Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Skool Night Teu

Welcome teu
My Skool Night...
Smiling in The Business Yard
Berry tecknickally, this iss
My Second Skool Night
ob the week.
Yeu see way back there ober my shoulder,
be hind the new construckshun iss...

The Agility Field
where I took
My Berry Furst Beginning Agility Class
 last night.

Now, ass Yeu know...
and un till I I get my life feed...
I whill be reborting teu Yeu this week
wif what I did last week
butt naught to worry...
I deu many ob the same fings
ebbery single week...
so Yeu will naught fall far be hind.

Here is me checking my weekly
(now twice weekly) email... |

and faxes.
There iss all ways a feeling ob ecksitement
in the airs what surround my Skool...

There are lots ob steudents coming
and going
and all so... 'going'.

The Trainer and I spend time in
The Business Yard
until she a nnounces "Last Call"
and then whee go teu the in side.

Last week,
 they had started a new class be fore ours
and it ran a little long.
Here iss me being patient,
ignoring the distrackshun ob the odder class,
all while The Trainer
 tries to get the hang ob the new camera
what I haff naught yet tasted.

Here is me while the Trainer gets her self
and our stuff all set up.

Be low Yeu whill see
me showing Yeu
My Lazy Sit

And now be low this
iss me showing Yeu
My Pretty Sit
what habbs been the subject
ob many diss cuss shuns
wif the Instrucktor.

This iss me showing Yeu a long sit stay,
while the odder steudents are
coming in, getting settled and all so
sit chewated.

This is me when the Trainer comes back teu me from an angle.
My feetsies haff naught moobed
on a counta I am the Good Boy...
and all so the night iss young!

Here is the Photographer
trying teu take a picksher 
ob what The Trainer sees
when whee deu flat work (walking)...
butt this iss naught what she sees at all
on a counta when I saw the camera,

I ducked my head and lurched for ward.
So there.

Here is when whee worked on low jumps
tight to the upright.
The idea whas to learn to deu a standing jump
and bend yeur body round the upright.

The worse part a bout the Photographer
being all so the Trainer iss
Yeu whill nebber get teu see me
deuing ackchewall acktibity...

butt my the Trainer iss all most ass habby
a bout my waiting skills
ass she iss a bout my acktibity performing skills

and I hobes Yeu teu
whill haff an a ppresheayshun
fur how hard it iss fur me...
teu diss play self control.
It is so berry hard...


I much prefer 'get it' games
and deuing stuff
that earns me more libbers and chees!

One fing I haff learned a bout Skool...
Finking sure makes me tired.

This wheek I haff been working on
my posschewer

on a counta I haff been
King ob the Lazy Sits
fur the last teu weaks
and now Yeu know why
My Pretty Sit 
whas so imp portant teu show Yeu!

Be fore I close, I whill tell Yeu a funny story.

When asked a bout my lazy sits,
The Instrucktor said it whas deu teu
and all so a weakness in inner leg muscles.
The Trainer asked what teu deu
teu strengfen my muscles,
And The Instrucktor said...
...wait fur it...


I deu lubbs my Instrucktor!
Shee iss The Best in All The Whorld!


  1. O Reufus, I so enjoyed your descriptions of your class!

  2. What a great class Reufus!! You really are doing great!

  3. Yeau Heau, Reuf!

    Your days are just packed, aren't they? Agility, Skule, and now more Swimming! Your bowl runneth over with fun things to do and I am most happy for you. I can't wait to hear more about Agility as its interesting to me. Skule too, of course.

    Cheers and hugs,

    Stella and Zkhat

  4. Reuf,
    We are so happy for you, you the Golden from the Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston, making a name for yourself.
    We can always say we knew you when your ability was just a gleam in The Mom's eyes.
    But you are showing them, and you are doing such a wonderful job of being the type of Golden that when people see they say " we wish our Golden was that well trained".
    The sky is the limit Big Guy and we know you along with your expert trainer can take your ability as far as you want.
    Love Ya,

    Auntie Sheila,Uncle Bob
    Cousins Hamish & Sophie and foster Joe

  5. Sweet boy, you are just so good at doing pretty sits and great at 'waiting' and super-duper at learning. We are so furry happy that it was suggested you get in more swimming time, too. We hope that one day your the Mom will take someone along to your class that will take photos for her. We would so like to see you 'doing your thing'☺.

  6. Hi Ruefus we liked lazy sit best of all! Have a good Day!
    Best wishes Molly

  7. You are clearly working VERY VERY hard at school! We are glad that you will get to "do" more stuff in agility and that your instructor suggested more swimming. You are an excellent student...The Mom should be proud!

  8. Reufus, I just wanted to say that I'm so excited for you as you learn something new! Your Mom sees that potential in you and we all see it too!! I'll be rooting for you from the sidelines here in Virginia!!

  9. Wow, that is an impressive loooong stay! Looks like you are having a great time there!

  10. Reuf, I was so excited to hear what was said at the end of the story.... SWIMMING!! Wow! What luck. You didn't slip her a fiver for giving that advice, did you? Just kidding! It's truly the best aerobic exercise without the impact. I personally liked both sit varieties. Keep up the great work. Paws up... Cindy , Alan and Louie

  11. Hi Reuf
    I am so happy for you that you are learning so much and doing sooo good.
    Your heart does like to please, and we can tell!
    And not only that- but you are having fun!

  12. We know too how tough it is to be patient for when it is our turns! And we do so appreciate your pretty sit - beautiful! And... Know how tired obedience can make one! Now... Go swimming!
    Xxxxxxxx Sammie and Avalon