Monday, April 9, 2012

The Bleu Monday, A Memorial and a Miracle

It was a berry fun weekend and all so one what was filled wif foughts and memories. Me and the Mom did refleck on our the lubbed ones wheu are no longer here wif us... and as fur the me, I miss The Bleu.

I miss The Bleu in big ways, but I wood like to share wif Yeu a berry precious Memorial!

A Bleu Memorial

A few days a go, we did reseebs a package and I was berry curious a bout it on a counta it smelt ob teu Cousins and one Foster Cousin. Just sayin.

The Mom was filled wif the "awws" and the tenderness, like she knowed the preshussness what was contained in side.

And the Mom was right, on a counta that package held a berry sweet card and this awesome Memorial banner of my brother, The Bleu.

Juss look at The Handsome Boy. Gosh. I sure miss the him.

This berry fought full gift was sent to us by my the Aunt Sheila, Uncle Bob, Cousins Hamish and Sophie, and Foster Cousin Rowdy. And juss one year a go, they all so honor The Luke in the berry same way.

Fambily is off ten best when chosen. The Mom is blessed wif the most wonderful group of Friends, many of which she hass never met in flesh, what she fink of as Fambily. Yeu mean the world teu us, and we treasure your friendship annd fambliness!

Eben I feel the somberness of the Memorial. One day, ob course, we celebrate... but teuday, we feel the misses...

A Miracle

The Mom hass been troubled oafer the past coupla weeks. She hass tried to keep the panick in per specktive, but hass fretted nun the less.

Yeu see, quite sum time a go, she went by to pick up the Bleu paw casting and found out it had beed mailed a day earlier. What follow was dat it hass been lost in the mail fur the last teu weeks, but the berry good noose is that yesterday, what was Easter Sunday... the Mom check the mail bocks [she did naught fink to check it on Saturday]... and in the bocks was a package!!!

And in the package was the paw print casting. And the Mom immediately pressed her own paw in teu it... and her tears did flow.

We place his beyeutiful banner wif his paw...

And we haff a moment.

When my brother the Bleu was called to The Bridge, I looked for him ebery single where. I still deu feel the loss and so all so does the Mom.

I am grate full fur speshull Memorials on a counta they mean so berry much teu the Mom. She hold the banner to her heart while kissin the paw. She whill treasure them all ways...


  1. Oh, my sweet little man, you have me making tears in my eyes thinking about the Bleu and the Luke. One thing I know for sure - you are doing both of them proud, very proud.

  2. Aww Reufus..we think like Scout and Freya that you are doing a very good job, and that Bleu and Luke would be most proud.


  3. I'm sure The Bleu and The 'Leuke' are enjoying your antikhs from The RB -

    I bet their Googlie Readerie Thingie is already following weu!

    This is a furry furry special post!

    Thanks fur sharing -

    NOW, please to go give The Mom a khyss from ME!


  4. Reufus,
    You and The Mom are so special to us as was The Luke and The Bleu. You are doing such a wonderful job of carrying the torch of love that both The Luke & The Bleu did so proudly.
    We are so happy that the paw print was found and now is in your home, it is beautiful, a remembrance that will be with you and The Mom forever.
    Though we have never met face to face we
    Love you and The Mom as if you were our family, which by the way we consider you (guess your stuck with us)

    Golden Hugs,
    Auntie Sheila, Uncle Bob,
    Cousins Hamish & Sophie

  5. Such a nice post thinking of your big brothers. We are sure they are both proud of you. Give our love to your the Mom, we consider you and her our family too.

    Tucker and Daisy

  6. oh my dogness what a beautiful memorial :) love for you all

  7. beautiful post, sorry you lost your brother, your paths will cross again... jesse

  8. I am sorry I didn't see this yesterday. What a lovely post and what a lovely pawprint and banner! I am so glad it wasn't indefinitely lost in the mail and that it made its way home.

  9. So glad the pawprint arrived safely. Such a lovely banner keepsake for your mom. A very thoughtful gift.