Friday, April 6, 2012

Wheu Is The Reuf???

Welcome to My Little Bloggy!!!

My name is Reufus Jackson Wright,
but you may call me Reuf, Little Reufus, Little Man or Rock Star...
what is my nickname at Skool.
I has been dipped in cream!
I am a Golden Retriever, and I am this many *holds up one paw* years old. I am still berry much a puppy, but I am gettin my big boy furs and growin into my big boy body.

My Skool
My the Trainer [aka the Mom] and I are Steudents at Dogwood Dog Training & Sports Center. Last Fursday night, I passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen exam. It was fun, and also kinda hard curbin my enfeusiasm and all so friendableness. [More on that fun add venture later.]
Reufus Jackson Wright, CGC
We train five teu six days a week and a tend classes on only juss Teuesdays right now. I am currently workin on Pre-Novice Rally competition skills... and I start Agility in June. 
I am crazy a bout Instructor Tracie
This is a great add venture for me and the Trainer. Treuf be toll, I am held back by my the berry green trainer, but it is in portant that we deu this to gether.

It has gibben me a grate deal of habbiness and a sense of acheesement. And fur the Trainer, it is a berry needed energy burn and confidents boost… a great mental and physical challenge what teach her the imp pulse control and also to curb her proclivity toward miss chiff and diss traction.

Saint Luke's Academy

More in portantly, I am all so a Steudent at St Luke's Academy, where I study under the teuty lidge of my brothers The Bleu and The Luke, now boaf Angels at The Rainbow Bridge.

Angel The Bleu wif Angel The Luke
Together, we are The Wright Brothers… but our Angel Sister Comet is watchin over me, teu!
Angel The Comet... Prettiest Girl in Heaven
As fur my studdy at The Academy, I speshullize in garden nibbles, counter surfs, button and all so luck pushes, reule bends, tissue consumpchuns, random paper and other shreds, big bed hogs and in the case of naybore dogs… I like to in sight riots and sash-ay a way. 
Finking is hard work.
I am the habbiest boy I know. I am also the mass tur' of All Fings Fabulous. I mean, I am… Fabulous! The Mom tells me that my good looks will only take me so far in life, but I plan to ride that train as far as it take me… CHEW CHEW!!!
I am all so workin on my hip-noses skills. Look in teu my eyes...

My Fambily

I am a the Mama's boy, fur sure. I like to be wif her, on her, over her, under her... all ways. I juss can naught get enuff of that woe-mom, and I do naught know why. She is some times tellin me what teu deu. and most times tellin me what naught to deu. It is a in explainable a ttraction, so I fink it must be the lubbs.
The Bleu raised me.

Big Boy Bleu and he's understudy.
The Luke is ALL ways here wif me…
In so many ways, I hear him speak and I deu what he say
[he's prack tickle jokes are legenderry]!
The Luke is in charge.
And M the Mom says that I am The Comet, reincarnated!
The Comet and her pretty smile.
I recently found out that I am adopted, and I was ass-tonnished! My in ishull shock has been replayced wif big boy gratiteude teu Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston!!!
Me is Meetin and Greetin at a GRRH Event.
Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston

My the Mom and I volunteer our time and green papers to this great greup. I share my story in ever single and all ways I can, and I make peer-ances at
GRRH Meet & Greets and other events... even, dare I say... dog warshes.

Me is gettin baffed at The GRRH Dog Warsh Event.
The Mom and I all so jointly serve as steuwards fur the ‘For The Love of Luke’ [LOL], a fund dedicated to providin a Second Life fur Senior Goldens. 

One of the funnest ways we support that portant Mission is by cookin and sellin the ‘Bleu’s Biscuits’… what are organic nommy nom noms wif The Bleu’s seal of approval!!!
Teu sum arise...
I am juss a sweet and all so berry bizzy boy. I will be postin sum foughts and hobes and dreams and goals, a few pomes, ebbery ordinerry day noose, eckstra ordinerry acheesements and all so manny fun add ventures... here!
Fank Yeu for bizzitin my little blog... Please teu make it a fave-o-rite. Please teu sub scribe. Please to come back off ten as yeu can!


  1. Refus,

    We are so proud that you have your Blog up and rolling, you are on your way to many good things. We look forward to following every one of your Fabulous little postings.
    Hamish & Sophie
    & Mom & Dad
    Auntie Sheila & Uncle Bob

  2. I know weu!

    I knew weu kheuld deu it!

    PeeEssWoo: Furry nice name...just sayin'

  3. Welcome to blog land! You sure are busy what with the obedience and maybe agilities soon! Wow! What an action dog.


  4. Reuf, I cannot wait to read more about your adventures!

  5. Wow - and to think we knew you when you were but a pup and before you became all educated and famous! Now you even have your own blog. We are sure The Luke and The Bleu are smiling down at all you have accomplished.

  6. Congratulations on joining the Blog Land Bunch! We saw Miss Khyra's note about your bloggie and just dropped by to say hi!

    Gussie n Teka

  7. Dude! You are one busy dawg! After reading all that we gotta go have a nap!

    Sam and Pippen

  8. We are so glad you finally convinced your the Mom you needed your own blog, Reuf. Can't wait to read more about your adventures.

    Tucker and Daisy

  9. Tucker and Daisy sent us over to meet you!!! You, Golden's are such a pretty dog and from what I hear one of the smartest and best behaved dog of all, is that right??
    Come on over and meet us!! I love new friends with animals!!!

  10. Welcome Welcome! Can't wait to hear all of your adventures!!

  11. Wow, we're in awe, you're so educated and all. We can't spell like you. You could probably enter and win a spelling bee. Welcome to your own blog, Reuf.

    Oh, you have word verification on and many of us have trouble reading this new script, so we won't be able to come back. :(

    1. O Miss Jan, I haff turned off the word verifimicashun fing OFF. My the Mom says it is a nnyoying. I hope you can come back soon!

  12. Reuf - sooooo glad to see you have your own blog - hey! Huge-O congrats on that CGC - so awesome! We have a trainer we love too, but for the life of us, can't think why - same with Momma and Poppa who also tell us what to not do and do whew. We get it! LOVE your new bloggy and will put your addy in our blog list!
    Big Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie and Avalon

  13. Yay!!! Glad you have your own voice Reuf! Give that The Mom of yours a kiss for us!

  14. Hello my sweet, little man! Nice to see you blogging again! I'm sure that you will have lots to say in the coming months and years.

  15. Hiiiiiiiii Reufus the Rock Star! So happy to see you! LOVE your intro, and can't wait to check in on your adventures!!!
    Your Rainbow Bridge siblings live in our hearts, all very special! And so are you!
    Have a fantastic weekend!

    Big hugs,
    Sierra Rose

  16. oh you cute self have a bloggy finally i can follow your adventures ... :D hugs to the mom