Saturday, June 16, 2012

Good Saturday Here wif De Libberys, Meets and Greets There

Good Saturday
I greeted this morning just ass I all so relented and let go ob last night... by sitting at the side ob the bed, staring at, yea burning a hole in teu my the Mom's eye balls.

I am naught sure why the Mom chooses teu sweep past our normal a rising at 445am. If it iss good enough fur the week, it should be great fur the week end! Time is a wasting. And so am I... wasting a way from the early morning hungers.

How habby I whas teu drag my mal nourished body out ob doors at 615am teu make a circle frew the yard be fore the serving ob my tasty foods... late, but still early enough teu be ordered from the breakfast menyeu... Fank Dog!

The morning progressed leisurely, and I did kinda fink whee might be juss hanging out here fur the day...

and then a gain, my friends and all so cousins, The Whitson Herd, habbs asked fur our helb in the delibbery ob some eatibles from The Flying Saucer Pie Combany teu their Daddy, my the Uncle Tom ob Mister T Day Spa fame.

Being the polite boy I am, gibben my CGC title and all, I did berry quickly ballunteer teu obersee the pies in the trolley from Point FSPC (Flying Saucer Pie Company) teu Point HH (Herd House)... abter all, I deu so berry much lubbs my Uncle Tom....

no... yeu say???
I am naught... needed???
No no... not so!!!
In fackt, the Mom did say teu me...
She wanted no fing more
than teu spend her day wif me...
butt odders needed a bit ob her time...

Iss ok, I'll nab while she iss gone
and be ready to go long and strong
when she comes home!

And when she did,
I whas naught surprised teu smell the
Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston
Meet & Greet

on her cloves!

Yes yes... The Mom did spend time wif the Iris!
This iss Iris saying HI

And good noose fur the Iris,
she did find her Forebber Home teuday!!!

All so wif the Mom teuday whas...
Miss Trixie!!!

Yeu all might remember that this sweet girl iss the perfect companion. She iss a lubber! She iss all so perfeck in the home. She juss lubbs her people and being wif them. She iss a big fan ob the ettibles and the pettings... and she whill make her self comfortable where ebber she goes.

All so there whas the...
Llong legged, the lanky

Miss Holli!!!
She iss a berry energetic free year old young girl wif the big spirit!

oh oh oh...
And making a ppearance was the Henry!
Wow. He iss looking SO much better!
He habbs filled out wif the foodables,
and he needed teu on a counta
he whas oberly fin and all so habbs no furs
when he joined the GRRH fambily...
and now juss look at Sweet Boy!!!

It iss hard naught to keeb going back teu
Miss Trixie!!!

She is a fabe oritt ob ebbery single body she meets. She is a good sport and lubbs ebbery single ad benture what comes her way. I mean... I shared a baff wif her... and she hafft the same smile then that she habbs here... *shakes head slowly in diss be leaf*

O there whas all so a berry pretty girl by name ob Shannon! This sweet girl habbs got the melt-yeu eyes, foughtful temper-ment and a berry slurpy tung-eee!

I habbs juss shown yeu all the reasons
why I stayed home teuday,
and now I whill show yeu why
I fink I shood haff been there...

My good friend Louie whas there!
Louie and I share lots ob imp portant fings...
dates, emoshuns, gains and losses.

His ham sum looks are legendary,
and here iss Iris checking him out

Louie's heart is oben teu finding a neu sister

And when the time is right
the time whill be right
and his fambily whill know it...
wifout a doubt!!!

Oh Henry...
And Miss Trixie!

Golden Lubbs...
Golden Frow Rugs

Yes yes... I get it.
The Herd and GRRH Goldens.
Yeah yeah... errands abter.

The Mom is home, and it iss

Lots to catch up on...

starting wif the edges

and then the under neafs

bouncing round the middles

and saving the best for last...
The End


  1. Good thing she didn't take weu along -

    I bet lots of folks weuld have wanted weu -

    AND khonsidering The Mom's mood at the moment, she might have let 'em!

    PeeEssWEU: I hate to tell weu but at Khamp Khyra, we sleep in!

  2. Weu-Heu, Rufe!

    I love how cool you are, Reufus, when you have been disappointed re activities. Its a real sign of your maturity and growth. Cheers, Mr. Wright!

    Your friend in Minniesnowda,


  3. If your the mom had taken you along, everybody would have wanted you for themselves and it wouldn't have been fair to those other lovely Retrievers! I still keep hoping Miss Trixie would come to your house. She is so darned cute!


  4. We keep thinkin' that it would be so furry nice if your the Mom would bring a nice senior to come to live with you. Your the Mom has lots of love in her heart so there would be plenty to go 'round, honest.

  5. Nice post Ruefus and we agree with you re the early mourning hunger pangs, and we get the mid-day snack attack , followed by the afternoon dinner dreamings. Have a lovely Sunday!
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Dearest Reuf, Thank you so bery much for sharing your the Mom with us on Saturday. I got up early, too, in eager anticipation of the day - though I was finking I would see yeu at the GRRH Meet & Greet. It was naught to be. I have just read your re-telling of the events on Saturday to Louie. Being the bery handsome guy he is, and he knows it though is he is a nice narcissist, he lubbed the pictures and the shout out. We continue to keep our hearts and mind open to finding Louie's sister. Guided by the ever present spirit of Sweet Girl, Miss Stella. Hope yer Sunday is filled with fun and adventure. Swimming -- maybe???!!! Cindy, Alan and yer friend, Louie.

  7. Oh Reufus,
    You don't know how much your blog meant to me today.
    All those beautiful Goldens looking for forever homes, and the beautiful Iris finding hers.
    The next time you make a stop at The Flying Saucer Pie Combany, can you make a little detour on your way home? Just drive up to Oklahoma, turn Northeast and head to the Windy City. You will not be stopped for intrastate transportation of Flying Saucer Pies, as we have paid off all of Marshall Dillon's friends North of Houston.

    Hamish & Sophie
    & Mom & Dad