Sunday, June 10, 2012

Habby Sunday & A Trolley Ride

Habby Sunday!
Whee haff been so busy wif busyness... not super fun busyness but more juss reuteen stuff, and I haff naught been able to deu the blogging.

Teuday, howebeer, stacked up teu be a GReat day ob obboard-toonity and all so maybe a road trip.
And so when whee boarded the trolley teuday, my berry first fought was... swimming at Rummy's. Abter all, I am still trying to loose some few poundage and all so increase my muscle strengf in my legs.

I go teu my first Beginning Agility Class teumorrow, so it makes sense teu me that my the berry planning and fought full Mom wheu lubbs me and all ways looks out fur my well being and all so fun habbings... wood whant me teu get in a timely aquarobicks work out... Right???
Does this camera angle make me look... affletick?


And so imagine my ghastly surprise when the trolley deboarded at...

Dirty Hairy Dog Wash!

Now do naught get me wrong... as baffs go...  Dirty Hairy's be in my top teu places teu haff one [Mister T Day Spa being the odder!], but when a berry clean boy leafs home, he eckspecks teu be going teu a water hole wif a plug in the bottom. Juss saying.

Teu make madders worse,
take a look at the GSD ober my left shoulder...
She was behabing like a berrry baff champ.

This deus naught be time fur a comparisson.
I am outta here.

I am hooked teu the front ob the tub.

Please teu note that no body else is stobbing teu take pickchers...

butt ob course, MY the Mom is...

naught juss once butt at ebbery fyeu minutes.

Dirty Hairy's has be come part ob our reuteen.
Whee are going teu come here
ebbery weekend what is free or four days
abter my Advantage Multi abblicayshun.

Teuday is being my fourf bisit.

The Mom says whee whill nebber baff at home again
on a counta, Dirty Hairy's...
1. iss only a fifteen minute trolley trip
2. habbs bunches ob shamboos teu seleck from
3. habbs speshull face shamboo what deus naught bodder the eye balls
4. habbs ear cleaner and little cotton wibes
5. means no bending ober fur the Mom
6. habbs aprons fur the Mom
7. habbs the berry best absorbant towels
8. habbs ebbery greuming teul right there
9. habbs blow dryers (I am naught a fan)
10. whill deu my nails fur me!

And here is me,
strabbed teu the table while the Mom towel dried me...
and I am waiting teu see if I need my nails trimmed...
abter all and in case Yeu haff for gotten...
I begin Agility teumorrow,
and my performance cood hinge on my nail lengf...
or so my oberly worry sum the Mom finks.

Good Noose!

I did naught need my nails trimmed... and all so, whee hobbed in the trolley and went straight home where I whas habby teu drain my water bowl and race out ob doors to roll in the saint august teen grasses untill my the Mom yelled at me teu stob and come back teu the in ob doors and I did.

I did all so take a short nap and abter did follow the Mom a round while she did chores. Ebbery time she did get still, I all so putt my cold whet nose on her hand juss fur effeck.

I deu like this necks pickcher on a counta I deu look berry fin, and all so, I fink Yeu can see eckstream in-no-sins in my eyes and spellt out right a cross my face.

Here I am sneaking in a begetarian snack and showing off my muchly brushed and clean furs what smell of yeu-call-ipptus and pepper mint and... saint august teen grasses.

Ok, ok, I haff teu confess...
I deu naught under stand the fastinayshun wif
skirts and feffers and tail furs,
butt the Mom insists I show Yeu this....

The End
[hee hee hee]


  1. Reufus,
    Every time you blog it gets better and better, and I wind up laughing until I can hardly breath.
    You just keep getting more handsome, we wish we lived close because we just want to Hug you and Hug you, and Hug you.....did I say we want to Hug you?
    We know you will do great in agility, just remember "Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude."
    Love Ya Reufus.

    Auntie Sheila, Uncle Bob,
    Cousins twice removed,
    Hamish & Sophie and the little house guest "Joe"

  2. Berry gud reporting! We have a place like Dirty Harry's where we go for the baff!

    I like it but not as good as Dogma... my Miss Beth there is not as short as the muzzer, so i don'f have to sit in the tub but can stand up and keep my obb shuns open!


  3. Berry gud reporting! We have a place like Dirty Harry's where we go for the baff!

    I like it but not as good as Dogma... my Miss Beth there is not as short as the muzzer, so i don'f have to sit in the tub but can stand up and keep my obb shuns open!


  4. I think you DID look a bit thinner after that bath, and I think it certainly deserves something other than a vegetarian snack--And you really do have nice feffers and tail furs! :-)

  5. You look so cute after your bath! And Your Momma has a great sense of humor. But we can;t tell those peeps we think so, right?!?! Have a good night!

  6. Reufus, I bet you smell so good (even with the august teen grass) and are so very soft to pet. Just remember you are not fat, you are fluffy. I could hardly see your svelte self when you were wet. I have to agree that swimming is so much more fun, but also remember that chlorine dries out your skin and you should look you very best for Agility tomorrow. I can hardly wait to hear about your new adventures there. Hugs to you and your the Mom. Cindy

  7. Hi Reufus
    I have never been to a Dirty Hairy, but I can see how wonderful they are! Just look at how fluffy and beautiful you are! I am going to look for maybe some other kind of Dirty Hairy, cause I want to look good as you,

  8. Weu-heu, Rufus! I am jelly of all the high quality stuff you get at Dirty Harry's! We have a place like that but you gotta bring your own stuff.

    Your skirts, feffers and tail fluffers all look just wonderful. You will dazzle everyone at Agility! I can't wait to be watching Agility on the Teevee and hear the announcer say: Up next the famous Texas Tornado, Rufus!
    And I will say, I know that guy!


    Cheers and hugs,


  9. Hi Reufus , Dirty Hairy's classic , loved it and hope you are all pampered now? Have a Happy Monday!
    Best wishes Molly

  10. Reuf - too funny! There is no pup who tells a story like you - we are still laughing!!! Looking for places like that on the road!
    Sam and Ava

  11. Looks like you, Scout and Freyja all has their baffs this weekend! Gotta say, a sweet smelling pooch is a pooch that is often invited to sleep on the big bed☺.

  12. Dirty Harry's does not sound like the kind of place I want to go to AT ALL! Yegads! Reuf, you were very brave!