Monday, June 18, 2012

My Berry Second Agility Class at My Skool

Welcome teu
Beginning Agility Class Teu!

Teuday I whill be sharing wif Yeu
a little bit a bout
My Berry First Agility Class
last Monday night.
I did deu some agility fings
in my Intro teu Competition class last fall
what whas juss enough fur me
teu know that I deu lubbs the obstackles.
This class,
may be juss a little ober my
and all so my the Trainer's collectiffs heads
butt whee are going teu gibbs it eberry fing whee got.

Now here iss me in
The Business Yard
looking pass the construckshun souf
teu ward The Agility Field.

I whas a bit confyeused and all so hot on a counta
1. Whee were at Skool at 7pm on a Monday night.
2. It whas 90 degrees ob unadulterated hotness out there.

3. The trolley deboarded at The Agility Field.
4. Whee lebt all ob my stuff way ober there!

5. What am I deuing in The Business Yard???

... besides looking stunningly ham sum, I mean...?

Eupsy. I digress!

Yeu see, fur all the obfious reasons...
agility steudents muss naught conduct business
near The Agility Field.

And fur the record, I did naught deu any business any where,
but the Trainer did gibbs me the obborteunitee...

What I Did In Class

There whas lots ob talking and
a equal a mount ob lissening.
And then I ran frew these a bunch ob times...
great tunnel photo from web
First I ran frew straight
and then in a curf.
I whas lightning bolt fassst!!!

Whee then started
shabing behabe-yeur on the jump
wif the bar on the ground.
great jump photo from web
I whas deuing really whell
untill I found out whee were deuing it
all and all so combletely wrong.

Neckst, I learned teu hit the contack point
at the bottom ob a A Frame
great A-Frame photo from web
I whas BERRY gung ho
a bout this ecksersize!

Neckst and all so last,
I did whalk a plank
great plank photo from web
I whas naught a feart ob it, butt
it whas  all so naught my shining moment
on a counta I found it easier teu swing my butt off ob it
in order teu eat my treat.
Juss saying.

Home Work

Whee habbs quite a bit teu deu...
incleuding building a contack plank
and here she iss in the raw... 

The wood putty whas a problem
on a counta I did try teu lick it out ob the holes.
It iss tocksick and this iss a no-no.
I got in deep trouble.
A gain I digress...

The Mom...
or I forget, may be it whas The Trainer...
picked out a color fur my plank.
 I tole her I whant the GRRH gold

So teu geffer whee pick
A Marfa Steuwart color...
[Marfa on a counta
I eat from a Marfa slow eat bowl]

[like a standard ishyeu Number 2 pencil]

 Here iss the bottom or belly
 what whas painted first.

The Mom or The Trainer [I forget which]
did haff teu drench her self in the DEET
on a couna the skeeters were fick teuday!

I fink Yeu can see the nice color ob Pencil...

I did so berry much whant
teu ober see the finish work
but ass it turns out...
the paint whas whet
and I whas helb full...
so I did seuberfise from the door.
And I did like what I did see.

The color is ecksackly what I in bishunned.

She iss taking her own sweet time
teu dry her self...

butt I am fank full
that she is dry enough fur me to ecksammon.

Yes Yes...

I beliebe I can whork wif her.

Now what ecksackly are whee teu deu???

I guess she and I whill find out in class teunight
and whee whill tell Yeu a bout it
neckst wheek.

Fur now,
here iss me coming back in side.
Whee haffa  raised fresh hold...
 so it is a bit like a obstackle.
I mastered it.
Bring on the rest!


  1. Oh Reufus, you are so smart, not to mention so handsome!

  2. Well Reufus, I posted a comment but ffffft it disappeared.
    We love your collar and matching leash, boy you have good taste. We know this afilty thing will be your cup of tea and you will do well.
    The Mom will need to clear a wall in your reum for all your ribbons.

    Hamish & Sophie

  3. Reufus, you certainly picked out a very pretty color for your training plank! No doubt you will do very good in skool!!

  4. You are such a great reporter! We are admiring the Mom's building skills. Being an architect must have been very helpful with the design and planning☺. Little Man, we have no doubt that you are going to excel at agility just as you are in obedience. Have patience with the Mom, she is learning just as fast as she can☺.