Saturday, April 7, 2012

Welcome back, Friends!
Good Saturday, Happy Passover and Happy Easter!
It has been a busy day off ins and outs, monkey play, a long walk, a little trainin, lotsa chores, a short nap, a ring o the door chime, and my the Mom was home all day long. Also, my the lawn got a gwass cut, the berry best fing is... I et a scwambled egg fur breakfast! Nom nom.

As I settle in fur the ebening, I be gan to fink... Teuday was a fun Saturday, but not as ecksighting as the one I had last week.

Yeu see, last Saturday... I got to play wif my Cousins Rizzi and Zeke!

Me layin down, playin wif the Rizzi
The Rizzi fink a bout sittin on my head. I fink NAUGHT.
And here be a berry short bideo ob the us in action. I am the boy standin to the right when bideo starts.

Juss wait till you see me bob and weeve! Zeke is boy on the floors. Rizzi is on the left. [Me: multi color collar. Rizzi: red collar. Zeke: blue collar.]

We did all so settle down in betwixt sessions of rambunkshussness....
Rizzi standin up talkin to his Dad. Zeke is lookin on. And I am settled out front.
Me and my tongue, restin up to go a nother round or teu.
R & Z wif Me out front.
We did at times wonder why we were in dis playce. And here is me bein silly, rollin on the floors when bideo starts [Me: multi color collar. Rizzi: red collar. Zeke: blue collar.]

And then my memory became clear... my fears were real eyezed... and I found my self in the baff!
Easiest Baff in Town. My the Mom lubbs Dirty Hairy!
Yep! This swell playce wif the awesome Rumpuss Reum is in fact... Dirty Hairy Dog Wash!!! I haff been there be fore for a baff, but naught fur the play, so I was a bit confeused.

Last Saturday, Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston haff a big FUNd raisin event at the Dirty Hairy, and it was furry full of boaf the fun and all so the successes!!!
Many Fanks to Aunt Kelly fur baffin me, and helpin me... express my self!
Help. Me.
I. Am. A. Bout. Teu. Jump.
Yep. Dat was a fun and uneckspeckedly clean and all so berry long Saturday. And I was a habby boy to get home teu and settle in teu the big bed.

Teuday hass all so been fun but so berry much naught long enuff... on a counta I haff spent it wif my the Mom.
growin sweepy on the clean sheets...
And so from my comfy perch up on the clean sheets, I send my berry seckond blog post. If yeu are readin dis, I hobes you in joy yeur self here. And I deu so hobes you considder come back quick like.


  1. You sweet, sweet little man. Do you know how much I ♥ you? I ♥ you 'this many' times a million!

  2. So many GReat looking Golden things!!!

    Happy Saturday to weu!

    PeeEssWoo: *Pssst, I've nevFUR had one of those bath things*

  3. PeePeeEssWeu: Thanks fur turning off the evil wordie thing - I know Jan and The Funny Farmers will be wagging with thanks - we wiggled teu!

  4. You really don't let a minute go by, you are one going pooch.
    Hope you have a wonderful Easter, don't chase the Easter Bunny....OK......

    Hamish & Sophie

  5. You have a very fun life, Reuf. We are jealous (except maybe of the bath).

    Tucker and Daisy

  6. What? I love bathtime! I love you pics of you playing with your cousins! Looks like a lot of fun!

  7. We heard there was a new bloggie friend to meet! You have a great blog, looking forward to following you!!!

    Stop by soon!!

    Miley and Maggie