Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Sunshine Award

Many Many & Berry Many Fanks

teu My Friends ob

The Berry Sweet Jo, The Gorgeous Stella
and Ziva Zophia aka... Zkhat
fur be stowing ubon me...

My berry berry furst a ward...
The Sunshine Award!!!
Ass if receibing a A Ward whas naught fun enough, I all so get teu answer some questions what come wif it... And I deu so berry much lubbs answering questions, and here goes...!!!

1. What is your favorite number? O this iss berry hard on a counta I lubbs so many numbers, butt abter many foughts and much considerayshun, I whill say... 1812 on a counta that is my ID number wif the Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston. Wifout 1812, I wood berry likely still be running the streets and posting my messages in spray paint on the walls ob dumbsters and such... in stead ob haffing my berry on lab tob and blog where I deu write my daily deuings on the  inter nets. Yes yes... 1812 is my luckiest number.

2. What is your favorite drink? While I haff been known teu sip out ob an unattended glass and tib ober a can ob coca-cola... I amb ackchewally a connyseur ob fine waters. I deu naught drink tab water... I drink evolv and Ozarka on a counta my the Mom is a worrier a bout fings like that.

3, Facebook or Twitter? O I haff teu say the facebuk on a counta I deu naught haff the twitter though I wood berry much lubbs teu twit. Please teu friend me at, and please teu register yeur diss appointment and/or protest ob the fack I am twitless teu my the Mom The Agent. Fank Yeu.

4. What is your passion? Please teu make yeur self comfort able on a counta this cood be a berry long answer. No no... I whill try to be brief. The real answer is... Life. I lubbs ebbery single fing a bout it, butt I whill narrow it down teu these fings: Being wif The Mom. Swimming. Agility. Obedience Training. Adbenture. Moffs and Shrubs.  And I haff teu more what I whill share wif Yeu later...

5. What is your favorite treat? I amb the mose treat dribben boy yeu know. Trust me, I amb. There is naught a treat that I deu naught lubbs, no... naught one at all. That said, I berry recently began a new meal regimen based loosely on The Amazing Treat Diet for Dogs [How I Saved My Dog From Obesity]... This book is berry full ob a good way teu eat healfy and all so enjoy what yeu are eating. And on a counta that, I gibbs yeu my answers [a four way tie]: Honey Deu, Cant Elope, Water Melon and Straw Berry!!! nom nom nom nom

6. What is your favorite day of the week? Finally, a easy question! I lubbs Sunday on a counta the Mom iss home, whee train and some times go places teu geffer like Rummy's Beach Club! And Monday is rich on a counta whee go teu Agility! Teusday rocks be cause it iss Skool Night fur O Be Dience. And nuffing beats Cuddles Night on a tired Wednesday! Fursday, whee are refreshed a gain, training and looking fur ward teu the morrow. And Friday! Wheu does naught lubbs Friday!!! The Mom works a half day and whee nab teu geffer and get a start on the weekend... Saturday!!! Wheu Heu!!! What a wonder full day on a counta I spend it wiff my the Mom and whee deu lotsa fun fings like some times go swimming!!! Did I answer your question?

7. What is your favorite flower? My stream ob conchuss answer is Wheat Flour on a counta it iss key in gredient in the Bleu's Biscuits what I lubbs. Butt if yeu are asking about a flour wif peddles and all that... I whill chews the Dogwood. This iss a sentimental  seleckshun ob my the Mom, and all so the name ob My Skool where I train fur Obedience and Agility. :o)

That whas SO much fun. And I am so berry fank full teu Jo and Her World wif Stella and Zkhat fur the recognishun, the honor and the fun!!!

And now, I wood berry treuly lubbs teu be stow this Sunshine Award teu all my friends, on a counta Yeu all are my inspiration! I know I amb the neu kid on the block, and mose ob Yeu all ready haff this award butt I hobes Yeu whill please teu acksept it from me... a gain!
O... And now fur my offer teu passions?...

Blogging and Friends!!!
[naught necessarily in that order]


  1. Congrats on your very first award, Reufus. And how special that it is from some very special peeps, pups, and kitties.

    Your answers were great. We are with you. Good clean cold water and any kind of treat, the more the better.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. Weu-heu, Reufus!

    That was just beautiful! Thank you for such kind words about us here at Jo's World and for all the other sweet answers to the questions.
    You and the Mom are furry special people to all of us!

    Kisses galore,

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  3. Oh, my darling Little Man, you did so furry well answering those questions. You were so thoughtful and sweet to share with all of us a tiny piece of your life. Tomorrow is Friday - the best day of the week for you☺ Have a great time with your the Mom.

  4. Reufus,
    What an honor, and we know it will be the first of many awards.
    What a great name for your first award "Sunshine" , your blog is the daily sunshine in many folks life.
    You answers to the question were wonderful, profound comments, from a deep thinking Golden.

    Hamish & Sophie ( will you remember us when you are famous?)

  5. I'm so glad the red baby boy is such a star student--but completely not surprised. When I die...I want to be reincarnated as a pup with your Momma!

  6. Congrats on the award - you definitely bring me sunshine!!

  7. Congrats dear Reufus on your award!! And we are so proud of your blog and love it so much!! Have you tried blueberries? Carrots? Emma loves them :). Xoxo

  8. hello lovelies :) how are you tonight? thank you for sharing a bit more about you ... i so love wallie-melon and in this heat is wonderful .. have a happy furry weekend you all :)

  9. Congratulations on your award Reufus and nice answers. Have a lovely Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

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  11. You do spread the sunshines! I do lubbs melon for treat, too. Louie says "not so much, but maybe with bacon sprinkles".