Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fursday Follow-Up: My Swimming Lesson

I fink Yeu are asking Yeur Self,
'Self, when did Little Reufus learn to swim?'
Seal wif a Smirk
Whell, it is a fun and all so funny story, and here is what and how it happened.

Yeu see last week was my Gotcha Day and my the Aunt Karen [Fank Yeu, Aunt Karen!!!] gave teu me a swimming lesson at Rummy's Beach Club what come complete wif a play date wif my Cousins the Rizzi and Zeke.

It just so happened that this fun day was booked fur last Sunday, and that meant that my The Mom [who had been furry ill fur many days] a rose from her deaf bed and drove me to my celebratory gifted swim lesson.

When the peul gate opened, I wass the furst one in the peul but then I realized I was getting wet and surely in big trouble so I turned back. Wif just a little coaching, encouragement and guidance from Lisa wheu is Rummy's the Mom and all so owner of the Beach Club... I started having BIG FUN!!!

I'm a Retriever, a Receiver, a Half Back and all so a Seal... wif my The Mom
Please know that my the Mom was not harmed in the wet and wild celebration of my Furst Gotcha Day. All she did was stand a round in the warm waters, sing my praises and clap fur me when I did brave fings.

There wass toys ebbery single where! And me and the Zeke, we did go after them!
Zeke beats me to the football
Ob course, my Cousins Rizzi and Zeke are Olympic swim affletes from way back. They lubbs berry muchly to swim, and they are good at it! Not just deu they swim, but they all so dive!
Zeke dives fur the football
Rizzi is the best diver I haff ever seen. That boy launches faster than I can run a round the pool edge and come in from the beach end. And that iss
F A S T .
He is fear less, and I am watching. Sum day I might take a leap wif him but not Sun day. No. The beach edge of the peul worked just fine fur me!

Rizzi dive from the left
We habbs lots of fun swimming and all so being teu gether. I am pretty sure they know how speshull my the Aunt Karen is on a counta she is their the Mom, so they are my the berry lucky cousins!
Rizzi (left), Zeke (back middle), Reufus (Wright)
Summa Yeu know that I deu naught hardly ebber get to play wif toys at home. Fur one fing, I am destruck tive. And fur a nother, we yeuse toys to create drive... so I only play wif toys when I play wif either my the Mom or my the Trainer.

And I learned to swim on a counta I habbs a drive to get the toys...
Reufus Teu Toys Wright
I close by sharing juss one little fing on my mind...

I sum times fink a bout what cood a happened to me if I habbs not strayed far and wide enough. I cood a juss been the boy in a back yard, digging in the dirt, eating out of a tin pan and all so the shrubs and getting scolded. I cood a been a boy in the rain and the storms and the horrible heat. I cood a been the boy wheu no body really wanted.

In stead... I am the boy wheu wass gibben swimming lessons and a fun play date fur my Gotcha Day, and I am lubbed so berry much in spite of and all so be cause of my berry 'bad' self! I am blessed!


  1. are indeed blessed. We loved the story and picshoors.

    gussie n teka

    We are sorry that we cannot all ways speak the lang wich of the Reuf, but we are learning.

  2. are indeed blessed. We loved the story and picshoors.

    gussie n teka

    We are sorry that we cannot all ways speak the lang wich of the Reuf, but we are learning.

  3. Looks like a very fun Gotcha day, Reuf. Glad your the Mom was up to it. tell her she ought to lighten up on the toys, everyone should have as many toys as they want, all the time, says Daisy.

    Tucker and Daisy

  4. What a wonderful Gotcha Day Gift, you look that you are about to bust you are having so much fun.
    Yes Reufus you are blessed but so is The Mom and all of us who get to share days like this with you, even if only from a distance.

    Hamish & Sophie

  5. Sweet The Reufus, you are indeed very blessed to have The Mom and so many people that love you dearly! Love the pictures and you look like you just love the water so much! I wish you could teach Holly how to swim...she is scared of the water for some reason! Happy Gotcha Day was a great one wasn't it!!! You are following in the steps of Angel The Luke and Angel The Bleu who watches over you and The Mom constantly and I feel blessed to be your and The Mom's friend even if it is across the country! Hugs to you from me and Holly! ♥♥♥

  6. You have just proved me right, Reuf, telling about getting in the pool and just swimming! I say Retrievers are natural swimmers, they just are born knowing how to do it.Paddle those big feets and use their big tail to steer. Perfect, I am most proud of you and the Mom (who was ill and got up from her sick bed to help you). Whatta team!

    Cheers and hugs,

    Stella the Borador, Jo the Mom and Zkhat!

  7. My darling, darling boy. You are so Wright, you are fortunate that you have found the furry best home for a pup just like you. Your the Mom l♥ves you with all of her ♥ and soul - just like you l♥ve her. My own ♥ gets all warm and fuzzy when I think of you and know that you are safe and l♥ved and comfy because it would have been such a waste of a good pup if your the Mom had not been searching for you.

    It gives me great joy to know that I will be able to share many and many more 'gotcha days' with you.

  8. You are one heck of a swimmer...AND VERY blessed! But here is a are a VERY big blessing to The Mom!

  9. You really did find the perfect home, Reuf! It's so good to know that a sweet, mischievous boy like yourself is living the good life. Kuster is learning to swim, too, but I think it's going to take a few more lessons before he's really comfortable with it. He prefers the almost walking on water version of swimming still!


  10. And Reufus, we are lucky to get to share you!

  11. And Reufus, we are lucky to get to share you!

  12. Looks like so much fun! We want to take FInn swimming this year, but we are a little nervous about it. But look at you go!

  13. Yes, we are furry lukhky!

    Merdie might still be stukhk outside-
    Harleuf might be within sight of 'here' but not -
    and 'Whitney' - dog only knows!

    Thanks fur letting us lap along!


  14. So glad you and your cousins had such a good time! You are indeed a very lucky boy to have your The Mom and your The Aunt Karen in your life. We all wish that every furry boy and girl could have someone as special as them in their life.

  15. Oh wow that looks like super fun, I think we need to go swimming now!!