Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Food Speshulls

Habby Friday!

I haff been crazy busy wif busyness, and I haff a back log of fings teu post... so berry much to catch yeu up on! And ass I whas pondering where teu start, I found my self odderwise infolfed...

Waiting. Patiently
Fur My Fabe Oritt Fing...


Fur my dining pleasure this ebening, I whill be habbing The White Slow Eater Bowl Speshull what consists of a bed of 2/3 cup Innova Low Fat Kibble topped wif 1/3 cup [No Sodium] Green Beans and 1/2 Ring of Pineapple, garnished wif One Zuke's Hip Action Square [divided in teu four pieces].

Once my meal is prepared, I make a run fur the study... A  unorthodocks place to eat, I under stand... butt this iss where I learned teu gobble eat... so that The Bleu cood dine at he's own pace in a secure relaxed enbironment. And now, this iss where I deu lubbs teu be served.


*good eye contact*


*nommy nommy nom nom*

*nom nom*

The White Slow Eater Bowl Speshull iss meant teu be etten slow... butt I deu ett it wif guss toe.
[gus-to: golden retrieber fur fast, furious and wif enfusiasm]

It whas a  berry good dinner. Ass best ass I can remember...

And speaking ob good and tasty foods...
I am a bout teu begin a new diet!

The Amazing Treat Diet For Dogs
by Katie Newman

wheu iss my friend Hustler's the Mom!

Ob course, I am only four pounds ober weight... butt I haff had a bit ob a hard time getting a single pound off[deu teu the training and the treats, the Mom finks], eben wif all my exercise. So while it won't take me long to reach my goal, my the Mom finks I whill need to whork at keeping my boyish figyeur.

Now Yeu know me and the ettibles and I haff teu tell Yeu... This iss one diet I am looking for ward teu gobbling. It is berry full of tasty fruits and vegetables what I lubbs and seuper easy fur the Mom teu prepare!

She whill haff teu go teu the grocery store how ebber, *taps paw* but I digress.

Apris Dinner
aka Lemme Out

You're coming wif me, right?

and now...


Speaking of dessert fings in my garden,
here is a nuffer look at those big pink fleurs.
Ebbery fing in the yard and garden is wilted, crispy and dry.
I fink the Mom needs teu spring fur a drink ob the waters
fur all ob it!!!

Whell, Fank Yeu fur stobbing by teuday...
I hobes Yeu enjoyed yeur stay

Please teu come back teumorrow,
when I might treat Yeu teu the rest of
My 203 Memorial Day Swim photos and bideos!!!

Ok. If I promise naught to post them all,
whill Yeu please teu come back???
I sure hobes so.

I haff tried fur some time now...
teu join
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    1. Reufus, You look like the perfect weight, but we know that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.
      Hope you have a wonderful weekends and don't have to spend too much time cleaning the house.

      Hamish & Sophie

    2. We are thinking that you like to eat in the study because it is in the study where you have your artwork displayed☺. We l♥ve the way you did your the Mom's window arrangements on the door! We used to have some of those, too, but they got so 'artful' that they were donated to the 'refuse dude' who was seen putting them in the big hope chest he has on the front of his collection vehicle☺.

      1. Fank Yeu fur yeur a presheayshun of my dinner side sculpcher. Be hind that is all so fine snart.

        Did I read wright? ReufYeus Deud??? Colleckshun Be Hickle?

        Oh my.

        Yeur Little Man

    3. Weu Heu, Reuf! Your din-din looked lovely and it took me a while to figure out the big white beany looking things in the dish, but those are to keep you from eating two fast, right! You must know that most dogs are like us, quick on the draw when the food bowl appears, but I think its OK. When I was a new reskeu dog here, my Mom fed me in the kitchen and ate her supper in the living room with the TV neus.
      She looked down and found I had dragged my bowl into the living room, next to her, so she would have my company and I could keep up with the neus,too. I thought it was nice, but it did not last.



    4. That dinner looked delicious!! And what nice fluffy flowers!

    5. I hope weu tipped your server!

      What a beaWEUtiful presentation!

      What beverage was served?

      Khyra and Khousin Merdie

    6. We would always come back to look at your pictures! Monty thinks your weight is perfect and your Mom needs to start adding steak to your kibble. Sam is wondering where you got your dish - Mom puts a large rock in his to keep him from gobbling his food.


    7. Hi Y'all,

      How y'all doin'? Just hoppin' by for a visit. Hope y'all are having a fantastic and fun weekend!

      Y'all come by now,
      Hawk aka BrownDog