Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Skool Night

Skool Night Skool Night
The Opp O Sit ob
Golden Rule Night
(ecksept I deu get lots ob treats)

I tole you last week that I am working to get Yeu a life feed fur my Skool nights, butt until then... I am deuing the next best fing what is sharing last week wif Yeu this week so it iss kinda like Yeu are juss running a little late. And juss so Yeu whill naught feel teu lost, I whill try naught teu progress teu quickly. ;o)

Welcome teu Dogwood!

I hobes Yeu are ass habby teu be here ass I am. Please teu pardon the blurry pickchers. The photographer tries naught teu make a specktackle ob the pickcher taking on a counta she deus naught want me distrackted.

What iss that ober there?

This iss me deuing a sit stay be fore class. Yeu can see my training bag in the chair. In that bag iss lots of stuff I may or may naught need. One day I whill show yeu in side it. It iss a berry fun place teu stick yeur nose.

Here I am showing Yeu a down stay. Be hind me Yeu see a low 'Intro teu Agility' bridge. I aced that a long time ago. Naught bragging, juss bringing yeu up teu date.

The Mom finds that habbing me demonstrate my sit and down stays be fore class, while steudents are coming in and getting positioned and ready, helps me teu settle and focus.

Whee all so deu some flat work (healing), quick sits or halts, freezes and left pivots teu warm up fur class. [The Photographer acksidently turned on the flash.]

Judy, my regular instrucktor, whas naught here last week... so I got a chance teu learn from DeNise a gain!

A long wif Judy, DeNise taught me in many Intro teu Competition classes. She whill all so be my instrucktor in Beginning Agility what starts next Monday, June 11f.

Whee played some 'get it' games. Whee did some flat work... And whee learned teu read and perform teu new Rally signs.

These neu signs were...

Call Front Finish Left Forward

Call Front Finish Left Halt

I'm naught sure, the rest of the class might haff tried it teu the right... but I did only work on my left. Thiss is a nice progression from the work whee started last week as whee learned finishes.

Whee all so did some sit stays, and I did pretty good until the last one when I got in teu some trouble. I guess I whas a little tired. The Mom walked a way teu ward the instrucktor wheu said... "Are yeu going teu let him sit that way?" The Mom turned a round...

I had rolled back on my hips, had my left leg sticking out straight and out teu the left and my front legs were way off teu the right. The Mom sayed all I whas missing whas a cigar, smoking jacket and a scotch... neat.

Christie, a nother ob my prebious instrucktors [wheu iss all so a steudent in the class] said I whas sitting... 'ungentlemanly'.

All I know iss that I whas made teu stand up and then all so deu a pretty sit... what I did deu. And  then ebbery body whas habby. *takes bow*

I whas all so habby when it came time teu board the trolley, and then as whee began teu pull out ob the station... Look quick! There is a golden retrieber at the fence!

Fank Yeu fur coming a long on Skool night. Sixty minutes in a row iss a long time fur a young golden retrieber boy like me teu focus and learn fings. I deu lubbs it so much, but my brain deus some times ecksplode be fore the end. Pleas come back a gain next week teu see if it happens a gain.


  1. The teu of weu are SOOOOOOOOOO something!!!


  2. Looks like you have a really nice time there! I am curious to see what is in your bag!

  3. Weu-heu, Reuf!

    Yes, you doing fine for a young guy with lots of distractions around. I feel proud for you.

    Like Finn, I would like to check out your bag too. Will you show us?


  4. Naw naw~ Don't let your brain explode Reufus!
    It seems like you're doing so well on your skool!
    Great job!


  5. Our momma says that if she lived closer to you she would come to class with your and your the Mom and she would take videos for you to put in cyberspace. You are doing so furry, furry good in class. We give you an A!

  6. Reuf,
    That was very interesting. So are doing so well, our buttons are popping.
    Hamish & Sophie & Joe give you Paw Bumps for your efforts.
    Can't wait for the Agility, we know you will be better than Rin Tin Tin.
    If we lived closer and we could come, we would protect that bag, you never know what goodies might be found.

    Auntie Sheila, Uncle Bob
    Hamish & Sophie & Joe

  7. You seem like an excellent student to me! After all that work, I bet you took a long nap.


  8. Oh boy Reuf - we've made those boos boos so many times too! When we go home after class, we snooze furever - it sure is fun but exhausting!!! Good for you to do this!!!
    Sam and Avalon

  9. Reufus, you are progressing nicely. Some times 60 minutes of focusing is tough for all of us...even the humans. Good job!

  10. OHHHHHH You should get a very good grade, because you are doing sooo good!