Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Co-Memo Rating One Year ob Captivity

Greetings My Friends
and please teu join me as I refleck on
The Celebration of My One Year ob Captivity!
A stormy day yesterday, Yeu can see the rain drops on my nose.

Yesterday marked
the Furst Annibersarry ob the fateful day
I brought the Reufus Brand of Mischief, Mayhem,
Habbock, Freneticism and All So Much Fun...
teu this Fambily.
The sky is heaby. The grasses habbs the wets. And the yards is mushy.
I can treuf fully say...
It hass been one ob the best years ob my life,
I wonder when the Mom whill turn her back and let me eat ob the UnderCubber Buffay.
Ob course, I am naught yet teu years old.
But just sayin, treuf fully.
A MOMent must be capchewered from ebbery angle.
And now on wif the Pawty

I wass gibben this bag ob fings what hass been hidden
in side the big cold bocks!

My nose nose what is in side the bag ob fings.

It iss the kookies I picked out from
the Jackson Place Bakery!

Ob course these fine delicacies must be dogumented.

Deu Yeu know the tempy tayshun what lay be fore me?
Recognition, Please!
O and now fur the berry best part...
I was gibben the big Sweet Heart!!!
Watch me nom nommy!
[sorry the bideo is kinda dark]

That was quite tasty, and there is more where that came from...
Mom, I know there is more where that came from...

She did naught fall fur my anticks.
And we did settle in fur sum shmuggles.

Uh huh...

I bring the Reufus Brand of Habbiness,
Shmuggles and all so Contentment
teu this place, teu.

Habby Captivity to Yeu All!


  1. Oh I am impressed with how you resisted the temptation on that chair! And how you licked up all those crumbs! Great day for sure!

  2. ...of khourse, another round of khonGRats to The Mom fur surviving one entire year!

    Weu must work harder ;-)


  3. I just l♥ve you under all the photos of your cookies your the Mom reminded us that you considered them to be 'mine' and no one else's! Sending you oodles of hugs. This year is the first pearl in what will be a necklace filled with many, many more.

  4. Reufus,

    Your year of captivity has been a tremendous success. How you stayed away from all those cookies on the chair is amazing. Wonderful restraint, I don't know if either one of us could have done that.
    You have become such a huge part of "The Mom's" life as you have with all of us.
    We love you and send you Hugs, tail wags, paw bumps and hoping you never escape for this wonderful captive world you live in.

    Hamish & Sophie
    Auntie Sheila & Uncle Bob

  5. Happy one year of captivity Reufus!!! That cookie sure looks yummy!

    Your pal, Pip

  6. Such a ha"bby" day for you AND the MOM!!! You ARE such a sweetie; loved watching you resist your yomzers pressie on the chair - we might not have been so well-behaved! Love the movie - hope to see more of you! Happy days fur shore for both of you to have snagged each other!
    Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie and Avalon