Monday, July 9, 2012

My Berry Fiff Agility Class

Welcome teu 
My Berry Fiff Agility Class

And now ass whee all ways deu...
Whee join lass week in progress.

Now please teu join me in my stroll
from the parking area teu...

The Business Yard

Thiss iss me reminding the Trainer
how teu oben the gate.
Yeu flib ub that fing right there.

Whee haff had goodly rains.
The grasses is berry green.
And Yeu know what green grasses make...

A ecksellent business enbironment.

The Mom The Trainer in tenshunally tooken this picksher
teu show Yeu the long furs
ub on my soufern regions.

Whee got teu My Skool early

so I habbs some eckstra time
teu catch ub on some reborts.

I eben habbs a little time teu goof off
while no one whas watching

Whell... No one ecksept the Mom the Trainer.
I do naught know a lot a bout what whill be eckpeckted
from me in the Agility Competishuns, butt...

I got the picksher posing part down pat.

And so any way,
I did wrab ub my busy dealings,
and whee did walk back teu 
The Agility Field.

Here is me getting ready fur class.
The temperature iss in the low 90s,
and compared teu lass week...
iss a delight.

Now when class starts,
whee be gin work wif
The Plank.
Whee haff no pickshers ob me,
butt ober dere Yeu whill see
my friend Chuck working on his.

I did naught imp press any one
wif my plank (contack) skills,
and I deu naught haff teu long
teu learn teu deu it.
[ah oh]
Now the Instrucktor says
whee can start the fun stuff.
And then whee break in teu small groubs.
I amb in a groub ob teu,
and whee start wif
The A-Frame.
And I deu it and deu it and deu it and deu it
until the Instrucktor says I shood go 
and get a drink ob waters.

And I whas habby teu take a small break

on a counta my neckst ecksersize whas...
The Teeter..
lubbed by me,
feared by the Trainer, and
dreaded by the Instrucktor...
Yep, The Teeter.
Thiss iss my friend Tori, working The Teeter

Ass Yeu can see,
it iss raised a bit more...
making it berry fun
teu run ub and run down
and run ub and run down 
bam bam bam bam
bam bam bam bam
Tori whas a little daintier wif the board than I whas.
I whill naught stay on it at the bottom,
butt I am fasssst ass lightning.
*takes bow*

And then I got to go and get 
a nodder drink ob waters.

I am eager teu get back teu work.
And neckst I got teu run
The Bridge
My friend Zeba iss lining up in front ob The Bridge
I whas berry good on The Bridge,
I ran the whole fing all by my self...
and only did run a way wunts...
butt that whas only on a counta
there whas a moff flitting round
at the end ob the bridge.

I caught him.
And then I found a lady wif chicken in her pocket.
*takes bow*

Abter whee finished wif that,
whee got teu learn some fing neu...
The Chute
and here is how whee were teu learn:

Instrucktor One whas teu hole me by the collar at the barrel end.
Instrucktor Teu whas teu hold oben the chute.
And the Trainer whas teu look
in teu the oben end,
show me a treat and call my name.
Swell Agility Chute picksher from the web.
Be fore Instrucktor One cood grab my collar
and be fore Instrucktor Teu cood oben the chute
and there fore all so
before the Trainer cood go teu the odder end ob the chute...
I whas in and out the odder end.
*takes bow*
Instrucktor Teu whas heard teu say...
"Whell, I guess Reufus won't haff a problem wif this one."

Neckst time, I did deu it their way.
And I did like it better...
on a counta there whas a treat waiting at the end.

Fur fun while waiting in line,
I did deu one ob my fabe oritt fings...
The Paws Table

And wif thiss,
the Trainers were tole teu get their notebooks...
And home work was gibben out.

I suspeck I am going teu be
a bit rough a round my edges teuday.
Yeu see...
Wif the 4 ob July Holiday,
the Big GRRH Fundraiser
and My Berry 2f Birfday...
I habbs been berry mose lacks teu all most
delinkwent in my trainings.
[ah oh]
Please teu whish me luck.


  1. Reufus, you are awesome in your description of the agility class, you should ask The Mom to talk to the people there maybe they could make a brochure with your remarks, it would no doubt bring in business

    Hamish & Sophie

  2. Weu-heu, Rufe! You asked for me to wish you good luck and here I go .GOOD LUCK, GOOD LUCK, GOOD LUCK TO REUFUS!


  3. You make agility class sound like something fun to do! And I am green with jellyness over that green grass and rain you have. I think the agility people should hire you to write ads for their school!


  4. Honey, you need no luck whatsoever. I think you are going to be an agility champ, yes, you are! Not only will be be a great agility pooch you will help the Trainer work on her cardio and pulmonary exercises☺☺☺.

  5. Sounds like fun Reufus. Have a great Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly