yeu know,
teuday's broadcast whas pre-recorded lass Monday,
and whee join it in progress...

Holy Moses.
It iss 7pm and Whee are stuck in traffick.
In fack, whee haff been at all most a stand still
since eck sitting the free way.

Here I am in my new harnass,
trying teu remain calm...
At precisely right now,
I am schedyeuled teu be in my Agility Skool
what I lubbs lubbs LUBBS.

Butt in stead...
I am in a new harnass
what I deu NAUGHT lubbs lubbs lubbs...
and I am getting

The Trainer is growing more and more concerned
that I may hurt my legs in my struggles.

She can naught reach me teu release me.
And she can naught eck sit the road way.

What O What iss the source ob this dee lay...?
I deu naught beliebe it iss the construckshun...

My back legs
 [what are really my only legs
on a counta the front ones are arms... right?]
are twisted ub in the seat belts and the tether...

And if Yeu fink the Trainer is concerned...
Imagine the panick that is setting in wif the Mom.

Whee are making progress.
Ebber so slowly...
One car at a time...
Butt guess what....


habbs eckskaped his shackles.

And I amb moobing freely a bout the cabbin.

The sign says Faif. And I haff it.
Butt look in side mirror.
I knew it whas a parking lot be fore us...
Butt it iss all so a parking lot be hind.

Let me check the speed-oh-meter...
zero mph

This place habbs lots ob the fun toys out side.
I deu whish I skooled at the KinderCare
on a counta I wood be there right now...
but a lass, on ward whee travel.

I suggest teu the Mom that whee buy a home here
on a counta it wood cut an hour off our commute time.
[note: it iss 720pm, whee haff been on road 50 minutes.]

The red truck turned in teu the neckst street...
so whee are one more truck lengf closer teu Dogwood.

Whee saw this fing under a tree,
[unidentified objeck under tree]

And then whee came ubon this...
A Fambily Dollar Store
This is notable on a counta
this iss a produck ob the retail debision ob the facktory
where my the Mom works
[she iss architeck fur car dealerships, mosely]

Oh my, juss look be hind us...

What whee all need iss sum FireWorks

One light be fore
the right turn teu my Skool...
the light is [out] blinking!

And a head ob it...
Oben Road!!!

Coming ub on the interseckshun where whee turn...
Whee lubbs the Little Snow Cone Building....

Whee are entering the second haff ob my Class,
and so whee skip the bisit teu The Business Yard...

The Trainer finks I might deu a little light filing
here in these weeds,
butt it ain't happening...
No way.

Upon entering the Agility Field,
I immediately insist ubon a long dringk ob waters...
and then I run off teu run frew

The Tunnel
I ran frew it ober and ober and ober
until I whas tole naught teu run frew it a again.
It whas SO hot.

Abter a nice long break fur the drinking ob waters,
I did run ub and down 
The A-Frame
what Yeu can see on the right side ob this picksher.

Whee did naught deu that berry many times
on a counta the heats.

And then I did drink lotsa more waters
and then moob teu work
The Bridge

Kinda like this doggy here...
Great Agility Bridge picksher from the internet
I did run a bout 20 feet or so on the bridge
and then down...

kinda like this odder doggy here.

A Nother Great Agility Bridge picksher from the internet

I did a berry good job ob the Bridge...
butt I did all so stay on leash...
Wheu knows what whill habben when I progress...

Neckst, I diss played my fabyeulosity wif
The Teeter
where I proofed how hungry I am,
a long wif my my eckstream enfusiasm...
Great Teeter Totter picksher from the internet

The teeter is naught my best subjeck,
on a counta it iss so easy teu cheat.

Abter I wore out the Instrucktor,
the Trainer and I stebbed a side teu watch... 

And here is Chuck waiting teu show 
ebbery one how it iss really done!

Whee all so then did take a nice break
fur more drinking ob the waters...

Looking out ober the Agility Field at My Skool

Some steudents did jumb in a little swimming bool
fur a quick dib...

I did naught under stand the concebt 
ob the little bool.

It looked sussbishusly like
A Baff
teu me.

Abter some more drinking,
whee worked on 
The Contack Plank

I did naught deu so well.
I whas wound ub berry tight.
I whas berry ecksited.
And I ackted like I habbed 
nebber ebber worked on it ebber.

That iss a fun fing teu deu teu 
The Trainer. :o) 

Whee end our Class wif me 'settling'...
the Trainer note taking...
and then whee board the trolley fur home.

Fank Yeu
fur making the berry long trib teu
My Skool
wif me.
And now...
I haff a berry lot ob home work teu deu


  1. I'm furry proud weu prakhticed channeling your Inner Siberian!


  2. Whew, that must have been quite a work out for you and The Mom in that God awful heat!! I know that after all your hard work in the summer heat you will be a star pupil when the nice Fall weather comes! I see Blue Ribbons coming your way Reuf!!

  3. Keep cool and keep having fun!!

  4. How do you and Mom manage to do all that hard work in tht TExas heat? You are such a good boy, Reuf. We hope your next commute to school is much speedier.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. whew....we hope you stopped for a trip in the yard before you got into the car. That was lots of fun and lots of water.

    Gussie n Teka

  6. Bol...Bol...Bol.... your description of your Trolley trip was one of the most funest things we have read.
    We also wonder how in the heck you can even think in this heat, let alone do any of the things you are suppose to do.
    You and The Mom deserve a big cool reward of some type, just can't think what it should be.

    Hamish & Sophie
    Mom & Dad
    Auntie Sheila & Uncle Bob

  7. Weu-heu, Reufus! I think your reward awaits you at my blog and several people there are anxious to hear your answers to the questions.

    After that, I think both you and Mom deserve a hyooge bowl (each) of your favorite ice cream!

    Whatta trip you had, but you are doing great, Reuf!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  8. I'm exhausted after the part about just getting there! How you managed to learn anything in that heat amazes me!


  9. Too much stress and excitement and activity for such a hot day! You and The Trainer are VERY dedicated!

  10. You darling, precious boy. It was so hot out and you had such a long car ride to get to skool that I am surprised you and the Trainer had any energy at all to do so well. On the really and really hot days has your the Mom ever though of putting a 'cooling collar' on you to help with your comfort? It might help because, good grief, it gets hot in Houston!