Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My [Finking] Skool Night

Welcome Back teu Dogwood
and teu my Rally / Pre-Novice Obedience Class

Many ob Yeu haff asked a bout the class
I am taking..
I habbs the best Instrucktor ebber teu be
and I wood lubbs Yeu teu read a bout the class

Now ass Yeu are whell a ware,
whee are running sebben days
be hind on the photos.
And sebben days a go,
the wheffer whas border line berry bad.

It whas darker than normal

and condishuns in The Business Yard were...

off by a nose...

Juss saying.
Here iss looking down to the souf
teu ward The Agility Field.

And here I show Yeu
a golden
from the earlier storms...

Spooky skies teu the west
what are full ob the lightning
I did so hobes they wood naught effeck us
in the arena
and they did naught!!!

shhhhhhhh shhhh...

Turns out
my regular instrucktor is naught here
so I whill be learning from
my former (and all so current) instrucktors
Christy and Tracie. 
Whee were running a bit late on a counta
the bad wheffer
and whee did naught haff much picksher time.

Here iss me hearing the tight jumb
a round the up right
in struckshuns

My the trainer and I are a bit
learning impared
so whee lissen in tently
each and ebbery time.

And whee whatch closely
as Instrucktor Tracie demonstrates
wif her Jelly...
how teu perform this properly.

I did work berry hard wif the Trainer
and all so wif the Tracie
teu deu this properly.
I fink I might haff learned a fing or teu,
and I wore them boaf out in the learning ob it.

Here is me waiting fur what is up neckst.

whee were teu perform

The Figyeur 8s

This is naught teu wide circles conneckted
butt more like
teu snow cones connected at the tips.
Tracie did gibbs the Mom many tibs
and whee did pracktiss them ober and ober.
I did co operate and perform
berry much as guided.
And the Mom whas quite proud.

Then whee were tole that
instead ob cones and hoops...
in competition,
there whill be ackshewall peoples there.

Ah Oh.
Suddenly, whee real eyesed

Ok. Whee all so did a bunch ob odder stuff teu. Whee did some flat work, some left turns and some right turns... and this iss harder than it shood be on a counta there iss offten a jumbling up ob the trainers and steudents, and that iss all I whill say a bout that, butt...

Fur that reason,
I deu some times lubbs teu go and get a drink.

It whas a berry good class last week,
and I did feel good a bout my performance.

I do so hobes teu perform so whell teunight...

that my finking brain is ass tired...

thiss week ass lass week...

Side Note
what is really more ob a
End Note

I come home wired from Agility.
The Trainer comes home eckSOREsted.

I come home drained from Rally/Obedience.
The Trainer comes home wif her brain of fire
and racing a bout.
I am naught sure what that means
a bout me and my the Trainer
butt the a nalogy
comes teu mind.
[that means OBBoSIT... right?]


  1. Finding the proper trainer khan be sooooo furry challenging -

    'til weu deu, I guess weu are stukhk with The Mom -

    Just sayin'


  2. Hi Reufus , surely mum is a natural on the training front. You look so good. Wonder what events you will be entering in the Blogville Olympics.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. WeuHeu, Rufus!

    Not sure YinYang can be simplified to Opposites, in your case its probably OK.

    You look handsome and full of confidence, Reufus, which is probably half the battle. Does your the Mom Trainer look that way too?


  4. Mom and Dad teach human puppies and their dogs how to do obedience, and their eyes always get big when they find out there will be humans in the figure eight, too! I bet you and The Mom will do great sooner than you expect to. I have confidence in you!


  5. Trainers are confusing, aren't they, Reufus?


  6. Hey Reufus,
    You are well on your way, and we know that you will do great and will "move on up" to more advanced classes in the future. We have no doubt you and the trainer (Mom)can reach new heights.
    You remind me of one of my favorite quotes by Vince Lombardi, the Green Bay Packer coach in their glory years, he said;
    "The quality of a Person's Life is in Direct Proportion to Their Commitment to Excellence"
    You my Furry Golden Retriever and your trainer have that Commitment to Excellence.

  7. Reufus, we are having such fun reading about your agility work. We are going to have to step up our game, you are showing us up. Can't wait for the next installment.

    Tucker and Daisy

  8. Goshes. you are doing soo good. As I see you do all this- I get to thinking that I want to do it too!

  9. We are so proud of you! What a team you and the Trainer are! Once you get home does she become The Mom again and give you cuddles and no reason treats?

  10. You are doing the right thing at the right time in all the right ways. You and your the Mom are PURRfectly matched, honest. Both of you are filled with l♥ve and that is the furry most imPAWtant ingredient for success.

  11. Hey Reuf

    We were tied to the railing, but not the tree, that was just a stay. We were tired then, not wanting to move too much, but also Mom didn't trust us for very long, just enough to cross the street and take the pic and come right back.


  12. U are brave to. E in the agilatee! :)

  13. Wow Reufus - rally, obedience, agility and swimming! You are a very busy guy! Can't wait to see you in competition! Until this trip, we were working on obedience and know how hard it is to get the pacing of a figure 8 just right - it's HARD!!! You are doing soooooo awesome and unnerstand how come you both get tired!
    Big Hugs xxxx
    Sammie and Avalon