Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Skool Night

welcome teu
My Skool Night
where I study Pre-Novice Rally and Oh Be Dience
Agility Night was berry fun lass night...
berry, berry berry hot
but berry, berry, BERRY fun.
Yes yes I deu lubbs
My Running and Jumbing Class
My Finking Class
is the berry most imp portant
on a counta 
I deu so berry much need teu learn teu fink!

Ass Yeu know,
I am showing Yeu lass week
this week...
And here I am arriving in
The Business Yard

Whee habbs berry many and strong storms
and lots and lots ob rains
right be fore class...

The grasses were berry mushy
and full ob interesting details
and rumors and whatnaught.

Parts ob The Business Yard
were still telling the story ob
the storm...

and then there whas all so
this berry interesting information
right here.

Now... when whee went in teu
The Skool Building...

The prebious Class whas still learning
many many fings...

Some ob them I knew how teu deu...
Habby The Steudent
Some ob them, I did naught...

I whas berry ecksited teu get started...
and I rushed teu my playce...

Here I am sitting while the Trainer 
sorts frew and organizes our fings
putts the treats in all the right sbots
and ett cettera.

Whee did a lot ob work...

Whee played some 'get it' games
and worked on call to 'close'. 
Whee did work on the details 
ob the left and right turns.
Whee did learn to pracktiss our boxes.

One berry fun game whee played
inbolbed my froggy wif the tob hat...
and YEU!

Note my paw location teu the lebt ob the Trainer's lebt wif the leash drobbed teu the floors. :o)

Here iss me wif YEU and Froggy.
YEU and Froggy are on tob ob 
My Berry Speshull Bag
what I deu still need teu show YEU in side.

O Yeah. Uh huh...
A Nodder Fun Ebening at
My Finking Skool...

Whee habbs a furry quiet trib home
in the trolley.
The Trainer and I were berry habby...
She whas setting our goals
and planning our training...

I on the odder paw,
whas planning on setting!

Please teu pardon our mess ob

tossed sheus and such.
My Monday and Teusday Skool Nights
[a mong odder fings what may resemble 
laziness teu the untrained eye, butt
are really more like ecksores-chun]
some times mean
a few eckstra sheus tossed a bout.

No worries...
Sheus is my fabe-oritt playce
teu rest my sneuter.


  1. My goodness sakes, Little Man. You study this and you study that - you hardly take a rest plus you do homework with the Trainer. You are such a busy, busy boy. We just KNOW that one day you are going to be an obedience PLUS an agility champion☺.

  2. Weu-heu, Rufus!

    Another great day at skool. I love it that you are doing thinking stuff, its a wonderful talent to have, even though as you get very much older, it gets harder to do.

    You and the Trainer/Mom are doing great. MAking us all proud of you.

    Stella and Zkhat

  3. Reuf, I think you must be one of the smartest dogs I know! That is A LOT of thinking, and you make it all look easy!


  4. How do you have time for this learning business?
    You are so smart!

  5. Thinking....jumping...swimming! You and the Trainer are like energizer bunnies!

  6. Hi Reufus,
    It's nice to meet you. Our Fudge has a Rally title and a couple of us are studying for ours. It's fun, isn't it?
    Morgan and the Porties

  7. You are sumpin' else Reuf! Such a smart and also very busy boy!!! We're keepin' our eyes on you so we can learn lots of stuff!!!
    Sammie and Avalon