Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fifteen Fun Fings

On the list of
The Tob Fun Fings In My Life...
[in no particular order tho I am ordering them]

1. The Mom
[The Trolley Driver. The Fotograffer. The Typist.
The Sponsor. The Benny-Fackter. The Bank Roller.
The Maid. The Chef...
A mong odder fings.]
2. Rummy's Beach Club.
3. Swimming.
4. MY Ball.

All so on my list...
5. The Rummy's Fence what grows TOYS!

6. My Cousins Rizzi(out front)
and Zeke (yellow best)...
and my The Aunt Karen!

7. My Best Bud Lisa Goebel,
Proprietor of Rummy's Beach Club.

She is taking my picksher here...
And there she iss, juss beyond me.
She taught me how teu swim...
and I am swimming berry strong and long now.

8. Hanging out in the cool waters.
Here iss the Rizzi resting (left),
Zeke (yellow best),
Me (red best)
and the Aunt Karen.

Rest. Shmest.
9. I gotta RETRIEBE!

10. Stretching out my legs and going afbter it!

11. Being My Inner Seal
Here iss me being my berry habby...

12. Gibbing The Fotograffer a good profile shot.

13. Swimming teu the Wolf
fur my Best Bud Lisa...
and MY Ball.

14. Showing off MY ball
while swimming it back teu the shallow end.

15. Swimming up on Zekey's wake.

I am Reufus and I am a Swim-A-Whole-Lick.
I haff only been free times in my whole life,
butt I can naught wait teu go a gain.

Wheu among Yeu
finks my the Mom
should install me a swimming peul???


  1. Well, is there anyone who doesn't think that you shouldn't have your very own pool? I don't think so. Tell your the Mom to cough up a big bag of green papers so you can have your pool, Little Man.

  2. You DEFINITELY need your own swimming pool! Kuster thinks we need one here, too!


  3. Weu-heu, Reuf! Count me in for the peul, too, Rufus, you and your the Mom could swim together and get good exercise, every nice day there is! It might be a little expensive, but you could both just give up some things, like exotic foodstuffs, designer clothing, dining out, and other things like that. But it would be worth it!I would be glad to take the Greyhound to TX and become your lifeguard!
    Let me know when things will be ready.

    Cheers and hugs,


  4. You have a lotta good things going on right there!! Enhoy!

  5. That is an impressive list of favorite things. You look like you are having a wonderful time.


  6. I sure wish we had a pool like that!

    Monty loves all the things you love!


  7. Reuf,
    You are going to be one busy retriever this summer. Tell the Mom that if you promise to be exceptionally good, will she agree to a swimming pool for you....worth a try.
    Be sure to put on sunscreen, you don't want your fur to become too brown....bol

    Hamish & Sophie

  8. Our favourite was weu channeling your inner seal!

    Just saying'


  9. We think by putting Mom at the top of your list, Reu, you just might get that pool.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  10. A swimming pool would be nice BUT you would miss out on the fun times with friends.