Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday at The Pet Expo

Habby Saturday!

And this was me askin the Mom, what shall we deu wif this spcecial day and then we lay round for a bout a hour wif the fur brushin and all so the songs and ban ter, and next fing I know...

The Red Trolley rolls up and what to my wonderin eyes deu a ppear but it is the Aunt Karen at the wheel!!! I settle in quick like and next fing I know, I am at Pet Expo Houston!!!

Follow me. I whill lead Yeu teu the GRRH boof! Yes Yes I whill know it when I sees it!!!

And... We're here!!! How could we miss it wif the beauty full banner.... and that super regal and all so hamsum "H"!!!

O yeah, under that "H' is The Luke wheu art in Heaven!!!
Neggst to him and under the "R" is my Cousin Buddy Whitson. Buddy is ham sum red boy wif eckspressive eyes, and he is why my the Mom grew a fing for a red boy wif eckspressive eyes, [Fank Yeu, Buddy Whitson!] but I digress...

This here be just one time when the Mom caught me peekin in on the boof be hind GRRR. The odder time, juss my chicken legs was still wif the GRRH.
What, Yeu may ask, whas so a peelin a bout odder side of curtain???

Ferrets!!! Ferrets in a play pen. Ferrets in little tiny wire boxes. Ferrets wrapped in blankies. Ferrets.

All quick like, my the Mom take me for ecksckursion frew the hub bub. And one fing I was berry most habby to find was a Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude!!!!

These swell squirrels be for sale by the nice Invisible Fence peoples. I had a fun time at their boof. The mom enjoy the talks, I enjoy the shoppin. I really whanted the Jack toy, but the Mom say most certainly naught.

OK, OK, I get it... Yeu deu naught want to haff it surgically remoofed from my belly. I. Get. It.

And on a similar note, we neckst a tended a presentation by David Batagower, wif Sugar Land Veterinary Specialists on canine SeePeeArrr (CPR), HimeLick and all so odder emergencies. And this is the me be havin.

Most of Yeu know that we hold SLVS in furry high regard. Yeu see, the Mom chose Dr Novosad  of SLVS to wage the war a gainst the Evil C Enemy wif boaf The Luke and all so The Bleu. And wage a great war, we did. We still mourn the out come, but we are at peace knowin we fought the enemy hard while maintainin the berry best quality of life and compassion for The Mom's Sweet Boys. And Yeu can't beat that.

There whas a grumblin and growlin rotty nearby, so we moved fur the last part of the presentation, and it was a good one. David is Hospital Administrator and all so our friend. Yeu see, it is he wheu made the Bleu the SLVS spokes dog!

Most off Yeu deu naught know that we lost the Mom's Comet in a tragic acksident at home. She was runnin frew the house, lost her footing, slid and hit her head on the edge of the marble top coffee table. The Mom tried CPR... unsucksessfully. It broke her heart, but she vowed to learn all she can a bout such fings...
And she learned quite a few fings teuday what she will hobes fully nebber haff to use!!!

Now let's habbs some fun!

Here I am at Jackson's Gourmet Dog Bakery... boof!
I whill have one of these...

And two of those!!!

Mom, should I mention to them that my the middle name is Jackson???
It might be good fur a free rocket???

I whood really like one of ebbery fing if Yeu please...
A large purchase was made, and I am pleased to learn that their primary place of business is berry close to the facktory where the Mom works, so there whill be no ecksckuses, keep em comin. Fank Yeu.

And now we go back to GRRH boof to chill juss a bit.

I can naught beleef it, but we did naught take a pitcher wif my Aunt Lisa wheu we saw teuday fur furst time in furever!!!

Juss beyond me in pitcher, yeu can see some of her great products... AlwaysEco all natural pest control.

I deu naught under stand why we did naught take a good pitcher there. May be next time. And then may be next time we whill be takin it wif my Cousins Sidney and Mojo. Juss sayin.

This is when the Mom tooken me to the Peemail Station.

I am NAUGHT sure what I am teu deu here.

Now back to shoppin!

Here is me at the Retro Pets boof! Deu Yeu fink I might haff modelled fur them???

Yes Yes... My fans a dore me.

I whill not strike the ecksackt pose, but per habbs Yeu can yeuse Yeur magination.

And here is me helpin the nice Retro Pets lady wif my purchase...

Whee waited teu long teu make our purchase here, and so we will haff to pick up a last fing or teu on line. Dis whass our last stop ob the day. Fank Dog. I whass ready. Teu. Go. Home.

Juss sayin.

Whee gathered up and headed out. My berry sweet the Aunt Karen tromped out teu retrieve The Red Trolley a bout a trillion miles a way in the heat, leafin me in the cool airs teu wait...

Gibben me and the Mom a bit of time to reflect and all so talk to a whole bunch of peoples...

And the jiss of ebber fing what I learnt teuday is that... I was such a berry good boy that my the Mom can naught fink of any fing what I cood haff done better. I eben heard her tell long story a bout "one year of trial and tribulation" and she end it whiff...

"I can take him any where."

I am The Boy she can take any where. And I am the furst!

I am all so a furry tired boy. I haff more teu share wif Yeu of the fun fings we tooken home, but for now...
night... night


  1. Khousin Harley is SOOOOO furry proud of weu!

    Sleep tight!


  2. The sweet boy that can go anywhere and everywhere, that's YEU, my darling Little Man.

  3. Reuf I just wuv's u and the Mom....u's make my the Mom smile a lots!
    Lots of smooches .......

  4. Reuf,
    You made us smile, you sound as if you had a great day and that you and the Mom have really become a team.
    You never know someday you may have a friend in your future.

    Hamish & Sophie,
    Auntie Sheila & Uncle Bob

  5. What a day! How much fun was all that?! DId you get to play with those ferrets?!

  6. Ferrets! wowsers...Snacks on the hoof at the dog expo???

    We are glad your mom can take you anywhere...we are working on it, but some days are diamonds, and some days,,,,,,well. Ya know?

    gussie n teka

  7. Wow, what a day, Reuf. Looks like much fun was had by all. Did you manage to sneak home a ferret?

    Tucker and Daisy